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Description of Everlog - Workout Tracker, Planner & Organiser

The best fitness tracking solution is the one you don't even have to think about. Everlog is your all-in-one app for tracking your strength workouts, effortlessly. You just have to set up your routines and focus on what is really important - your training.

Designed and optimised specifically for weightlifting, Everlog seamlessly lets you track weight and reps during your sessions with minimal interaction with your phone, saving you valuable time and effort.


• Create and customise your own workout plans

• Schedule future gym sessions

• Track plan progress directly in the app


• Receive tailored weight suggestions while working out, targeting a percentage of your One Rep Max

• Set your muscle training target - explosiveness, growth or strength


• Your entire workout history at a glance in your pocket, no limits


• Quickly setup your workout routines

• Choose from a variety of set types - single, drop, super, force and even progressive sets


• Analyse your workouts with our detailed statistics

• View weekly, monthly or yearly progress

• See how you perform on individual exercises and find out your 1RM


• Explore our evergrowing library of 200+ exercises (new ones added daily)

The next level of strength training is here and we're thrilled to have you on board!

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More Information Of Everlog - Workout Tracker, Planner & Organiser

lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:2.8.0 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:CrowdStandout Ltd.

User Reviews


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Andrew Risbey 2020-04-19

Very nice app. Would like to set the time to differ between sets. Can be done in workout. Would be nice to be able to add a set during a workout. Not bought full app yet but think I will in time.
Ryan King 2020-05-17

This app may be amazing but I didn\'t get to use it because before I could even open the app it wants me to give it my information. Any app that makes me sign up to even test it is getting immediately deleted and rated 1 star.
elliot gordon 2019-09-05

This app is pretty simple really, you create your routines and then log your performance. Its just that this app does it really well somehow. It doesnt feel gimmicky, like a lot of apps try to do too many things. This app just does what i want, and lets you review your performance reallt easily. Im only using the free version and dont feel like im missing anything, so this app is absolutely worth a try.
Lussi Hristova 2019-03-27

really easy to use and very nice at keeping the statistics
James Murphy 2020-05-27

Difficult to add extra sets during a workout, suggest adding this feature for future release.
Nathan Johnson 2019-10-26

Great fitness app . Best on the market , so easy to use with so many options for weight training progression. Everlog is constantly Evolving and even happy to take on some app users advice on potential upgrades ect. I have tried and tested at least 50 other fitness apps out there . Everlog is hands down # 1 best fitness app I have found in 2019 . Nathan Johnson Western Australia
Stuart Sheppard 2019-11-10

Such a pitty this is now a paid app
Ayaz Atif 2019-04-18

bit silly. lots of excerices so much potential yet no pictures or videos to show how to perform them.
Freddie Owen 2020-11-25

One of the best apps going, so useful as for the last 6 months I\'ve used the app everyday to track my workouts and do count the app as a huge part of my 6+stone weight loss. Great dev support for issues and my recent crashing issuses were fixed within days, huge thank you.
Dawn Ippoma-Powell 2019-06-26

I really like this app. It is easy to use and free. I like the fact that you can enter in your own programmes with different training options (e.g. supersets, giant sets, circuits) and then run that workout in real time. Excellent way of tracking workouts in the gym.