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Description of Euchre Pro

★ Top Developer (awarded 2013) ★

Euchre – the popular contract trick-taking card game for 4 players, brought to the Android market by AI Factory – is developed to the same high standard as the rest of our apps with an easy-to-use interface, smooth gameplay on all handsets, clear stylish graphics and individual CPU player “styles”. All you’ll ever need for Euchre!


- 18 CPU Euchre players of varying skills and styles (beginner to expert)

- Choose who to partner with and who to play against

- Stick the Dealer, Turn it Up to Dealer, Canadian Loner and target score options

- 3 different decks of cards available

- Choice of backgrounds, or use your own photos!

- User stats with and against all players

- Undo & Hints

- Euchre Rules & Help

- Designed for both Tablet and Phone

**Note that when upgrading from the Free version, the User/CPU player stats (only) are retained. To do this the game needs to read from your SD card when it starts for the first time, so please make sure the SD card is available and not connected to your PC**

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More Information Of Euchre Pro

lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.391 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:AI Factory Limited

User Reviews


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Timothy Daugherty 2019-05-31

Not a fan of how it\'s programmed. Doesn\'t lead trump when the partner makes trump, difficulty levels are set by crappy hands every time.
Joshua Bungay 2020-11-28

Best Euchre app available. Paid for ad free, and definitely worth the $3.19. My only reccomendation would be to add some achievments/trophys/challenges. Just things like \"win 1000 tricks\", \"win 100 hands\", \"beat an opponent by 10 or more\", \"win 5 tricks playing alone 50 times\". Just something to strive for to keep people playing
Greg Ridgeway 2020-10-30

Super excellent app....best graphics, custom selections and animated avatar players....LOVE this app!!!
Nikki 2020-01-29

AI Factory develops great, classic card games; I play Hearts and Euchre regularly. I appreciate the ability to choose my partners, which determines the difficulty level. The gameplay is smooth, the graphics are clear and the app is stable. Also, I find the gameplay to be fair and not slanted toward the system. I set the players and rules to the most difficult, as I like a challenge, and I feel I win and lose fairly. --Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
J WY 2020-08-06

Update: after playing a while I\'m fairly convinced the dealing alters based on your opponent skill not their actual skill. I get significantly more playable hands when choosing lower starred AIs. Also the AI seems to know your cards, they\'ll change their lead for example if you discard different. It may improve over time. Old: It\'s made well, the ai will call with no jacks, a lot. I think I was able to call trump like 3 times out of 5 sets, which took the fun out of an offline game.
Brian Trout 2020-08-08

It\'s AI computer players make mistakes all the time....go alone and get euchred stuff like that. These are ai players that are supposed to make \"very few\" mistakes. Call Trump on 2 Trump cards no bars get euchred..... Developer says ai improves over time however there have been no updates to the game for some time now. No improvements no ai intelligence hardly at all.
Ronald Peel 2019-10-14

Great game, very realistic, just like playing a live match.
Stuart Lathrop 2020-10-09

I have played Euchre for years, but always been disappointed when I tried to play online against automated players in programs like this. My mind has been changed. If you want the same feel as if it were real, tried this...
Paula Cecile 2021-01-05

These robots play very weird. When they should play a bower they have, they play a lower card and lose tricks. The card deals seem very made up as normal cards do not have so many loners or hands where you have all 9s and 10s in one hand throughout 1 game.
Suzanne Marchione 2020-01-16

DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME Irritating - I have never seen so many loners get euchred or just get one point. The opponents are constantly accepting and I usually end up with nines and tens. Fix this issue. I know I\'m not the first person to complain about this. Uninstalling. This game is so rigged. There is no way these are random deals.