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Description of Farmship: Tripeaks Solitaire

FREE Solitaire & Farm harvest game

Harvest from your farm through fun & relaxing Tri-peaks Solitaire card games!

Farmship: Tripeaks Solitaire is a great combination of harvest farming and classic Tri-Peaks solitaire game. If you are a big fan of farm harvest games who also love Klondike, FreeCell, Pyramid or Spider solitaire, Farmship: Tripeaks Solitaire is the perfect Tripeaks entertainment you are looking for!

In this Tripeaks Solitaire-Farm harvest game you will:

♠ Challenge hundreds of challenging Tripeaks solitaire card games.

♦ Grow dozens of beautiful crops and unlock more, harvest more!

♠ Harvest from the farm by winning Tripeaks games!

Farmship: Tripeaks Solitaire features:

♣ Unique gameplay: enjoy building the farm, harvest the crops and exercise your brain in Tripeaks solitaire-card games.

♠ Relaxing solitaires: casual, easy and relaxing Tripeaks Card Games of classic solitaire card games.

♣ Beautiful farm graphics: play free Tripeaks solitaire in great pastoral scenarios! Harvest now!

♠ Stunning Tripeaks card animations: Solitaire Cards come alive! Enjoy the farm harvest!

♣ Fun TriPeaks solitaire game for everyone: great family farm-harvest game and classic Tripeaks entertainment.

This Tripeaks card game is harder than you thought! Use strategy to win all the Tripeaks solitaire card levels! Solitaire the cards to get stars and use them to plant farm crops for the big harvest.

Ready to turn the barren farm green again? Win the Tripeaks card game to plant for harvest right now!

Play TriPeaks solitaire, win stars to renovate your own farm! Unlock dozens of beautiful crops and harvest them to get a lot of coins!

Download this fun and FREE tripeaks game to start your amazing Farmship, harvest now!




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lable: Card - Games Current Version:4.81.5038.0 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Noodle Games

User Reviews


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Tressa Weymer 2020-07-23

I enjoy this game. I\'m over level 100 and I\'m usually bored with most online tripeaks games by now. The only issues I\'ve encountered is that, once you get the tool box it pops up after every level, I exit out and it just keeps popping up. Also, the amount of coins required to get a wild or +5 cards to beat a level is much too high. For example, my current level costs 2,000 coins to play, I get down to one card left and a wild costs 7,500 coins, & the +5 cards costs 5,000 coins.
Thang SM 2020-07-06

Your game is boring. 1. The card games are too repetitive and do not have interesting variations. 2. The blurring of cards should be done away with. Straining the eyes. 3. Should add in more variations. Now only collecting points to build the farm buildings which actually is a tedious and slow process. Take so many stages and I ask myself why bother. In return the rewards are mediocre. Please improve your game or i will give up.
Ulysses ThePagan 2019-06-02

Good graphics and game play. I dont understand some of the complaints by others. This game is far from a money grabber and it\'s certainly not pay to win. I\'ve been playing the game for about a month and currently on level 194. I haven\'t spent any money and I\'ve been progressing in levels just fine. The only bug I notice, once in a great while the game freezes and I had to force stop it and reload the game, but it\'s a rare glitch. I think the Developers did a great job on this game, nicely done.
Kerry vangelder 2019-05-31

i had played daily for 2 months and completed many levels and also spent a lot of money in this App and today i opened the app and it started me back to the beginning! All of my progress and money spent...GONE! I contacted customer service and have heard nothing in return!!
Suzanne Payne 2019-10-10

This is my favorite game to play. I had a similar one on my laptop so, when I got my new cellphone one of the first things I did was to search for Tripeaks games. But this one is still my favorite. Lots of levels and things to do. I like being able to build my farm and to plant my crops. I also have Gand Harvist and I like it too, but it does things for you and I prefer making my own choices. So I have checked off as many stars as I possibly could for it. I like it that much.
Paula Couk 2020-07-23

All I can say is WOW!!! If you wanna play solitaire, then you will be fine. But if you wanna build your farm and not really care about the cards, then find just a farm game. Each step to build the first building took me 8 stars. That\'s winning 8 games. It\'s ridiculous
Delynn Currier 2019-11-01

I love it! It so much fun, challenging and you get to build your own farm. It\'s not three match game. It\'s awesome card game, instead! All the food look so good and I like to harvest for coins.I look forward to new levels. And, hopefully this will be one of the games I have on my phone for an year or more. Please download this game, it relaxing, easy game play and great for kids. Thank you,so much for this game! You guys are awesome and keep up the the great work!
janice stewart 2020-04-29

This is the most awesome Solitaire Tripeaks game I have ever played! With so many different elements of the game, you will never get bored. Also, you have so many ways to get coins and bonuses.. I highly recommend this game to anyone who loves playing Solitaire Tripeaks as much as I do🙂
Moldavia 2019-10-09

How cute review deleted after you responded to it very professional. Game is full of ads do not download it\'d literally ad after ad after ad. You can\'t even move the map around without being spammed with ads. The claim they stop with any purchase is a complete lie. I made a purchase just to stop the ads and they still come repeatedly all the same. Glad google sends emails with developer replies it\'s my proof my review was deleted and to get my money back from these lying thieves.
Christine Selonke 2020-01-23

*Update* I come back and play this game every fews days to see if it is fixed, nope not yet. I am now on level expert 58 but still only have 32 stars. Plus there is still no new to do list. This game is messing up yet again. I\'m at level expert 53 and no matter how many times I bet this level I receive no new star.