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Description of Fairy State

Does anybody want to go questing in Fairy State?

"Fairy State" is the hottest Fairy theme MMORPG game in 2020.

In the world of Fairy State , opportunities and challenges coexist. Fashion Customs ; Cute pets; Cool ride; Friendship; Love story, all of these are waiting for you in this beautiful and gorgeous fairy world. Absolutely no dull moment, absolute test of your skill! If you ever dreaming about flying in the sky or playing with friends from all over the world. Join us now! Strike the stress in reality.

The game features

【Fantastic View】

Beautiful game scenes, Colorful and interesting background story, come and create your own fairy world. Super real sound effect brings you the ultimate experience.

【Diverse cultivation】

Freely forge multiply gem and soul. You are free to choose your unique properties ,raise your own ride fashion wings, with your own unique magic weapon, lead the fashion trend of Firmament City.

【Social interaction】

Cross servers system offer you infinity space to make friends from other world. Mutiplayers are able to build a team PK.with Boss. More opportunity to acquire rare Weapon and Gear.

【Love system】

Special wedding gameplay can offer you a chance to realize the dream wedding. Come and find your true love in "Fairy State". More fabulous destiny is waiting for you.

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More Information Of Fairy State

lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:1.0.9 Publish Date:2021-03-07 Developer:higame-omg

User Reviews


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Jessie B. Roxas Jr. 2020-06-27

I just wanna say that I\'ve just started. There\'s this bug in which I got stuck talking to the first NPC and we talk so many times, repeatedly. Miraculously, I proceeded to the next quest. Here, I encountered a problem. I can\'t attack the enemy. No matter I tried,even auto battle, again miraculously, I succeeded after it worked. This kind of problem keeps on happening. Please resolved it. Might change my rate if it gets better.
Akshada More 2020-08-01

This game is amazing 👍, I have played many rpg games but this one is very better than others. Though I wanted to request the creator that please add language setting and translation setting, so that the players will be able to communicate with each other by translating the words/sentence. How can we communicate with the friends or world chatroom if we don\'t know what they are saying. Rest the whole game is cool 🙂💞👌
R. Matt Perry 2020-10-17

May have fixed the black screen for some players. But I can\'t even get into the game after that update. Says unstable network no matter if I\'m on WiFi or Mobile Data. EDIT: They provided a work around so now have access to the game. Unfortunately there are still keyboard cowboys that think they can dictate your game because they pay more. Maybe limit how much you can be killed by the same jerk in CS areas like the 3x\'s in Roar?
Shiela Filipina 2020-09-01

It\'s a good game since I payed my VIP already, but there is no free wings or mount unlike other games, you have to buy the so called \"VIP privilege\". Also, s67 the background is all black or sometimes broken. The admin(?) In Facebook told me to redownload.. I kept clicking the \"download\" icon, and even that icon doesn\'t work. L.O.L There\'s only one way I think of, and that is to uninstall then re-install, but I am afraid that my account will be gone. So nope. It sucks.
Fhjdc Malden 2020-05-09

Underrated. This game needs more attention (seriously it needs more player it\'s quiet there). Smooth and great graphic, easy to level up, not really hard to catch up with the top players (prob bcs there aren\'t that many players yet) and the game is generous with items, looking at the events they have (there are a lot). About the prices, it\'s standard but you can get a big discount in c.s. sale event they have (paid). In short, a great game.
Agatha Sangma 2020-07-05

I have played similar game to this before..and that was quite tough and difficult to level up,,but this game has been far more better for me..when it comes to leveling up getting new equipments upgrading equipments and so on I hope the Creator of this game will make it more better so that it can attract any kind of gamers.. like make the character of the game more visible in suggesting to fight the boss according to the level and yes add hot springs to get free VIPs
Fritzeibelle Hontanosas 2020-05-25

This is what I\'ve been looking for the whole time..I saw this on Facebook... The Graphics, Gameplay, Especially Data Usage? excellent! thought I\'m going to be bored but no, I\'m already addicted.. I encountered some bugs like killing the crocodile at snow mountain it wouldn\'t be counted as killed even though i already killed a lot ( hope that it\'s been fixed already).. I know this game will improve more...I will send a feedback and suggestions to the game soon..Thank you and Great Job!!
Hghl Applebee 2020-05-08

This game is by far the best one I have rn. Not only are there no ads, but, the game has so many things to do, you never get bored. It does take a while to really figure out everything but, the online feature also makes that easy to ask for help. I also love the idea of the romance quests and finding your partner and stuff. This game is awesome and I love it.
israelita cutanda 2021-01-09

I would like to thank you and Appreciate the game GM cuz it\'s a nice game, great, and nice graphics. Sometimes it\'s fun because of your friends on FS, chatting C.S server, and yeah you\'ll get more friends. and more great of FS game isn\'t boring since It keeps you busy cuz there are a lot of events and it is also a way for you to grow stronger so do not miss and say the more you play the more you get addicted !. and more Thanks for your support GM onFB events I appreciate thatyou arenotcareless.
Joan Marie Manlunas 2021-02-01

The game is fun. Hopefully there will be an event where all servers\' guild have war in a certain place where they can hunt items in bosses. I think it could be more entertaining.