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Description of Everyday Well

Everyday Well makes it easy to manage your health care. Everyday Well is your personal access to your electronic medical record that your hospital and doctors use to manage and document your health care. Everyday Well allows you to see a summary of your medical records, find affiliated physicians and locations, view your lab and imaging results, schedule appointments or check in online, and access online bill pay.

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More Information Of Everyday Well

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:102.0.4 Publish Date:2021-07-22 Developer:Memorial Hermann Health System

User Reviews


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John Hobbs 2020-04-19

I\'ve used this app for at least 3 years and never have I encountered a problem. Great way to review chemistries and communicate with my doctors. ****** Thanks for responding to my question about biometrics. So pleased to see that you\'ve enabled it again just as you committed to do. If you\'re an independent developer, please reach out to me as we want to port a web app over to Android and IOS. jh
Valerie Hemlin 2019-03-15

I like this app very much, but I wish my doctors would answer messages through the app itself.
Melissa West 2020-01-18

Almost every time I try to access the portal I get an error with a really long number and I cannot figure out how to contact support . Have spoken with Brandon at Cerner and he said the issue is not theirs and that memorial hermann needs to fix their app. Ive written you guys twice like you said below buy still no reply and still get the error. I need to be able to access my information. What does it take to get a response?
Y Bigan 2019-11-14

This app is wonderful! It allows you to view your scheduled appointments, health summary, health documents, lab results, billing information, and provides virtual care. Get primary care consultations through their virtual clinic, & virtual care is awesome, especially if you may be out of town you can provide information online and recieve care at an affordable price. Thank you Memorial Herman for this app and everything you do in providing the best in health care there is to offer!
Logan Haefner 2018-10-05

Cannot log in with fingerprint option, it causes the app to crash. I have to log in using my username and password which directs me to a web browser to log in, then I am redirected to the app. Very time consuming to do all these extra steps when I can just log on using a web browser and get what I need faster that way instead of using this app.
fahad ali 2020-06-08

I have used the website and now the EW app for sometime now, and while I find it useful for appointments etc, I see that it does not link with some of MHMG dr visits or bill payments. I still get emails about outstanding bills which are not showing up on this app. They either come in the mail or recently from Athena app patient portal. Wish there was one app and one place to manage all appointments, messages, bills, prescriptions, results etc.
Luis Treviño 2020-09-21

I uploaded the app for the first time and tried to use it! AFTER typing in ALL THE INFORMATION! And it DIDN\'T RECOGNIZE the VERY INFORMATION I just put in it! So I just simply DELETED! It. I was so looking forward to using it! But I was just simply DISILLUSIONED, thanks, thank you, for the creator of the app.
Amanda Robbins 2020-04-27

This app and website won\'t download the plugin. I have emailed numerous times to find out what plugin this site uses and no one gets back to me. I\'ve tried having my doctor\'s office help me but they don\'t seem to have the same issues I\'m having. I have the app and it tells me that I need to have to the desktop site in order to join. So I go to the website and it tells me to download a plugin to join. So I click the link and it tells me that it\'s downloading but nothing opens.
Donna\'s Butterfly Garden Adventures 2020-02-03

Great app! I can locate my lab results, appointments and message my doctor. The only problem is that I can\'t add this app to my phone\'s homepage and I always forget the name of the app to look it up.
Nabil Ghoussoub 2018-04-18

This app does not give you access to your medical records like it was indicated.