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Description of FAQ / ZenUI Help

ZenUI FAQ is a customer service app that provides ASUS device users with in-device assistance using the combination of Mobile Care, FAQs, user feedback, and public forums. You can use ZenUI Apps to interact with our very own ASUS customer service and developer teams, and then check out the forums to create or join existing threads made by fellow ASUS users.

ZenUI FAQ also features News where you can check out the latest updates, offers, events from ASUS.

Enjoy this personalized self-service approach for all your ASUS device and ZenUI information needs—now faster and more seamless than ever before!

Special features

►Mobile care gives real-time updates about your device’s memory, battery, and storage settings with tips to help you optimize these settings using Boost, Power Saver, and Auto-start Manager.

►Message board features the latest News and Notifications from ASUS and a list of recent notifications sent to your device.

►ZenUI FAQs provide a more specific user experience via FAQs and forums created per app under ZenUI apps. In these forums, you can vote for your favorite topics to let the ASUS Support team know which ones you’d like to see in the next update. ZenUI FAQs also feature Top FAQs for popular troubleshooting information.

►Assistance feature provides basic troubleshooting information about your device such as battery, call and messages, 3G/LTE/Wi-Fi/GPS connection, among many others.


•The appearance and operation of some features may vary, depending on your device and the app’s version.

•ZenFone/ZenPad Care is a free app for ASUS devices. You will not be charged for downloading or using this app, and it does not collect personal data.

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More Information Of FAQ / ZenUI Help

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Mobile, ASUSTek Computer Inc.

User Reviews


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Sarah Mj Stauffer 2020-01-22

Last update on my Asus Zenfone 5 was actually a downgrade. Now everything is sluggish and looks outdated. My settings are half missing. Camera won\'t focus now. Crashes in apps i try to use. Volume is messed up and the icon is really big taking up a chunk of my screen. I regret the last update..
MR K 2019-03-10

2 years ago I bought my Asus 3 Max plus, those days when I go to any Asus apps, if I saw any bug or lack of any features I could to go to FAQ and there was a Feed Back option. I used it many times at those days and responses were fast and satisfaction. But after one year that Feed Back option removed from many Asus apps. while in description of ZenUI Help app, saying that it has Feed Back option which it is not true for many Asus apps anymore. I uninstall and disabled this useless service!
TooWoW Online 2019-03-09

Very easy to learn how to troubleshoot my device, it\'s just one click away. Really useful, thanks to this features.
no name 2020-01-03

This still sucks... Matter of fact... it\'s getting worse... Question, WHY, do I have to hit call three times before it makes the phone call??? Question, WHY isn\'t the first screen, the contact screen??? Question, WHY is every upgrade a screw up???
Sandesh Banakar I 2020-05-19

Very interactive. Answered all my questions. And I got to know more and more about my phone using this app. I never found difficult in operating my phone with this as a companion.
Ramesh Yadav 2018-06-22

Loved it
Pradeep Kumar 2018-11-23

Not able to see mobile number during the call of saved contact, please fix it
Saurabh Kumar 2018-07-05

Sometimes it hang. Flickering effects, I have to switchoff and switch on again.
Vanessa D 2018-11-09

Who the heck needs 5- star feedback to remain inspired to produce a good product? I\'m frustrated with the list of things that have gone wrong with this. Get your stuff together please!
Prabhat Kumar 2017-11-22

I don\'t like the app and the asus company either .the worst company which is not giving any system updates .neither from nougut 7.0 to 7.1 update.