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Description of Fantasy Island Sim: Fun Forest Adventure

Start your fantasy city building adventure NOW!

Welcome to the magical world of Fantasy Island Sim where many tribes live in their city, with their own quests, skills and secrets. Do you love to grow a city or battle against the common enemy in a game with events? Or explore the secrets of the world and collect treasures, found in chests. All the tribes have their own crafts and unique defined villages; such as plentiful goods and resources you can trade with the gnomes. Discover what the magical elves community can do, or plunder together with pirates. You can play this game offline and without internet connection.

Build your Fantasy Island Sim to the biggest city empire

Expand your village into an empire and discover different tribes like the pirates, gnomes, elves, dwarfs, polars and villagers. Each tribe community has unique buildings to build. Collect all different legendary fantasy buildings to expand your city.

What is your strategy? Farm resources and start building.

Start with a medieval town and grow into an empire of the fantasy world. In this city building game you need to keep morale high in order to keep production up. But be aware, push your tribes too hard, and they will leave your city. It can all happen in this fantasy simulation game.

Trade with your friends.

Play together and discover new tribes, unlock secret skills and find hidden treasures.

Enjoy this new city building simulation game together!


▶ Fantasy city building game full of fun

▶ Play during exciting events

▶ Unlock different tribes and grow your kingdom into an empire

▶ Battle the enemy and solve daily quests

▶ Explore the world and expand your kingdom

▶ Choose your own path: strategy or simulation?

▶ Playable offline and online - you choose!

Fantasy Island Sim - Build your city is free to download and free to play. However, you can purchase in-app items with real money. If you wish to disable this feature, please turn off the in-app purchases in your phone or tablet’s settings. You can play this game offline.

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More Information Of Fantasy Island Sim: Fun Forest Adventure

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:2.12.0 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Sparkling Society - Island Village Building Games

User Reviews


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afarrell640 2020-01-09

Still needs some tweaking my buildings disappeared but my people are still walking the stone path also its hard to build up money add a free building like a bank or something that gives free coins every 10 minutes this would help the player be able to purchase more stuff in the game and play other lands
Nina Green 2019-12-29

I have always enjoyed Sparkling Society games but this has to be my favorite....it has even surpassed my love for City 4! It\'s easy and a novel idea. I play it on my tablet and have no problem with it ever. It might not be for those who have to go a thousand miles per second to be happy....but it\'s just perfect for me.
Xyfer 2020-07-07

The game is actually a good city building game and can be played offline. In-app purchases are not forced on the player (unless you\'re really impatient) and the ads are also optional (I\'d still watch it for the bonus though); which is great. Though I would suggest an edit mode to easily re-arrange the town but other than that the game is actually nice, been enjoying playing it so far.
Jennifer Taylor 2020-06-08

Conversions are back! Went up to 5 stars since the conversion option is back. A nice cartoon-like city building game. It\'s great you can sell unwanted buildings from chests for keys! Would like a new land, maybe one with desert dwellers or an underground city.
Samantha Allison 2020-12-30

The game itself is fun and almost well designed. The reason for my one star, and I would give it zero if that were an option, was because there is no auto- collect while out of the game. Any great developer knows the importance of this feature. This particular developer expects people to play this game non stop... because if you leave the game you earn NOTHING!!
Lisa Hawk 2020-08-23

I love simulation builder type games. WOOHOO! My second simulation game by SPARKLING SOCIETY! This game has beautiful decorations and buildings to choose for your islands. Colors and graphics are nothing less than amazing. Land/space is easily attainable throughout the game. I can place decorations and buildings wherever I chose to do so. All of this and a lot more. All without wifi needed to play. Just can\'t get better than this. Thank you to the Creators of Sparkling Society games!
Gemma Jarvis 2021-01-11

When I found this game, I thought great I was glued to it. It was so fun & had me entertained for hours... but then you get to a point when the only way to play is to use only real money... really let\'s the game down as its such a well thought out game & could definitely have had me entertained longer... but unfortunately I\'m not willing to use real money to play so the game has had to go.
Annette L 2020-07-14

It\'s a nice game. It\'s repetitive, constantly going into the game to build up your money to buy and house or store. Once it is bought you are constantly slipping into the game to collect money to be able to pay the upgrades on the building/s you bought...and so and so on. There are other lands you can open, to buy stores and houses, and save and save to update each of them. I did get a couple gold bars in the spin today but gold comes real slowly.
Sam Weston 2020-12-12

A fun interesting easy to play game. What is one of its best features is that you can play all day! You don\'t HAVE to use real money either and no energy that runs after 10mins of play. Graphics great, collecting sounds great and lots of levels to keep you busy. Highly recommend especially if you enjoy building games I say download and have fun!!!!
Jennifer Berkane 2020-08-21

I am SO hooked on this game. I play 15 out of 24 hours. I play many different games but these types of games are my favourite. How could it not be. You are THE KING OF GAMES! Please bring more games like this. I also play Family Island, which is another of my favourites. I will highly recommend this games.