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Description of Expense Manager

Looking for an expense and budget tool? Stop searching. Expense Manager is simple, intuitive, stable and feature-rich app that is just designed for you. Everything you need at your fingertips to manage the expenditures, checkbook and budgets.

100% FREE – full features, no hidden charges or in-app purchases by Bishinews.

Expense Tracking

• Tracking expenses and incomes

• Split Transaction - Record all items in a single transaction with different category and amount

• Recurring expense and income

• Multiple accounts

• Taking a picture of receipt

• Tracking tax

• Tracking mileage

• Tracking debts

• Credit Card

• Credit Card and bank SMS message parsing

• Write, Print, and Email Checks

Budget and Bill Organizing

• Organizing bills by week, month and year as well as by categories

• Schedule the payments and recurring payments

• Payment alerts

• Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly budget with progress bar

• Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly summary

• Calendar view for expense and income

• Calendar budget forecasting

Search and Report

• Search by category, subcategory, payee/payer, payment method, status, description, tag, etc.

• Reports in HTML, CSV, Excel and PDF

• Import and export account activities

• Charts by category, subcategory, payee/payer, payment method, status, description, tag, date etc.

• Email report for print

Backup and Sync

• Automatic backup on Dropbox, Google Drive and SD Card

• Automatic sync between Android devices via Dropbox

Connect to PC via Network

• View all accounts on one page in bigger screen

• Do your regular work such as add expense/income, edit Settings, view charts etc.

• Add multiple expense or income records

• Backup data and restore data on PC

Convenient tools

• Currency converter

• Regular calculator

• Tip calculator

• Loan calculator

• Credit card payoff calculator

• Interest calculator

• Note

• Shopping list


• User can easily customize background color, action bar color and button color.

• Customizing date format

• Customizing category and subcategory

• Payment method, payee/payer, Tags, income category and status can be entered or updated by user

• Multiple currencies support


• English

• German

• French

• Spanish

• Portuguese

• Russian

• Italian

• Turkish

• Indonesian

• Chinese (Simplified)

• Chinese (Traditional)


• Widgets: overview, summary, budget, calculator, quick add etc.

• PIN protection

• No registration and internet access are required.

• Active developer support

No other app can beat us on features. It's all free.


• Storage: backup data in sdcard and external storage. Save purchase receipt in sdcard and external storage.

• GET_ACCOUNTS: back up data on Google Drive.

• SMS: Parse SMS message from your credit card and bank and save it automatically in the app. If you don't use this feature, go to phone Settings/Apps/Expense Manager/Permissions to switch off SMS permission on phones with Android 6 and up.

• ACCESS_WiFi_STATE: This permission allows PC connection via WiFi. If you don't need to use this app on a PC browser, you can disable this permission.

Privacy Policy


All data save inside your phone or your personal cloud account such as Google Drive and Dropbox when you connect to. Nobody but you can access your data.

Please email question and feature request directly to developer at pfinanceapp@gmail.com. We actively support users.

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More Information Of Expense Manager

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.9.5 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Bishinews

User Reviews


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Valery Yelizov 2019-01-17

Cannot find the basic EXPORT TO XLS function. The developer advised to \"Go to Activity page menu Search/Report. Click Report button you will see Excel option\". WHERE THE ... IS THIS ACTIVITY PAGE?????? Why cannot you just put the basic functions ON top of your very deep and illogical menus?????
Mikaela Loizou 2020-05-30

A genius app, really. It has everything I could ask for, plus 1000 more. The only problem I spotted, is when I set my rate for currency conversion, it doesn\'t work when I enter a new expense and click on currency converter. It enters an online currency rate automatically, instead of the one I set before hand. Other than that, it\'s perfect.
ayomide jegede 2019-04-06

This app is a super useful app provided you have the discipline to consistently document all that is required. Thumbs up for the developers.. The slight additional thing I will like to request of the development team, is if savings portion can be integrated, just like the debt module... I love the app..
Samir Alaskarov 2019-07-16

I have almost no problem with the app, but when I tried to upload to Google Drive (which I had not done for a long time) it wants to have access to all my Drive files and be able to edit and remove them. I don\'t think this is needed or acceptable. If this is corrected I\'ll give 5 stars, if not then it\'ll become 1 star.
S I R 2019-09-11

The default date range in summary needs to be fixed. Best household expenditure app I have come across. It is very easy to use, easy to edit, customization of categories as per requirement apart from standard categories. Display of expenses is excellent, easy pie graph for all categories. Finally, complete monthly expenses income or categorywise list can be emailed and hardcopy can be obtained. Thanks developer for creating this wonderful app.
Sano Lekshman 2020-08-20

Sms not getting imported automatically like walnut. How to import it manually.? No settings for already completed transactions in sms.
Theresa Lennon 2020-09-19

I\'ve been using this app for a few years and several times over the past four months, it loses data, or it adds expenses. I\'ve had to reinstall it twice. Once it doubled all my entries so the tracking was completely messed up and not fixable. I really liked this app, but the random things its been doing over the past few months have rendered it totally useless. Tech support was completely unhelpful. They responded once with a common sense \"solution\" and wouldn\'t respond any more. I realize that common sense is not a flower that grows in everyone\'s garden, however I had already tried the common sense \"thing\" and it didn\'t help. Pffffft. Would not recommend.
Iain Kyle 2019-01-14

Great app for keeping track of my outgoings. Know exactly where I am in these days of Google pay etc. Been using for years. Had an issue and the developer talked me through recovery of backup. Pretty immediate response too.
Andreea Bruja 2020-05-21

The app is pretty good and easy to use, but it keeps loosing info, no matter how often I do a backup. You find yourself with some of the accounts showing 0 and all records lost. And restoring from backup means you will lose the more recent transactions. That\'s why only 3 stars. And I\'m looking for a replacement, it happened too many times and I lost my patience with it
Gowtham TR 2020-10-21

I\'ve been using this app for so many years now, used to love this (old homepage, new is messy),.. but recently after buying a new mobile I backed-up files and imported records, 2 annoying issues: categories are not imported, monthly chart aggregations are incorrect, and I feel so stupid for buying Android again just so that I backup records in this app.. this app is dead if they don\'t address these bugs