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Description of Evil Minds: Dirty Charades!

Evil Minds is the brand new whole-body word game from Evil Studios Limited!

The goal of Evil Minds is for you and your friends to guess a secret Evil Word based on clues that are either yelled or acted out by each other. The game is played in person with a single phone and has been known to cause players' teeth to fall out from laughing too hard.

Evil Minds features two unique game modes: a Clue Giver mode, and a Word Guesser mode. Play with the over 2,000 Evil Words in the game, or write your own. It never gets old!


1. Gather one or more friends.

2. Hold your phone up in front of you, facing the group, so you can't see the Evil Word on the screen.

3. Your friends will start to gesticulate and yell clues at you like wild animals, giving you hints until you guess the Evil Word!

4. If you succeed, tilt the phone downward to gain 1 point. If you fail to guess the Evil Word, tilt the phone upward to pass.

5. After the round is over, pass the phone to the next person!


1. Gather one or more friends.

2. Hold your phone in front of you, carefully hiding it so that only you can see the Evil Word on the screen.

3. Begin to gesticulate and yell like a wild animal, giving your friends clues until they guess the Evil Word.

4. Tap Next if you succeed, or Skip if you fail.

5. After the round is over, pass the phone to the next person!

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.5.8 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Evil Studios Limited

User Reviews


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singingsweetie08 2017-04-17

The only thing I would suggest is the ability to turn your phone camera on and record what\'s happening around you during the game, like with the heads up app. It\'s fun to go back and watch later, and this app is much funnier than heads up/charades. So that\'s my two cents! ♡
Daniel Pullan 2016-06-26

Great game but dislike latest update The latest update implemented \"wildcards\" where you can add your own words to the game. By default you get three wildcards and you can watch ads to get more wildcards. I actually paid for all the packs and feel like I shouldn\'t have to watch ads to get more wildcards. The game is amazing and great fun with friends you know and friends you don\'t, just this small change for a 5 out of 5 for me.
Kristin Olenick 2020-03-20

Would like to play, but why do you need so many app permissions for apps that have nothing to do with the game. Why do you need my microphone, camera, pictures, videos, texts, call logs, etc? Shady as all hell. NOPE
Heather Grenvik 2017-12-26

This game is the BEST! Prefect for our family with college kids! We always end up laughing until we cry! 😂 We play it erywhere! In the car, at a restaurant, in lines at Disneyland (just choose to not use some of the more \"risky\" packs ) this game is truly SO MUCH FUN!
Len Del Grey 2017-03-31

I turned off the auto-rotate on my phone before playing but it kept rotating when I tilted the phone up and down during the play, which was quite annoying. Please consider this problem. Thanks a lot. Excellent game after all.
Scott Woodbury 2018-01-23

I just download and tested by myself. It works so well. The tilt works quickly. I like that there if a free portion. I would love to test this with my family and friends. If it goes well I plan on buying all of the expansions. There is only one problem. I can\'t disable the vibrate in the app. My phone doesn\'t allow a universal vibrate disable. I checked and the internet didn\'t help.
Jeni Asip 2019-10-09

You cant even try this out without a 2nd person. I\'m alone alot so this is depressing... No bot option to try it or even online option to play with strangers?...an fact that its already asking for money to play other options is a turn off...
Stephanie Casey 2017-02-10

Me and my boyfriend have so much fun playing this game! Nonstop laughs! I just don\'t like the tilting option for the next word/phrase because sometimes it doesn\'t work and uses up my time while I\'m waiting for it to fix itself, or it gets stuck upside-down. Other than that we love it!
David Rahl 2016-07-14

Great Game Game is fun and crazy. Little miffed that after paying to unlock all the packs I have to watch ads to get more wildcards, but minor annoyances aside, I play this with my friends every time they come over. It would be nice to have a lock orientation option.
Delvrax Delfungo 2017-07-10

Only issue I\'ve had was having to force close the app after unlocking a spot for wildcard. The confetti will fall and fill up the screen and I can\'t do anything, but force close the app then go back into the app to create my wildcard. Has happened twice now. Also would like to see video recording for the game too. Would be fun to watch and share video of the gameplay.