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Description of Eternal Return: Turn-based RPG

Eternal Return SRPG is turn based strategy game in which you will fight with your hero in epic strategic turn based battles against creatures of various types and elements. Unlike other SRPGs, the battles take place on two types of boards, but both are turn-based. On the small board you will have to resist waves of roguelike monsters with your hero. On the big board you will be able to move freely and you will have to find the best tactics to win with your team of Kamis. Choose well your weapons and magics to defeat them in as few turns as possible and get special materials and emblems. The Kami pets of Eternal Return (similar to pocket monsters) will accompany you in the battles, performing tactics and powerful magic attacks when their power is charged.

As in other temtem games, you will have to help your hero to get lots of neo monsters with the help of the summoner. In Eternal there are fire, water, lightning and earth Kamis. Each one has special attacks that will hit several enemies if you play your strategy well. In the world of the Kamis you can participate in raids to capture new Kami. These raids consist of tactical turnbased combat using up to 3 of your Kamis to defeat and capture other creatures, which will join your team. As in other srpg, you can collect these creatures and create the most powerful team. Use the best strategy to hit as many Kamis as possible with their weaknesses to win each battle, like every nexomon. Train your team of monsters and teach them new powerful attacks.

Eternal Return starts with a quest through the 5 chapters of the story. It all begins when Queen Sun has descended to earth, creating an eternal twilight. King Luna has a plan to defeat her. Advance through the levels, unlock video scenes and experience a great fantasy RPG story. Overcome numerous levels of dungeons with roguelike rpg style monsters to get treasures and new weapons. Train your hero as in feh, level up and upgrade your weapons and magic. Discover a fantasy world with numerous dq monsters, terrible creatures, yokais and gods of creation that will challenge you in epic turn-based battles.

The game is free to play and offline so you choose to play whenever you want. Only a couple of features require momentary connection. Tactical combats are PvE, so you won't experience annoying delays or other players leaving the game halfway through, like in other tact games. The game can be played for free and finished but it will be easier to get some weapons and Kami monsters through purchases.

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lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:3.2.1 Publish Date:2022-05-20 Developer:Sidereal Ark

User Reviews


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Aman Deep 2021-01-17

Best for time killing and to improve your Strategic brain....takes little space and is offline too...and is fun to play....
Gaer\'thal Estelmist 2020-01-10

Noice. EDIT: I stand corrected. The more I went farther, the more it became apparent that you can forget to get anywhere in the game if you are not willing to watch literally hundreds of ads to get chests. Add to it the rarity of high level spell drops from said chests and you get an adfest with some game in between, instead of a game with some ads. And if you are plagued with 30 second ads, yeah you guess the rest.
chris patterson 2020-10-21

Its fun so far i feel like they can do a lot more with it though many different ways it could be improved like more boxes in the combat grid maybe even enough boxes to add another character/ player. Maybe add armor for equipment or a 1 use per a level accessory. But as it is its still fun and not exactly easy a simple mistake like leaving too many of the wrong creature alive could get you killed so even if it seems simple at first stratagy is still needed to win.
Ronnan Kent Maranoc 2020-12-19

At first, I had low expectations for the game and I just thought that it was just gonna be like any other game. But no. I think that the story is gonna be very interesting. 5 minutes into the game and I\'m already having a blast! 5 stars for this game!
Justin Tant 2019-12-25

Things you should add: evolution either weapons or creatures. More creatures weapons and levels. I love this game i just want it to expand and add more concepts like no damage using x ray or half use of mp with weapon ( elemental effect) maybe using the difference completely on cp being you switch weapons less then elements. This game creator is great ive seen response with actual answers and help with the game so good job there too.
Kuu Luna 2020-10-17

Not gonna lie, you got me bamboozled by those images coz it looks like a card game. The game is so different. Money is basically almost useless Gameplay is less fun and doesn\'t really pull the player back in the next day
Rik Holden 2020-05-11

Too short needs more levels or a endless mode I beat the game in 3 days with not even maxed weapons or magic nothing to do except replay levels
Raven Caysido 2021-01-29

Its so satisfying and i really like the four elements which is the fire air and earth but theres no air.
Rafe Baille 2020-10-16

Very fun, very challenging! The ability to watch videos for power ups and coins is a big plus.
Celeste Behret 2019-11-16

Play as much as you like without any energy system. And if you think you\'re stuck without an upgrade, you can replay cleared levels for upgrade resources. Ads are offered and do a lot of good but not required.