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Description of ESET Parental Control

We know how hard it is to set boundaries for your kids on the internet. Our goal is to give you the confidence that they are protected while using smartphones and tablets.

1. Given the opportunity, most kids would be glued to their phones at every waking hour. With App Guard, you can set up the daily limit for gaming and limit playtime at night or during school hours. It automatically controls apps and games and allows kids to use only the age-appropriate ones.

2. When kids are online, they can come across web pages with fake news or violent or adult content. Web Guard ensures your kids’ internet safety by keeping them away from inappropriate pages.

3. If your child didn’t come from school yet and doesn’t pick up the phone, Child Locator locates your child’s phone’s current location. Additionally, Geofencing allows you to get the notification if your child enters or steps out of the default area on the map.

4. Do you worry about your child’s phone’s battery dying and not being able to contact them? Set up Battery Protector that will limit playing games if the battery level drops below the default level.

5. Does your child have a crucial task to finish, and you are afraid they will play on their phone instead? Use Instant Block for a temporary ban on games and entertainment. If your child has some free time, you can also temporarily suspend the time limit rule through Vacation Mode.

6. Are the rules too strict? Has a newly installed app been blocked? Children can ask for an exception, and parents can instantly approve or deny requests.

7. Do you want to change the rules settings? Sign in to my.eset.com on a PC or mobile phone and change them remotely. If you, as a parent, also use an android smartphone, install our app on your phone in parent mode, and you will receive instant notifications.

8. Can’t reach your kid via phone? Check the Devices section to see if they have turned off the sound or are offline.

9. Do you have kids who have more smartphones or tablets? One license can cover multiple devices, so your whole family is protected.

10. Do you want to know your kid’s interests and how long they have spent using their phone? Reports will give you the detailed information.

11. Language barrier? Don’t worry, our app communicates with kids in 30 languages.


This app uses the Device Administrator permission. We can ensure that:

- Your children cannot uninstall ESET Parental Control without your knowledge.

This app uses Accessibility services. ESET will be able to:

- Anonymously protect your children against inappropriate online content.

- Measure the amount of time your children spend playing games or using apps.

Find more information about permissions requested by ESET Parental Control here: https://support.eset.com/kb5555


Please note that children can rate our app too, and not all of them are happy that it can filter content that might be intriguing for them but is wholly inappropriate.


If you are experiencing any issues with our app, have an idea for how it could be improved, or want to compliment us, contact us at play@eset.com.

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User Reviews


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Owen Padfield 2020-04-30

I highly recommend that you continue searching for a better parental control/safeguard app. Incredibly glitchy and not user-friendly, this app has caused me a lot of pain and frustration over the last year or so of use. A while ago my email would not open and gave an error code, sending me to a google help page. After scrolling through several hundred comments on the page, I found someone who suggested this app may be the problem. To test it I asked my parents to shut off the app temporarily, and, sure enough, my email worked again. I don\"t want to make my review ten pages long, but this was one of many glitches. The app also blocks the most basic of settings such as date and time, app settings, and more. When your child attempts to change such a setting, they are redirected to a picture of a six year old stating that \" when I go exploring, mum know I\'m safe\". Appropriate perhaps for small children, but for a teenager such as myself, infuriating. I understand my parents wish to have protection software on my phone, but this app makes any device into a virtual prison. I highly recommend you continue your search for a good child protection app and not stop here. This app has caused my family more pain than protection.
Peter Santa 2019-04-04

Every day is getting wors and wors. I really don\'t know what they do but my son can play more than time limits allowed him (?!). He can use the fb messenger even if it is blocked. Google play store is blocked totally even though he can install games and set as a free to use program. I asked the helpline to tell me what program should be blocked to get back the control above his phone I got first time a description but I wasn\'t able to follow the instruction then I sent over the screenshots with all programmes asking them to identify the program which can help him, I was advice that that new program will be available soon and updating it resolves the issue. It hasn\'t been resolved since February.
Adam Whitehead 2020-06-18

Loving the app. Had some issues with the devices battery optimiser closing the app but after talking with the support team, we sorted it out. I just have one question I\'m struggling with. Is there a way of changing the amount of basic screen time they have? because I do find that 1 and a half hours is a little short as they are now not in school. Any help would be appreciated. Other than that, I definitely recommend this app to anyone with kids.
Paul Mitchell 2020-02-13

This app used to work really well, I have been using it for years. Around 10 days ago the \"instant block\" feature stopped working properly. I raised this with support, followed request to submit log files for all devices etc. The ticket got \"escalated\" a few days ago and I have heard nothing since. No indication of whether the issue is actually being addressed or just ignored.
Karthi S 2020-10-27

doesnt works good after the recent update. child\'s device is not been protected. i have even reported the issue to the developers but no response from them. PS: parental blocking is not working properly even after reconfiguring both in parent and child devices. Neither the app nor the developers responded positively. I demand a serious compensation from the developers, for this app being malfunctioning, since my annual subscription from 10 oct 2020.
Dejan Zdraveski 2018-08-04

As the connected child devices are not visible trought the app, ESET support suggested creating a ticket. That is fine but the last answer I get was suggestion to search the FAQ. I am a bit disappointed ESET - is it there an option to rate the app without any star :-(
Stitch the pink bunny 2019-07-05

Very unaffective, and very easy to remove. my kids have disabled the app very easily. But the app continued to look just like fine on my phone, so I basically didn\'t have any idea that they have disabled the app until I noticed that they were still playing games on their tablets after their time limit. Also this app got very glitchy and my kids tablets and phones started seriously glitching ever since I\'ve installed this app. Very bad app, and totally useless.
A Google user 2016-06-26

Truly amazing app! I have a teenager who used to spend WAY too much time on his phone. I\'ve tried many other parental control apps but he could easily remove and manipulate them all. Not with ESET! It works perfectly, and now I\'ve taken back the control. I am still fair and reasonable b/c he is 14. He hated it at first, but learned to accept it. Kids need to understand that this is not a punishment, and parents should be fair about their restraints too IMO.
Andra C 2020-09-21

Works fine. Would have enjoyed more detailed info about app usage - not only how much time spent on each, but also start/end time. Also adding content would be good - videos watched on youtube, what was searched on google...
Ryan Mackie 2020-12-19

I\'ve tried many others, and this appears to be the most reliable. I wish it had a way to limit my daughter\'s call time separately from her screen time, but that doesn\'t yet appear to be an option on any app I\'ve seen. On that note, tech support is really slow and vague. I sent questions only to get (a week or so later) some cookie cutter robo answers that didn\'t address the questions at all. It took 2 weeks for them to tell me there is a help chat which also leaves you hanging. 👍app 👎service