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Classic Room Escape Game "Escape game:home town adventure" Released.

This is a classic puzzle game,You must not miss it!

Many different styles of rooms,Let you constantly observe, judge, calculate, until escape.

A lot of fun for you ,Definitely worth your download.

When you are confused,Humanized hints,Help you to escape.

Exciting adventure, so you can not stop ...

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lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:2.1.0 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:BusColdApp

User Reviews


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Sarah BB 2019-02-03

jumping hint ad button SO ANNOYING. stop jumping! hint button is too close to inventory. to close on purpose feels like a scam. i keep accidentally hitting the hint instead of selecting the most recent item in my inventory. would give higher rating if this changed. controls not great.
Michael Campo 2019-02-22

I cant get enough of this game. I\'m hooked. A very clever and stylish game I just hope it , the game, keeps up with it\'s great visiual scenery and clever solutions. Also thrown into the game are puzzle mini games within the overall main game. Got to say. Way to go programmers. You really came through with shining colors. Take a bow. thanks for the good times.
Havno Naim 2019-05-27

Encore! As a big fan of the 50 Room games, this version was notably different & a bit confusing at first. It\'s far more elaborate with clues in one room applying to puzzles in another. But I loved that broader scope & quickly got hooked. The graphics are very good, nice ambiance and engaging puzzle play. (Now can you do something about the music?) XLNT job and I\'m eager for more!
Denise Rogers 2018-12-03

This looked like a really good game and I was looking forward to playing it. Unfortunately, there is a goggle ad that is continually displayed on the screen and it blocks part of the game controls. Also it will not always let u pick up items or even give u direction when u click on an item For example The door is locked you need a key...these types of messages are sporadic and rarely occur. I hope these issues can be fixed because it looks like a really good game.
Misty D 2019-01-22

most of the puzzles were pretty easy for an experienced escaper, but a few were the kind that just need a huge amount of time. thankfully there is a way to skip the painful ones. most of it was logical. nice graphics. you do have to just tap everything to figure out what you can interact with. overall it was fun and satisfying.
tudbury x 2019-06-03

hints are rubbish, you\'ve no clues to what you should actually be doing. if you are in the wrong room when you hit hint you lose that hint all together. the bottle game shows a ripped piece of paper with pictures of parts of the bottles that are on the shelf but the paper won\'t move about and the bottles on the shelves move about but I\'ve no idea what Im supposed to do with them. becomes a very boring game when there\'s no clear instructions
Hogan Savoy 2019-06-18

Man is this game COOL. Having just finished it I have to say that (A) thank goodness for the hint button as sometimes it isn\'t obvious where things are located (B) the puzzles can be hard but they can still be solved with some time and patience (and C) there\'s a certain logic to the storyline which will all make sense in the end. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Mary Lit 2018-10-10

Loved this game. Good graphics, lots of mini puzzles, hints are gained through watching a short add if you require them. Apart from that there isn\'t to many adds. There wasn\'t much of a story, but that didn\'t bother me, and you can play for free till the end, which is a big thumbs up from me.
Marian Bloom DarkStarDreams 2018-09-20

It\'s a good game. The only problem I have is when you click to get a free hint by watching an ad, the same ad for the Wish App comes up, but it never ends and you cannot get the free hint. You press the back button or the \'x\' in the corner and it voids the free hint, if you wait for the ad to end, it does NOT end and so you still never get your hint. I cannot get past one of the puzzles. Please fix this issue so I can just get the hints without having the same ad come up every single time. It\'s very frustrating because I cannot continue playing the game without getting past this one puzzle.
Uf Ka 2019-04-26

I keep accidentally hitting the hint button and I can\'t even figure out why. Controls are not very good, I click on something and nothing happens, then I use a hint and it shows me I should do exactly what I tried a hundred times already and it didn\'t work. Also hints are not that helpful a lot of times.