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Description of eSound: MP3 Music Player

Always listen to your music playlist and from every device you want with eSound!

🎶 Stream music🎶

Find music online & your favourite songs and add them to your playlist. This way you can listen to them anytime you like!

🎵Playlist maker🎵

Create an online music playlist with our soundtrack player and listen to it anytime and anywhere!

🔎 Find music🔎

Discover every new title from the ones that are recommended for you based on your searches in eSound online music player.

✨ Listen to every trending playlist✨

Stay updated on new trending songs and top rankings. Keep up with your favorite sound and genre with the discovery feature of the music player.

If you want to listen to music online eSound is the online music streamer and soundtrack player for you! 🎼

Use eSound to find:

⭐Unlimited free listening time! No limited skips, so you can listen to music playlist & your favourite song over and over again!

⭐All the app features for free! No accounts/subscriptions needed to enjoy our soundtrack player.

⭐Find and listen to music online. Check the top rankings and stay tuned for every trending song and add it in that online music playlist you created for yourself.

⭐Smart search with our music streamer. Search any songs, albums, artists, covers, remixes, and more.

⭐Music online player with all controls. eSound playlist maker offers all options - repeats, shuffle, and more, so you can enjoy your sound.

⭐Music streamer with intelligent recommendations for featured songs to listen to, so you will know every new title.

⭐Non-stop playback station mode to listen to music playlist based on smart AI sound recommendations.

⭐Create and manage your favourite playlist. Find music with eSound - the soundtrack player for online and offline use!

⭐Daily updated top song charts and trending music playlist. Listen to music and be the first to know every new title.

⭐Music player & Playlist maker with tons of different genres, moods, and other trending song categories to play: Pop, Rock, Rap, RnB, Latin, Dubstep, Drum, Electronic, etc.

⭐Sleep timer: fall asleep to your favourite playlist. Start your song, and then set the countdown timer of the music player. At the end of the countdown, the player will turn down the sound and softly stop your music playlist.

eSound music player is the best source of unlimited listening time. Find music easily - eSound music streamer has over 150 million online tracks for you to listen to!

Find your favourite song and add it to your playlist, so you can play it on every device you want with the soundtrack player eSound!

Download now and enjoy! Listen to music without limits now!

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lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:4.1.5 Publish Date:2022-06-10 Developer:Spicy Sparks

User Reviews


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Banita Mohanty 2021-02-14

It is really good app. I really appreciate this app because I can listen while I am offline. And I can also download and edit the songs. The reason I gave this app 4 stars is after updating the app this app is not working anymore. Whenever I am clicking this app it always shows black screen. I have to uninstall and re-download it but it doesn\'t work anymore. Please fix these problems. I really want to use this app. Thanks now it works properly.
Shoto Todoroki 2020-12-14

I used to love this app. Then there were lots of ads, I understand why there are ads, it must be expensive to keep this application running, but anyways, I still continued to listen to music on it, until, it stopped working and kept crashing! I Uninstalled and reinstalled, but no luck, it keeps crashing whenever I dont have my internet on....and also crashes sometimes when I do! Turns out its the update that did this!! Edit: reply to the developers, thank you, much better.
Kidd 2021-02-07

Ok so am not sure what happened but i really want to use this app and I don\'t mind paying for premium, but lately it keeps crashing and songs stops midway and stuff. Am confused if these are bugs or not but I really want an update fixing these problems so I can actually support the developers. Can\'t exceed 2 stars in my opinion until all is fixed, it\'s so frustrating 😫
HQ Movie Soundtracks 2020-06-19

It\'s a great app! I\'ve been looking at some reviews on here. \"Oh, there\'s a lot of bugs.\" \"This doesn\'t work, I\'m gonna have to take a star away\" \"Trash! The buttons sometimes dont respond\" But really? This is a free app! It let\'s you take your choice of music from youtube. which has all the music you could ever want for FREE. Even if it has a couple bugs. You gotta deal with it, the developers will fix it at some point. This is a better music app than spotify. Would recommend to friends.
Hanako-kun 2020-11-19

Thank you for informing me that the problem has been fixed. I\'ve updated my review to a more positive one and I hope the app does well in the future.
Alexandra Cedeño 2020-11-02

Idk what happened. Everything was perfect and I was able to download songs perfectly. But suddenly they stopped downloading, and then I tried doing it with the youtube part, and I can\'t either, it says there\'s an error. And when I want to play a song without downloading it, it just keeps loading and never plays. *Ok so now I\'m able to download the songs but almost ALL the songs that I had downloaded aren\'t anymore downloaded...
mi mi 2020-07-24

Honestly, I love this app a lot but not as much as I used to before the updates. After I updated the app, the songs would keep glitching and suddenly pause in the middle of the song for no reason, there are also a lot of ads after the update while there has never even been one ad before. I thought updates to apps were supposed to make it more convenient for the user :/
clystar 2020-11-09

Great app! I\'ve tested a bunch of other free music streaming/downloading apps, and this one came out on top. It\'s not perfect though. One problem that I keep running into is that sometimes it plays the wrong song; a different song from the one I clicked. Sure, the \"fix song\" button fixes this problem. However, it would be wonderful if I didn\'t have to go through the trouble. Hope it gets fixed. ooh, and I also hope you guys add a \"Recently Played\" section. Thank you so much for this app!! 😊
Kara Hoang 2021-01-11

This is a great app for music! Ive been trying to find a good music app for free but ive only found ones that you have to pay, have very little songs or the songs are in a different language. I like this one cause its free and has so many songs! I also love how you can search up songs from youtube and add it to your library. I wish that there was a way to download the songs to a different storage location because ethe songs take up a lot of space on my phone. Hope this review helped!
John Zgambo 2021-02-13

Its a good app but it has a lot of bugs. The most frustrating bug is the one where it skips songs even tho I didn\'t press shuffle, please fix it. Sometimes songs don\'t play aswell after you\'ve downloaded them, it either takes to long to load or says \"Song not downloaded\" fix that too. The app crashes sometimes but thats rare. Otherwise this is a great app