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Description of Farm Mania

Have a great time in the country together with Anna! Help her build up her Grandfather's old farm «from zero to hero» and get an excellent mark for her graduation work.

If you think that you will be only planting and selling crops you are mistaken. There is plenty of stuff to do at Anna’s cute and cozy farm. You will bake tasty pies and cakes, make warm scarves and gloves, see your animals growing and do many other exciting things!

Use modern technologies and your own know-hows to build your dream farm! Plunge yourself into fresh air and nature, enjoy serene countryside around you! Achieve the best results in farming playing this challenging time management game from QUMARON!

Game Features include:

- 60 challenging levels

- 12 hidden in-game object

- Arcade and Casual modes

- Colorful graphics

- Lots of cool upgrades

- Intuitive controls


VISIT US: http://qumaron.com/

WATCH US: https://www.youtube.com/realoregames

FIND US: https://www.facebook.com/qumaron/

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More Information Of Farm Mania

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.23 Publish Date:2022-05-31 Developer:Qumaron

User Reviews


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Peek A Boo 2019-02-15

I have been addicted to this game since 2010 and i might say it\'s worth the wait because you don\'t need to pay to unlock levels, just few videos and advertisements to watch is enough to be able to unlock levels and won\'t even pay for a penny.. Great game indeed..
Meliodas 2020-05-22

I like the game since ive been playing this since I was a kid. The real problem is the game is forcing me to buy the full version since I can\'t go to the next level if I wont choose between watching an ad or buying the full version. I clicked watch an ad a lot of times but it keeps saying i dont have internet connection, which is really funny. You cant force your users to buy the full version lol.
A Google user 2019-02-03

im so cross Right now i used to play this game for years on my moms computer now i downloaded the game just to find all my sheeps and that i cant play any further without spending money on it.. Guys this is an awesome game but cant u guys fix it pls i will rate it 5 star if u fix it and will get more people to play the game but until them im rating this game a with a one star.. i was so happy to have the game and then i just wasted my data because i cant play😤
Patrick Stevens 2020-03-26

Yep, I see what so many people are talking about...\"server down\". What they really mean is \"server is fine but we prefer to take ur money and if u don\'t pay us, we\'ll just lie and say \'server down\'\". Too bad cuz I kinda liked it... not enough to pay $4 but enough to watch those stupid ads to continue playing. Oh well, time to uninstall. Thanks for almost having a good game.
Aya A. 2020-03-13

Ads for the next level is always not available even when the connection is okay. Edit: Saw that you keep on telling people about the in-app purchases in these cases. My opinion is not a lot of people would be willing spend money on games. Isn\'t it enough that they are willing to watch ads to play levels? At least fix that for them. Thank you.
John Rene Caballero 2020-09-17

I like it but why do I need to watch ads to unlock another level its fun but i hope the levels can be unlocked without ads
Saira Khan 2020-08-26

This game is good to play but there is problem with the second last leavel and i think this is why I started hating this game and now I think this game doesn\'t deserve stars I hate this game because of the second last leavel \'\' IT\'S NOT A GOOD GAME \'\'
Deepti Nair 2020-12-14

Nice game. Enjoyed playing. I just need to complete last 2 stages but when I reach second last stage they want me to sell 1 goat but I have already one goat only and I can\'t sell it as the option of sell is not coming. So only 2 stars. Please fix it.
Clydee Keen Vale 2019-11-13

I still need to watch ad to unlock next level. And the worst thing is that it keeps on saying that the server is not responding even though I have 4G internet connection.
A Google user 2020-04-10

MON 18.02.2019: Farm Mania, 2 & 3 Play & OK don\'t work, they waste my data, time & money. I\'ve Internet connection, it\'s your end, not mine. Yesterday I went between the 2 buttons 400 times still no good, before that it was 200, earlier between 15-45 They work very occasionally. There\'s a Cancel button above this does work. No doubt the apps have a bug, virus, or they were made this way. It really spoils all of the games they are also time wasting. 10.4.20 ditto got rid AGAIN.