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Description of FarmersOnly Dating

We started FarmersOnly.com in 2005 because, the way we see it, there are basically two groups in America. Group one revolves around five dollar lattés, riding in ubers, and getting ahead at all costs in the corporate world. If you fall into this group, FarmersOnly is not where you want to be dating online.

Group two enjoys blue skies, living free and at peace in wide open spaces, raising animals, and appreciating nature. We understand the meaning of southern hospitality, even if we don't all live in the South. This group makes up America's Heartland – the slice of America with good, old-fashioned traditional values, values that were never lost by America’s farmers. These values are also preserved by the cowboys and cowgirls who still live on the edge, nature lovers who don’t take the outdoors for granted even though it’s free, and horse riders, ag students, and other animal caretakers.

If you’re in this group and going to be dating, there is no community that comes even close to FarmersOnly.com. For over 13 years, we’ve been bringing millions upon millions of country, outdoorsy, down to earth and family-minded folks together all over America.


We don’t post on your Facebook Timeline. We don’t share your information with unknown parties. We do not generate any artificial activity. The app is free to use! For advanced features and access you can upgrade to a Premium Membership.

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User Reviews


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Chuck Lawson 2019-03-28

All dating apps suck but this has to be one of the worst. Every email or notification I get from it is a lie. It tells me there are new people when theres not. It tells me someone liked me when they didnt. I had to pay extra just to be able to text someone. I already canceled my subscription, I\'d love a refund.
Shelly Ramos 2017-05-27

Not free. I can meet people elsewhere without having to pay. Pretty girls aren\'t going to pay to meet guys. That already comes easy so you can guess what the girls on there MAY look like. I received lots of emails the first day but was unable to see them unless I paid. Also, there is no way to put contact info and no form of communication with anyone unless you subscribe. Deleting this app.
Randy Sanders 2018-01-10

Like all \"free\" dating apps it is free to sign up. But you have to pay to actually contact a person. People sign up then realize it\'s not free and bail leaving their profile up. There are thousands of old, dead profiles on FO. I can run a search within a 50 mile radius and get 75 or so hits. Maybe 5 are paying members, the rest standard members and of those standard members maybe another 5 are active. And of those 5 paying none are even close to compatible. I think paying is ok but if it were cheaper it would have more active members. And FO needs to clean up it\'s data base.
A Google user 2019-03-28

Absolutely useless unless you pay $28 for one month or $42 for three months. For free this app let\'s you do is browse and send a \"flirt\". Can\'t chat or email, can\'t see who flirted or liked you, can\'t read messages until you pay for a subscription. A wast of time unless you want to pay at least $28.
James\'Spam 2019-02-03

Positive reviews are FAKE (paid reviews)! Look at all the 5 star reviews... they are all posted on the same days and all have thumbs ups even though there is absolutely nothing typed in the reviews. This app is trying to make a cash grab instead of designing a good app. Can\'t believe they\'re paying for video ads online too. Some investor\'s getting screwed.
It\'s Just Me 2016-05-25

The company that runs this are Con Artist This site is less than worthless. Nothing but con artist trying to get you to purchase premium accounts. I also think they send out random contacts to keep you interested. Don\'t buy the premium.
Tammy Russell 2019-03-01

So I upgraded and I have no access to the privilges of the upgrade! Dealing with a mess right now! Not happy at all! Took my money and I have no access! I keep getting notifications, but can\'t view unless I \"upgrade\".! Dont waste your time with this site or APP!
Angelica Saavedra 2017-04-03

I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! You don\'t get a free trial. So I upgraded and nothing changed still said I needed to upgrade in order to unlock messaging(which is stupid). The next day I realized that my card was charged 105$ from this app. I am furious. They refuse to talk to me and settle this out. They do not want to give me my refund! Might sue If I\'m able to. So mad right now
Chyna rose George 2019-04-08

I\'m not able to pay monthly payments and that is why i googled free dateing sites, I\'m a widow now and can work and would love to have someone to spend time with me and have same interests. i put all the time in to making a profile to not get to talk to anyone. That\'s not right miss repertation of \"free Dating site\"...!!!! 😑😖
Carolyn Hudson 2019-08-27

This is the very best dating site when it comes to maneuvering the site!!!