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Description of Evolution 2: Shooting games

Time for Evolution to continue! The long-awaited sequel to one of the hit iconic sci-fi online games is out! It tells you a story about the universe of Utopia from another angle.

The second episode reproduces the unique atmosphere of the Evolution that millions of players came to love. The gameplay of the Evolution 2 has changed drastically, turning into action-packed killing games - an intense mix of the third person shooter, action games, strategy and RPG!

The breathtaking story will surprise you with completely unexpected turns!

Location: planet Utopia. A galactic billionaire resort once, it turned into a living hell possessed by ruthless marauders, monsters and battle robots. A relentless war is being waged here.

Never-ending shooting games combat awaits! Fight with powerful weapons, use the psi-energy of captain Blake, main character of the game. His super-powers are a result of a dangerous experiment, and he's ready to unleash them on any enemy at your command!

☆Unique sci-fi setting. Engage in space post-apocalyptic biopunk run and gun games set on a distant planet.

☆Unique balance of genres. FPS? TPS? Better! A fusion of strategy, RPG and third person shooter – a revolution in fps multiplayer games, featuring the ingenious combat system.

☆Tactical gameplay. Upgrade your character and their companion, select the most efficient weapon, and exploit weaknesses of your enemies.

☆Engaging PvE campaign. Plenty of missions and epic bosses. Your enemies become stronger from battle to battle.

☆Online shooter battles. Battle in full online games. Win the top positions in the rating and receive unique bonuses for your victories in multiplayer shooter!

☆Armory of the future. Some of the most fantastic special weapons in shooting games featuring unique statistics and upgrade system! It's not only good old firearms, like shotgun or machine gun! Enjoy the energy, acid and bionic cannons! Play sniper games and take enemies from afar!

☆Upgrade your base: unlock new premises and learn the technologies of the future! Evolution without limits!

☆Interactive arenas and realistic 3D animation grant complete immersion in TPP action games!

Your base has everything to start the battle. Shooting games free to play - it's time to deal with Utopia, captain!

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Published under the global gaming brand MY.GAMES, the leading developer and operator of unforgettable gaming experiences on PC, mobile, and consoles.

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:0.734.89259 Publish Date:2022-01-10 Developer:My.com B.V.

User Reviews


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Rodolfo Ferreira 2019-05-16

To make things clear: This game IS on rails. All you do is switch from cover to another cover, keep pressing the screen to open fire and then swipe to the side in order to change your target. No Bluetooth controller support but I feel like it wouldn\'t help it either because this game gets old too quickly.
I Dew Everything 2019-05-16

It\'s a great game with great graphics. Storyline is good too. It kinda reminds me of Xcom because you can build weapons, armors, med kit and other gears in the hangar. You can also research in the lab for better performance in terms of resource mining, quest range and many other. I believe there are other characters to unlock but I\'ve not reached there yet. So far it keeps you going.
Adam Ingram 2019-05-16

Got a notice that I had pre-registered, which I dont recall but I gave it a shot anyway. Got about 15mins/4 missions in before receiving my first \"Advert Box\" where I had to watch a video ad to receive the contents of the box. Game seemed possibly enjoyable, but those boxes are an ansolute no-go for me. Uninstalling after posting.
Major Kaboom 2019-05-28

1 star less if possible. My base is attacked constantly by others 10+ levels higher than me. I lose and energy gems and cash are gone. This happens all day. There is no llimit. You cant save up for upgrades because of it. Game freezes after a battle you win and you get nothing but the lost enegy. There is no chance without spending A LOT of money and then if someone spent more you have no chance. and the game is 1 gb for 3 maps. save your data.
Panda Panda 2020-09-06

After the latest update, anyone who isnt spending money can expect to be overpowered by everyone else. Used to play it everyday, but since the update it\'s only a couple times a week because it gets boring quickly now that everything is way more overpowered than me even the storyline. Also it forces you to use health packs even if u dont want to.
Martin Green 2019-05-16

This game is yet another P2W title. You are spammed with ads to buy items, your game time is limited by energy that needs a lot to regenerate unless you want to pay real money. Character controls are limited to moving left or right and changing weapons, doing special attacks as all the shooting is done automatically. Graphics is already outdated. Basically, this is almost the same as the first title in terms of P2W aspects, but here the emphasis lies on \"action\". I find this game very poor.
Oliver Turner 2020-12-25

It would be a great game but you make it too hard to advance when means very short playing time. Need to make fighter stronger he is too weak no matter how many rewards or money you spend which can make seem like a rip off. I would like to update my review. Since my last post I have spent a lot of money of this game and have lost a lot of weapons and gems. There a lot of bugs in the newer version and my game sometimes freezes. I have spent a lot on this game I\'m having buyers remorse.
Denn Denis 2020-12-21

Been playing for over 2 years. But now, No point in playing unless you join a clan. So, its not even close to what the game used to be. Single player is at a massive disadvantage now. Also, what is the point in Blake lvl up? Hero skills, health or anything else do not change, apart from decreasing resource protection in pvp. Thank you devs, for turning what used to be a good single player shooting platform game into basically a vikings clone. Not putting a single cent in here anymore.
Gary Holt 2021-01-03

Like the game I good graphics .but I wish you could move 360 ° not just side to side it pretty smooth and like the story line just was hoping you were on foot through a map . And controlled your own destiny as far as what direction you want to take on the map . I loled to take up spots on higher ground . Just seems like you have a higher advantage if you could take cover but its just not my type of game . I\'m not going to say anything bad alot of people will love the game
Bobby Ashmore 2021-02-19

I\'ve been gaming for 45 years and I just can\'t play shooters as well as I used to. The hand eye and sight is dimming on me. This game is sent from heaven. All the action of a shooter with less complications. The story line is solid and graphics are solid 4 star. The moment I played this game I knew.. I got my next \"play for years\" that I find so hard to stumble onto. Download it for free and play it. It\'s solid gold for retired folks like me.