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Description of Euchre 3D

The top-ranked free Euchre card game with:

Achievements • Statistics • Game options • Smart AI • Frequent updates • Lots of happy players • Join now!

Euchre 3D is the premier free Euchre card game for smart phones and tablets and is now available on Android! Euchre 3D has been in development for years by a dedicated team and has seen countless new features, improvements, and bug fixes. It's fast, stable, always improving, and above all fun!

Top Features include:

* Smart AI partners and opponents to keep you challenged

* Live online multiplayer!

* Fast, smooth playing with different game speeds

* Realistic graphics - it feels just like sitting at a table!

* Achievements

* Statistics

* Game options, including Canadian Loner, Stick the Dealer, and more

* In-app help and feedback menu (let us know how we can improve)

* Frequent updates, improvements, and bug fixes

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:5.33 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:A-Star Software LLC

User Reviews


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A Google user 2019-03-25

Great visuals and gameplay but no other way to put it, it cheats. Too many times the computer plays odd cards and the only reason that would happen is if it knew everyone elses cards. Also the computer gets at least 2-3 jacks a game to call up, every game. Not to mention at least once a game your partner calls up a hand that it had no business calling for. Wish i wouldn\'t have wasted my money.
Nic Timmins 2021-02-26

While this game has so much potential (Great UI) ultimately lots of issues cause this lower star rating. Game is rigged for win/lose streaks. AI knows your cards (calling on nothing stopping my lone hands). Please review the RNG (possibly P2W). Ranked system needs a review, pairs 2 higher ranked people together and makes the lower ranked people loose extra points. Their report system isn\'t very good and needs more preset options. The new ads in the middle of matches often freeze, causing loses.
Carolyn R 2019-01-31

I love this app. My husband\'s family plays religiously at family gatherings, and this app has given me the practice I need to beat my brother in law. Who hates losing. lol. It\'s awesome!! I would like the option of it not auto picking the cards that follow suit (if not choosing a beginner level), but instead not let you play it, or buzz or something. I recently changed the level to a harder one and I have noticed a repeat of the same game scenarios, even back to back, which I hope gets fixed.
Edward Infante 2020-03-18

Euchre is my fav game of all time. I\'m glad this wasn\'t my first euchre experience or I would hate the game. If you want streaks where the game is fun and competitive for about 5 to 6 games, then have 5 to 6 games where you\'re convinced your opponents are hand-picking your cards... This is your game. I\'ve never seen so many hands packed with 9s and 10s and I\'ve never seen so many loners (2-3 per game). Not fun, irritating.
Clay N9IO 2019-08-18

The app plays very well but my only thing is that I\'m not totally clear on the blue button\'s status when it says waiting for players and when to press it. Now as far as euchre, it\'s very much like the real thing. Hats off to you on a job well done. I have been playing euchre for 45 years and this very much helps me keep fresh, meaning not rusty. Thank you for that.
Kemosabe Kimboslice 2021-02-05

The ads suck now. Completely ruined gameplay. P.s. it\'s kind of dumb when you get to the last hand of a game you\'re going to win and get booted for one reason or another, but don\'t get the points for rating. Yet when you get booted halfway through you still lose your points. My name wasn\'t even bad. Yet I get banned from changing it again. Edit: Game is also streaky as f***. Win 5 then lose 20.
A Google user 2020-10-26

Not sure why they feel the need to rig the games. Just let people play euchre. Make the cards random. What a waste of good graphics. Graphics 5 star. Programming and garbage ads. 0 stars. Deleting the app. I will play euchre in person with friends. No longer wasting my time and money here
Matthew Vogt 2019-06-14

This has been my favorite app for a long time. I go through spurts of trying to not game on my phone and delete all my games, but i have never deleted this app. Euchre is so fun and this app is really put together well. I love that you can also choose your teammate playstyle.
Staff Sergeant Flores 2020-09-16

The ads may have an x to get out when done, but they seem to take up so much space on my phone i can not see the x. So i get booted from games because i can not return to the game.
Brian Malloy 2020-11-28

Even more ads now. Ads constant on the top and now popup ads. Shame used to be fun. Should not need THAT many ads that you display them constantly and have them pop up. Every time have a hand can go alone funny that I never get that chance. Ever. Even if it is losing hand for other team. Used to be good now not so much. Time to find another one.