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Description of ezTurns Queue Management

Customers Queue Management

Are you looking for a simple customer queuing system? An online queue management system that is customizable and easy to use? Well, ezTurns is the customer queue management app you definitely need.

As one of the best business apps and queue management system, it is the fast and cheap queuing solution for your business, Including but not limited to:

🏥 Health: Hospitals, Health Center, Physician's offices, Clinics

🏢 Government Services: ID document issuance, Immigration, Payments

💇 Beauty: Salon, Barbershop, Beauty Clinic

🍔 Food: Restaurants, Take aways, Butchers, Bakeries

🛫 Transportation: Airports, Seaports, Bus Station

Install a TV with Chromecast in your store and start serving customers in arrival order.

Professionalize your shop with ezTurns:

✔ Installs in less than 10 minutes

✔ No cables needed: connect the whole system using a wireless network

✔ No need for external technicians to install and setup

✔ Replace your conventional Take-a-Number system

✔ Cast your shop's customers queue order to any Chromecast connected TV

✔ Add multiple synchronized TVs easily to make queue numbers visible from anywhere

✔ No need for a dedicated PC, save space and energy!!!

✔ Increase sales keeping your customers happy

✔ Avoid waiting lines in barriers

✔ Customizable design: choose colors, sliding images and more for your system display

✔ Showcase products and services: Take advantage of your customer's idle time to make announcements or advertising through a gallery of images

✔ Setup a self-service kiosk using an Android tablet and with the same app

✔ Print tickets from your kiosk using a Thermal Printer and customize header and footer text for a more professional look

✔ Save money reusing your existing hardware: call your customers from any smartphone or web browser running in a desktop PC

✔ Useful from small stores up to big retails. Are you expanding your business? No problem, we've got you covered


How to setup

1. Download ezTurns line queue system app for free in Play Store.


a) Place a regular ticket dispenser at your shop's entrance.


b) Setup a kiosk installing ezTurns on a tablet and print tickets using a WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth or Serial Thermal Printer.

3. Customize the display's appearance.

4. Start casting to a Chromecast connected TV and you're good to go!

Embrace smart and customized customer queue management with the perfect queue app!

Download ezTurns – the ultimate automated queuing system now for free!

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More Information Of ezTurns Queue Management

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:1.2.4-120 Publish Date:2022-02-23 Developer:ThinkMobile

User Reviews


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Adrian Restauro 2019-03-31

i was queueing to collect a simcard and they used this for their ticketing and queuing system. they posted a qr code to monitor the queue number from your own mobile. worked flawlessly. didnt ask me to install the app, just brought me to a web page. updates were instantaneous, they happened the same time as their displays got updated. this got me interested in the app. at first glance, the interface didn\'t seem intuitive, but i think its not difficult to understand once i start to really use it.
Ken Loh 2019-03-23

Very hard to use. I went to TPG Singapore to queue up to get a SIM card. There was a notice that said that those queuing up could use the ezTurn app to be notified of the queue\'s progress. However, scanning the QR code merely sent my phone to Google Play Store to install the app. After installing the app, the app just shows irrelevant data with no indication of the concerned queue. Scanning the QR code again did not produce any successes at all too. Hope the developers can consider adding in some degree of user-friendliness.
Benjamin Emmanuel Gatchalian 2020-07-02

It works now! My problem now is how to subscribe. Google play keeps on declining my subscription
TMC ICT 2020-05-26

We are looking forward for development and compatibility to some mobile POS like sunmi. Already sent SDK of sunmi and code that we tested to your email tech supp. Thanks.
Luis L 2019-04-29

alright that replay was useless, changing to 1 star and looking for another app to propose to the university.
Michael John Jugar 2019-09-01

Very easy to set up compared to other queue systems. One user profile needed for all the apps used by desks/window/agent. I hope they\'ll soon include SMS reminders and online queing while maintaining the simplicity. Also, they might wanna refine the UI a bit + more customizability... 5 stars!
Naim Hamid 2020-10-07

The free version already give me full satisfaction 😇😇 good app. I give you 5 stars for that 😊
ryo nagoro 2018-12-10

Nice and simple.. very helpfull for me..
victor freire 2019-09-17

Great app, does what it\'s supposed to do..
Aaron Calma 2018-05-28

This app has potential. However, their plan is too expensive. It cost half the price of my monthly internet bill for an app with very basic features. I think more stores would consider to use this if they would lower their subscription fees at least by half. Or give big discounted prices for long tem usage. I would love to use this app for my business but the cost is just to high to sustain a small scale business like mine. I also wmgot a question. Which bluetooth printer does your app support?