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Description of Escape Game Basic

Welcome to "Escape Game Basic"!

You have been trapped in many rooms.

Please escape by solving the mystery and tricks in the ruins.

"Escape Game Basic" includes below.

*Escape Game Tiny Cube

*Escape Game Cactus Cube

*Escape Game Apple Cube

*Escape Game Daruma Cube

*Escape Game Hat Cube

*Escape Game Egg Cube

*Escape Game Plain Room

*Escape Game Toys

*Escape Game Fish

*Escape Game Gadget Room

*Escape Game Fireplace

*Escape Game Autumn

*Escape Game Island

*Escape Game Factory

*Escape Game Snowman

*Escape Game Spring

*Escape Game Beaver

*Escape Game Statue

You can play with easy operation only with taps.

■ How to play

Tap to find out.

If you want to use items, select the item and tap the place you want to use.

To enlarge an item, tap the item twice.

If you want to combine items, enlarge the item, select the item you want to combine, and tap.

To close an enlarged item, tap the cross button.

If you need hints, tap the bulb button.

■ Function

There is an auto save function.

Long press icon to change game progress.

Download assets before playing game.

Tap Trash Can to remove download assets.

■ Features

Beginners can enjoy it to the last.

Recommended for those who like cute world view.

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More Information Of Escape Game Basic

lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:4.9 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:nicolet.jp

User Reviews


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Paul Gossett 2019-12-08

Very cute, mild and soothing in the good old tradition of Japanese browser-based escape games. Happily it leaves out the ultra-cryptic and sometimes unfair puzzle design that is also part of that tradition. While the puzzles aren\'t the most inventive in the genre, the difficulty level is just right.
Katie Skellenger 2020-06-28

I love escape games and I\'m pretty good at them, but this one is so confusing. It is unclear what objects are and what you\'re supposed to do with them. The worm carousel on the fireplace level. Come on. No way I\'m gonna see that tiny nail hole. Or know that the broom was small scale enough to fit on there. This sort of game should reward the player for thinking logically, not frustrate them for not guessing randomly enough. The hints aren\'t helpful and I shouldn\'t have to use cheat videos.
Vincent 2020-07-14

This is a cute little escape room game. Most of them take 10-20 minutes to finish which is just the time I\'m willing to spend on a game. As others pointed out, some puzzles are a bit far fetched and the hints not very helpful (\"investigate the xyz\", well, I\'ve been investigating for 10 minutes, that\'s why I need the hint!), but YouTube is your friend in those cases.
Melissa Montoya 2020-01-06

I completed all of the puzzles in this game! I usually abandon most games out of boredom and delete but I kept coming back to this one for it\'s cute graphics and addicting gameplay. Some puzzles are harder than others which keeps it interesting. Hints come with ads but I tried not to use them as much as possible. I definitely want to try out the other games from this creator!
idonteatspiders 2020-01-11

Gameplay was good, the puzzles were amazing, but the game kept crashing. I can\'t open the game without it crashing at least once.
Karen West 2019-12-18

Keeps crashing, can\'t get through the first level.
S L West 2020-07-04

Some of these puzzles are a little tricky. But if you let your brain mill on it, the next time something pops out. It\'s quite fun and definitely like doing a solo escape room. Well done! Now how can I design a room?! It would be amazing if there were a community designing escape rooms and let people play them and rate them!
cisco montano 2020-11-23

Nice game. Not very hard, but hard enough to make you think. You only see ads for hints, which is totally ok. Only one small complaint. Some hints aren\'t very good. Maybe because of the English translation? One of the better free games. Recommend it.
Jeni 2020-09-13

I started off loving these games-they\'re relatively short & you can finish in one setting, steps were pretty logical, watching a video for a clue is a fair trade. But as I played down the list, a few things bugged me--the clues need better English translation & often when colors are key to the puzzles, they were a few hues off. By the last few games, it\'s like the dev was rushed & they got much shorter and sloppy. A few puzzles made no sense at all (i.e.Tiny Cube (703)) so it ended on a bad note
KayLee Gittleson 2020-10-14

New favorite game! The design is really quite cute and the puzzles are just challenging enough. It is really relaxing. And there\'s no music which, surprisingly, is a plus. I have anxiety and relaxing games are something I really value having. This is definitely one of them. (I Love Hue is now my second favorite) There are a lot of steps and puzzles you have to solve to escape each one and it\'s just enough. 5 out of 5!