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Expense Tracker, Budget & Money Manager: FinancePM



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Description of Expense Tracker, Budget & Money Manager: FinancePM

Financial Manager is your app for tracking expenses and maintaining a household budget

The main purpose of the app is to allow you to manage your expenses and income quickly and easily.

With this app, you'll be able to understand how much money you spend on health, education, car, and other items. You can also set aside a good enough amount for vacation or housing. The app enables you to control and reduce your expenses.

With Finance PM, you can manage any number of e-wallets and accounts in different currencies. You can save up funds for any of your dreams.

For the convenience of tracking your finances, we recommend setting a spending limit (budget) for the month/day/period. This will allow you to know by how much you're exceeding your spending limit. You may want to reduce your expenses if there is any overspending. If you stay within your budget, it means you're good at managing your expenses and income.

What do you gain from downloading this app?

- Manage any number of e-wallets

- Add, edit and delete transactions involving income, expenses, and transfers

- Editable category tree, each user customizes it for himself

- Add new currencies

- Customize recurring transactions

- Know how much money you're owing someone or you're being owed. This will enable you to avoid embarrassing situations, where you forget to pay back your debt.

- Password protected, fingerprint login

- Synchronize data between multiple devices, which is necessary for managing your household budget

- Create transaction templates.

- Import/export data.

- Export data to XLS.

... and also:

- Commitment to users' wishes and suggestions.

- User-friendly and functional interface

- Robust support

Finance PM is your home accounting office that fits into your pocket or tablet. There's also a web interface available at http://finance.uramaks.com/.

If you can't find an app that suits you, try Finance PM today. It's your reliable personal financial manager.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.3.1 Publish Date:2022-05-29 Developer:URAMAKS.com

User Reviews


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Kishor Kadavil 2016-01-06

Excellent App! Still I have some issues to find out how make entries. Example, I have created a debt under debt management. But yet I couldn\'t get the way to repay the debt. Please help!
Steven Volschenk 2016-01-28

Request for new report Should allow person to creatr own report formats. I want a simple income then expenses and breakdown of them with end balance like a p & l. To write own format report will make this app 8star.
Rex Biescas 2016-10-13

Discrepancy Debt Management needs a possible recoding---app cannot tag the Debt increase and Debt Payment correctly. I get incorrect report/calculation on my debt because of this error. Ex: If I put an item for my debt payment, the app tags and calculates it as an additional debt or Debt Increase. Hope you\'ll work on this. But overall, this app is extremely useful
Kailash Yadav 2015-12-05

Request for new feature I like cash only account in Moneyfy app. Some investment are long term and I need to exclude them in my cash balance. So I know how much money/assets I have which can be convert in cash immediately.
Yve Y 2016-05-15

Good! But limited graphics Love the debt record feature. Love the ease to record transfers between accounts of different currencies!! Useful for travel! But can I archive or delete created accounts so i don\'t see the adhoc accounts that i dont need? And would be better if categories had mini icons for easy identification (without compromising its plus point of small file size too much).
Kishore Kajare 2017-01-13

App is fine but huge deficiency All over app mechanism is fine but I paid for this app so that I could export my reports like balance sheet.. expenses.. etc in tabular PDF.. but there is no facility to report reports in PDF format.. either add this facility or return my money.. if this facility is not included then this app have no value.. reply plz
Mohammed Kilani 2016-11-06

Great app. This applications is extremely great, the only comment that I have on is why the user cannot connect to his gmail or facebook account so he can use the same data from another device
Ethel Kuang 2016-08-10

Great but.. Can\'t view transactions via selected account. Would be better if it is more user friendly. However, it is the first app that let\'s me have accounts in different currency. Would also be lovely if it allows split transactions.
Cristopher Milnozurc 2017-12-16

Me gusta mucho, tiene toda clase de funciones y la divisón de cuentas es perfrcta. Compré la versión PRO y me encanta la auto sincronización. Sería útil que la deuda tuviera intereses % y tiempo, así como actualizar su diseño para ver en Pc.
Linda 2016-06-11

Best Finances App EVER ! I downloaded more than 10 apps but this is super BEST! It\'s easy to use. I customised budgets, savings plans and converted currency from purse to another purse. Super versatile app. It tracks different credit cards spending at different supermarkets . Created reports, Debt Management n tracking discounts used on a store card to breakeven the cost for the store membership. Allows a different purse for converting foreign currency for regular shopping across the border. Created a few foreign currencies! TQ!