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Description of Fantasy Realm Tower Defense

Help to defend the Kingdom against hundreds of critters attacking the castle! Great graphics and style in the Fantasy genre! Test yourself in tower defense offline as a commander, give a worthy rebuff to the enemy!

This is the third of TD games from our small group of developers. We tried to fix the mistakes of previous tower defense games and made it in fantasy style.

Features of Fantasy Realm TD:

- 54 levels with different starting conditions and relative difficulty

- 11 types of enemies with unique abilities

- Flying and ground units

- 5 tower upgrade branches

- 54 types of towers with individual progress of each

- 6 castle upgrade types

- Challenging balance

- Tower target priority selection system

-Appreciation for feedback to make this TD even better!

Those users who follow our development progress know that we have come a long way in experimenting with tower defense strategy games and the defense genre.

We wanted to get the best out of TD possible coming up with different epic combinations and new ideas. Testing new concepts of tower defense games we tried different approaches to make the experience as exciting as possible. With this tower defense offline game, I believe we have outdone ourselves. The main feature of this defense strategy game is its replay value. You will find that playing the same level of this TD game after 100 takes is as fascinating as it was the first time.

It is a strategy game that you can only win with your mind.

Organizing defense, setting up your towers, and choosing the proper strategy is key to winning. And your choice determines whether you will succeed or not. This tower defense challenges you in a unique way. You won’t get past many levels unless you’re the smartest and your mind is the sharpest.

This tower defense has a unique and deep upgrading system.

When you are done shooting epic enemies, setting up a fantasy strategy, and handling your defense game has a lot to offer. Choose a different path, evolve your towers to give you more advantage in your endless fight with monsters trying to break your defense. 54(!) upgrade types is a lot. Choose the right one that suits your TD game style. Defense games are not only about shooting it is about planning.

In this defense game, your ability to plan ahead decides whether you will prevail and achieve long-wanted TD game victory or fail greatly.

Towers themselves have a lot of Unique effects and interactions.

You can disintegrate, turn to ice, slow burn, and pierce your enemies. The defense needs many tools. In this tower defense game, you will get plenty. Your enemies will tremble and monsters will be shocked when you will unleash all your defense combinations and unique tower modifiers. It is only up to you to find the towers and towers modifiers combinations that work the best in this TD.

Try it now! You have nothing to lose!

This TD is something that we prepared for a long time. Studying and studying different tower defense features and TD mechanics. We wanted to provide a tower defense experience that would be special for our users. When we created this tower defense we invested all of our experience soul and heart to make the best tower defense possible. This tower defense offline game is something that we are very proud of and would be happy if you tried it out!

Tower defense games are an old and epic defense genre. TD has come a long way as well as a defense game. This tower defense game is one that I with my friends enjoy and want to share with you. Play this td game now - will not regret it I promise.

I have only one wish - whether you will or won't like it - in the end, please leave a comment and a rate. If it is good - awesome we can keep making games, if it is bad - even more awesome - we can and we will fix what's bothering you.

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More Information Of Fantasy Realm Tower Defense

lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:1.40 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Gyro-Games

User Reviews


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Doug Fatouretchi 2020-11-04

I liked this game but u get to certain level there is no way to beat it unless u pay money, I\'ve upgraded the tower an amazing amount and no matter how much I upgrade die same time in level, that seriously ruins whole game it\'s not fun at all when you realize u have to pay to win, that\'s not even winning that\'s paying to pretend u win, the developers are horrible and greedy and I have to say the way they describe the game has money grabber all over it, the developers have ruined it even more,
Jonathan Langley 2020-11-09

So far so good. Runs well and seems very well designed. (Edit 2 weeks later), very frustrating game as way to hard to progress. I must be missing something, seems unplayable. Uninstalled.
TcoxRealEstate 2020-03-22

It was a fun game until you realize that inevitably you will have to use real money and buy crystals to upgrade anything. Instead of giving Crystal\'s by warching ads you get useless gold. Then you can even place towers where you want. Uninstalled
M Wilson 2020-02-19

Another good TD from these devs. I was closely involved with them as a player for their first two games & I can say these guys really care about offering good games. As with the other games some difficulty balancing is needed; certain levels are near impossible even with a lot of farming (either difficulty or weapon balancing required). But again we have a solid game which offers a different experience to most of the rubbish in the genre. I look forward to seeing how it develops. Thanks guys.
Rene Castillo 2020-03-20

Month later update: Looks like Level 34 is the max to reach, without spending ungodly hours, replaying older levels trying to get points to upgrade towers and castle, and watching comercials for points. I did have a lot of fun though! PREVIOUS RATING: Great graphics, gameplay and worthwhile difficulty, but what is essence mean in the castle? No instructions, so can only rate a 3. Also what are the advantages of setting towers to attack weakest, strongest , or standard?
Brandon BP 2020-11-17

As long as you don\'t mind playing the first 11 levels hundreds of times then it is great. But I have spent dozens of hours grinding my towers to get past level 12 and it obviously isn\'t going to happen. This is supposed to force you to spend cash. This game is a money grab.
milad liavoley 2020-12-11

As it seems, level 12 is the last level in this game with insufficient resources and complicated map, fast enemies as well. There is one thing I\'d like to mention. Why sky tower are dependent on ion tower. This way When you want to beat flying enemies in the early game, you can\'t count on them, especially in the super level 12
Yenni Desroches 2020-07-30

This is my new favorite tower defense. It is so well balanced, I love all of features, and it\'s not a money grabber either. The story is cute and non-invasive, the levels are difficult but not impossible if you level up your castle and towers.
Stonie Rivers 2020-03-07

I dig the game, but it crashes often, especially when many creeps are on the screen on a level. Can you put a feature in so that if the gameplay on a level gets interrupted due to a crash, when you restart the game it takes you back to that level? It\'s incredibly frustrating to keep losing all progress on a level due to crashes.
nathan keele 2020-05-08

Horrible game. Bad graphics, no coices of tower, forget about evolving and building you will never have enough essence and by level 4 you will pay money or never pass. I am willing to take this down when it turns into a game I understand it takes money to make games but this is too much.