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Description of Fairway Solitaire - Card Game

Set course for the fairways🏌🏽of the world, but don’t expect an easy lie or to improve your golf swing! Get ready to play solitaire with a twist playing Fairway Solitaire, the golf card game that’s easy to pick up, but impossible to put down.

Fairway Solitaire is the unique card strategy game where solitaire and golf ⛳ combine into an easy to play puzzle game. Simply play one card up or one card down from your draw pile to clear the puzzle board as you take on challenging golf solitaire puzzles on hand-painted, scenic courses from all around the world.

🏌🏽 Fun and Easy to Play!

• Simply play one card up or one card down from your draw pile, it’s that easy!

• Stay on par by removing the most cards in each solitaire hand

• If you get stuck, select a golf club from your bag

• Expertly play like a pro through puzzling solitaire challenges, from rough hazards to sand traps and rain hazards

⛳ Why Fairway Solitaire?

• Play the golf game with thousands of courses in incredible locations all over the world

• Play with unique golf-themed boosts to power-up your game

• Use strategy to master the fairways

• Use irons and Midas Clubs as wild cards to aide in your strategy, or power ups like the shuffle and preview to solve puzzling card layouts.

• enjoy over 1,000 solitaire levels and counting!

• Get swept away to different destinations in special week-long events

• Every weekend you’ll find amazing hand painted scenery to take you far away while staying in the comfort of your own home.

• Play Fairway Solitaire daily for events like Treasure Hunts, Pro Stars, and Stamp-edes

• Play Fairway Solitaire for as long as you like; there are no lives or limits to your game play!

♦️Earn Rewards:

• Complete daily challenges to earn rewards

• Win daily FREEBIES

• Get rewards through stamp collections, trophies, tours, mini-games, events or daily gifts!

• Collect adorable hand-drawn stamps and complete collections to earn rewards

• Enjoy fun mini-games like McDinko, Wild Shot, Long Drive Contest, and Gopher Derby.

♣️ Why not join a Country Club?

• Join a club to earn exclusive rewards and gifts each week

• Play with exclusive Fairway Solitaire Country Club players to earn exclusive rewards and gifts each week, just for playing on a team!

• Complete exclusive Country Club stamp sets for even greater rewards

• Use Chat to collaborate and strategize with your Club members in the game!

• Unlock new persistent rewards!

• Play with a team to reach new goals!

• There are 4 Tiers of rewards to earn every week!

• No Gophers Allowed!

Don’t get left in the rough, follow us on Facebook for more Fairway Solitaire news, fun, and games: http://www.facebook.com/FairwaySolitaire

Experiencing issues? Please visit https://fairwaysolitaire.zendesk.com

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.47.0 Publish Date:2022-06-14 Developer:Big Fish Games

User Reviews


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Joanne Smith 2019-09-27

Love this game. So much going on and it\'s very addictive, and so frustrating at times. Only just discovered that if you tap the little gopher that pops up periodically on the courses that you get extra golf bucks - yay! Hate the frozen cards!! Love the little gopher movies, they are so funny - wish there were more.
Matthew Levesque 2019-10-23

Terrible update. The cutbacks on club chip cards is a real low blow. 250 chips every 2 hours and took away the 500 and 750? Whats the point of playing now? Bring back the 500 club chips and the 750 club chips for a 5 star rating. I used to love this game and i want love it again
M Sims 2019-11-13

I really do love this game but lately it has become way too hard, I\'m losing my fake money and boosters like crazy to progress. Also, the game freezes constantly and I have to leave the game and restart it. Sometimes it happens like 4 times while playing it. I have contacted them twice now and they have been unable to help me. I know of 2 other people that have deleted this game because of this very same problem. Also, the chat with your team function takes forever to scroll through. Annoying.
Tracy 2019-04-23

Started off good, naturally lol, then changed to, can\'t complete a hole without buying caddy bag clubs to progress. Un-installed last night, didn\'t even make a whole day. Forcing people to buy clubs on the first day is not a winning strategy ...
Q P 2020-04-10

I left a review yesterday and it\'s not here now. This game used to be a favourite of mine, but now you can hardly beat a level without spending \"golf bucks.\" I went from having over 1 million GB to below 500,000 in such a short amount of time. I will draw 10+ cards and not a single one will work with what is on the board. I will happily spend some money on games, but not when I HAVE to just to win. So disappointing to come back to this game and not get the same enjoyment out of it.
Tiff a 2019-09-22

Game is constantly glitching out and not loading. I will get to the end of a course and use all my clubs/coins to get there with a perfect score and the screen will just go blank and force me to restart the app and lose the progress. Very frustrating! This never used to happen until about a month ago and now it won\'t stop happening! Please fix!
Angela Biscoe 2019-10-06

I just hate and love this game but it is seriously getting very unfair to the player some courses are so hard it\'s getting a chore to do them and to win any stars on the daily challenge is even worse. Please sort it never used to be like this.
Ron Banez 2020-04-13

If there is anyway to screw up a classic game like solitaire, this is it! Unless you\'re willing to spend a ton of money on a \"free\" game, then this is not for you. Nearly impossible levels to pass unless you purchase something. Good concept but horrible execution. No wonder they need another game to promote them, because there are plenty of other games that are just like this but better for the player. Save the space.on your phone and don\'t download this game!
Leo Lee 2019-07-10

I\'ve been playing this game for about 5(?) years now. it\'s a great game to play whenever you\'re bored or if you want to play a card game. No pay wall, daily courses help advancing further if in need of stars, amd and bonus courses are fun and challenging. Overall great game
Molly S 2019-02-07

Fun and addictive game to play and pass time but it also keeps you from going to bed lol but I really enjoy it Alot. I enjoy everything about the game the graphics and sounds and all. I\'ve got several of my friends and family addicted. It\'s downloaded on all my electronics I own. Great game!