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Description of Exchange Rates

This is a straightforward and powerful app that provides latest foreign exchange rates for all major currencies along with easy to use currency converter.

Main Features:

- Live widget on your homescreen.

- Supports full offline mode.

- Conversion results can be adjusted.

- Detailed charts and the latest news.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.6 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:despDev

User Reviews


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Mani K Rao 2018-09-28

Widget does not refresh automatically to get current rate. You have to open the main app each time to refresh to latest rate and for the new rate to show on the widget. What is the point of the widget? Very disappointing.
Sameer Zubair 2020-09-05

Most simple app for those who want to watch track on exchange rates. They got a nice widget that can be placed in your home screen. Should have included a rate alert, so that it will give a litttle notification or alert when the rate reach a predetermined value.
Bahram Aliyev 2017-01-17

Updates of currency dont work properly and show wrong currency all the time. Btw, Im using Sam. Note5, and also I have perfectly fine Infernet connection and this app has been set for every 1 hour update. It doesnt show currect currency. Not recommended!
Ajay Deoras 2020-12-01

I suggest that a choice be given to select a base currency and then exchange rate of that base currency in relation to 1 unit of each global currency should be reflected one by one in each row. For example if i select indian rupee as a base currency then i should get amount in indian rupees equivalent of 1 US dollar, 1 British pound, 1 Euro like wise.
Elijah Softley 2020-01-06

1. Widget is too sparse and can be made as small as 1x1 2. There\'s no configure button on the widget, so you can change its parameters without adding a new one 3. Minimum update interval an hour? That must be a joke. Other apps allow a minute long interval 4. No transparency settings for a widget 5. When updated should be in the left upper corner (that\'s somewhat of a standard for Android widgets) 6. Please add an OLED theme, ie bg color = #000
b r y a n 2020-08-15

Nice, simple, straightforward & efficient app. Thankfully not overdesigned or too ad-heavy. Widget is useful. In future, for additional functionality, it would be great to be able to set a small number of alerts for favourite currency pairs 👍
Yannis Anastasakis 2017-12-15

Hugely disruptive full screen adverts- the kind you have to wait the video to stop playing before using the app. I don\'t think spending 10 seconds watching an add before using an app for 3 seconds is proportionate or leaving any chance for a positive user experience.
Zoltán Lengyel 2017-11-13

c\'mon, fix the US flag. besides that i would prefer a 2x1 widget for such tiny bit of info.
Samuel Knopf 2019-12-18

Perfect app for all your FX needs. It has the daily market rates which are perfect to observe market movements and allows to set up any currency pair you\'re interested in. It also has a converter to convert a given amount. So all needs covered. Most other FX apps only offer either conversion or currency pair market rates but not both. Also slick interface. Bought the and free version which is excellent value for money.
Dave 2020-08-11

It works, but widget is too big and simple, only show current value, no graphic movements