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Description of Family budget—Spending tracker

Our monthly budget & spending tracker was never easier. We like to make money

management, budget tracking easier. One of the easiest money management

tools in the market with three free budgets. Now you can try the monthly budget planner

for your family and personal finance with ease by adding your home budget and tracking expenses.

This online spending tracker tool has many great features including the ability to invite family

members or friends to share and edit your financial budget in real-time, use date range, & many


Save money and achieve financial freedom by carefully planning your monthly budget. You can track

your budget and income using the monthly budget & spending tracker. It’s a good budget tool for

individuals, families, and households. Our feature-rich financial budget tool is very user-friendly and

simple to use. We will guide you on how to use our budget maker from start to finish with our in-app

tutorial. We will also display your cash flow in easy to understand format. You will gain insight into

your personal finance and what are the expenses you should cut to save money.

How to use the monthly budget & spending tracker?

First, create your monthly budget. When you first use our budget planner, we will ask you to create a

monthly budget. You can choose to create a budget for personal, family, household, or a blank one

with the option to add the category later. Then put in your income and expenses in the right fields

and enter the amount.

Why do many people use our money management and finance tracker?

- Built for everyone in the family, young people starting their personal finance and team projects.

- We have a built-in tutorial within the app.

- Modern and user-friendly design with beautiful graphs.

- You may also want to switch easily to the dark mode when you are using our budget planner in a dark environment to keep track of your expenses. The app also allows you to change the color of the app to your preferences

- Cloud backup and share features.

- Three free budgets.

- Multiple currency, date & time.

Does the monthly budget & spending tracker work offline?

You can edit your home budget and expense tracking offline and when you’re online, our app will

update your data to the cloud and your data will be shared with your family members and friends.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:7.5.2 Publish Date:2022-06-04 Developer:DigitLeaf, llc

User Reviews


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Tammy Olson 2019-09-25

This app has randomly stopped working correctly multiple times. Customer service has been completely unhelpful and not able to fix anything.
Paolo Torchio 2020-09-15

I tried several similar apps before this one, and I always left them and uninstalled feeling frustrated. This one is different and works like a charm! Very intuitive and easy to deal with, I only wish it could have a web access too, to check data from my computer.
Sheree Moltzan 2020-08-07

Was looking for an app to help me get my budget documented & follow my spending. I purchased this app to use on any of my devices. I feel it\'s well priced for what is offered. The only thing I found challenging was navigating the app, not really having an accounting background. And because I am in Social Security now, I get paid during the month verses at the beginning or end. It would be helpful to have an online tutorial to walk you thru the features. I love it once I figured it out!!
Chester Velasco 2020-04-14

Update March 2020 - All issues fixed. Back to being the best in the market. Highly recommended! Update Sept 26 2019 - Latest update caused the entries to not be in chronological order. Please fix!
Edsel Adelbert Corado 2021-03-16

(UPDATE) More than a year and still has not fixed. LOL! WHY DO YOU CANNOT FIX THE CURRENCY ISSUE? All the issues I encountered before are still there. Transaction shows double, triple, and so on when switching views in My Transactions. Decimal separator is still a comma and thousands separator is still a period when using other currencies. I have not explored much, I just installed it to see if it those issues were fixed and if it\'s worth buying now, but nah, I\'ll pass!
Brittany Patterson 2021-01-28

I loved this app! I used basically everyday with my budgeting. Now that I\'ve updated it, I can\'t do anything without upgrading. I can\'t even create a new budget without it asking me to upgrade. Very disappointed with the update. Like I said, my review would\'ve been 5 stars if anyone asked up until today when I realized I have to pay to do anything.
David Brown 2020-07-01

Such a great tool. I share the budget with my partner so this is just excellent for keeping track of both our spends. I also found it has a good entry level way of working, and once you get more familiar it\'s packed full of useful features. Thanks guys
Elaine Davies 2020-04-20

Initially downloaded as I wanted to share expenditure with other half. But, the facility to share just wouldn\'t work so I contacted developer and was advised I had to upgrade. This was at extra cost so I was a bit disgruntled about that as the first had said it was shareable. Using the 2nd version so far, though, is fine but I\'ve not come to the end of first month yet, so I will update in due course. To be fair though, the response was really quick to my query.
SgtNick 2021-01-15

My wife and I have been looking for a budget app like this for years! Now we are always in sync, manually taking turns to input transactions so we follow through with budgeting. Great job folks! The developer quickly fixed a bug we found. Would love to see percentage into the budget period, along with more color options than white or night mode after we paid for the app.
Mark Allen 2021-01-27

Used to be an amazing app, my wife and i have used it for 2 years and loved that we could both share a budget with her on ios and me on Android. That all changed today when i saw that in order to clone my budget to create the next month it said i had to pay £10.99. I was unable to clone my budget even though i only have 1 budget currently (all of the rest are archived). The free version is absolutely useless and has ruined what was a very good app.