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Description of Expense IQ Money Manager

Expense IQ (formerly EasyMoney) is your ultimate money manager app that combines an expense tracker, a budget planner, a checkbook register, integrated bills reminder and more rolled into one powerful personal finance app!

The only money manager that grows with you!

As Featured:

★ Google Play: "New Year New You", "Golden Egg Lunar New Year 2017" Collections

★ Android Police: "If you're looking for a good financial tool, Expense IQ should definitely be on your list of apps to check out."

★ Android Authority: "Polished budget app that has Material Design and gives you a lot of information."

★ Tom's Guide: Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Apps

★ hvg.hu: "Got your salary? Track with a great expense app!"

Find out why Expense IQ is trusted by hundreds of thousands of users:

Bring your finances together

▶ Know where EVERY cent of your money goes.

▶ Track your daily expenses quickly and easily! Takes only seconds to enter your personal or business expenses.

▶ Repeating transactions: save the hassle of entering your bills every time!

▶ The more you use, the more convenient and quicker it gets! Smart predictive engine helps fill in transaction details so you can add records in just 2 taps!

▶ Attach photos/images to each transaction!

▶ Create Projects to group related expenses like travelling or occasions

Stay out of debts for life with effective budget planning

Spend less, save more by keeping to your budgets easily. Set monthly budgets to accounts categories and check at one glance from the color-coded health bars. Get warnings when you overspend/exceed your budget!

Never pay late fees again with timely bill reminders

Remember to pay all your bills with reminders. Optionally, take a photo of your bills/invoices to keep records.

Clear in-depth reports

Analyze your spending pattern with rich, detailed & fully customizable reports. 12+ reports and charts including: Expenses by Category, Monthly Cash Flow, Income vs Expense, Daily/Monthly Expense & more...

Easy-to-use advanced features

▶ Split transactions with transfers for multi-categories in one transaction like when shopping at supermarkets (Eg Walmart)

▶ Convenient and intuitive design - get things done quickly

▶ Secure Cloud Sync and backup across your devices, or share an account with family

▶ Add favorite transactions card to add frequent items

▶ Widgets to be on top of your finances any time

▶ Multi-currency support for travel, business and investments

List of smart features users love:

・ Smart Overview with handy shortcuts, account balances, expense reports, upcoming/overdue bill reminders, budget warnings etc

・ Repeating Transactions Manager

・ Detailed & Interactive Reports with ability to drill deep into each item

・ Multi-account with currency conversion

・ Transfers between Accounts

・ Split Transactions

・ Budget Planner with smart color-coded Budget Health indicators at a glance!

・ Integrated Checkbook Register

・ Unlimited customizable categories and payees

・ Take photos of bills/receipts

・ Encrypted backup offline or on a private Google Cloud

・ Import & export to/from formats like QIF & CSV (works with Quicken, Excel etc)

・ Cloud Sync (Unlimited devices)

・ Tablet-optimized

・ 3 themes!

・ Homescreen Widget - Quick adding of entries/transactions with shortcuts

・ Secure access with a PIN lock

・ 30+ languages and 150+ currencies!


GET_ACCOUNTS: Obtain Google Accounts on device for Cloud Sync

READ/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For daily backup, import/export QIF/CSV, store attached photos etc

We are dedicated to your data privacy and do not take any of your personal data.

Follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/expenseiq/)

For support, guides and more, check out http://www.expense-iq.com

Expense IQ Money Manager is proudly brought to you by Handy Apps.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:2.3.1 Publish Date:2022-05-26 Developer:Handy Apps

User Reviews


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Christina Hawkins 2017-06-24

User-friendly but loses a star because it doesn\'t seem to have an option to customise the date range for budgets. I\'m paid in the middle of each month, so the conventional month-to-month budget is useless to me. This app would be brilliant if you could set your own date range for budgets. Loses another star because I emailed the developers a question about this and I didn\'t get a reply.
Jeremiah Soto 2017-06-10

This is the absolute worse app ever. I upgraded to premium version against my better judgement after the app scrambled my accounts. Now for some reason my bill reminders are not showing up. This app is terrible and extremely unreliable. I contacted customer service and they blew me off and didn\'t even bother replying back. AVOID THIS APP!!
David Druckenmiller 2016-11-24

Pretty great WARNING: Version 2 data backups are not compatible for importing into version 1! I use this to keep track of my cash and checking accounts on a daily basis. It\'s a really good mix of being easy to use while offering lots of handy features and options. The developers have implemented a dark theme option since the last time I tried v2, so maybe this time I won\'t revert back to v1 again.
Bob Gunnells 2017-10-29

I was and am a fan of the original program \"Easy Money\" so I decided to give Expense I a try. Personally I prefer the original UI but I\'m sure I\'ll like this one once I\'m used to it. Otherwise, I think this is the superior program since it is capable of doing more. I like that you can use Expense IQ as a simple tool or a sophisticated banking tool. My biggest complaints are its cost to upgrade and that you can\'t pick where you want to sync. You must use Google as your sync account. For the price charged, I should be able to use Dropbox if I want. If you don\'t upgrade you will be subjected to endless nagging by the developers. Bottom line, its a good program but the overall experience was not good due to the constant nagging and overpriced upgrade.
Bonnie Bleiweiss 2017-06-16

Love this app. From time to time I\'ve tried others but this one has still the best features. Would like to see an enhancement or two:. Ability to print from the register, and the ability to select a date range on reports.
キャンベル幹子 2017-10-21

As a money tracker, the application does a great job. But the multiple currency use is not really there yet. The app requires you to express all used currencies with the same number of decimal points. 2 is fine for the USD, but you really need 3 for BTC, and none for JPY. The app should know common currency notation. Likewise there is no clear way to see your accounts expressed in other currencies. e.g. How much in JPY do I currently have in USD or XAU? Also more cryptocurrencies like Ether and Dash, please EDIT - no response on crypto or multi-currency use after 6 months. Downgraded rating.
Alpi Vladi 2019-01-29

I have been trying this app for more then 1 year. I must say that I am really satisfied. The best part, it is free. They have their own ads but is understandable. For a student is a great companion. UI is friendly and to some extend beautiful. For what you get at no money is awesome. It loses 1 star because of this glitch. When you go to Bill reminders, sometimes that page stays at top. Wherever you go that remains on top. You need to close and re open. Beside that, great job!
Scott Gunderson 2017-06-16

It\'s been difficult to find a good OFFLINE personal finance app. This one is great. It does almost everything I want. Bill reminders for all my bills, budgets, multiple accounts, reports. The free version works very well, but just look for the discount subscription in the add bar. I got the lifetime for half off. I don\'t normally pay for apps but this one was worth it.
Harry Carson 2019-02-10

Feature packed, easy to use, great reporting. Unfortunately, can\'t get split transactions to recur.
Jenn Williams 2016-11-07

Customer service rocks Twice since I\'ve had this app (almost 2 years) I\'ve had issues getting my new phone to sync the old data. And twice it\'s only taken an email to their customer service and I got instructions and my stuff back. Which is great because I\'m really lost without this app. It seriously has helped me learn to manage my money better, keep my credit card balances low etc. Because I can just tap if and see all my accounts. Since to learning to budget, I\'ve been able to go on vacations and get work done on my house.