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Description of Fast Currency Converter

Fast and easy currency converter, updated regularly with all the major worldwide currencies.

Three simple screens offer a choice of all currencies, your own selection of personal currencies or just one currency to be converted at a time.

★ All major global currencies included

★ Stores last updated rates for offline mode

★ View all currencies, selected currencies or just convert one at a time in a simple way

★ Easily search for selected currencies to add to your personal list

★ Fast, convenient and easy to use

★ Currency rates updated on a regular basis throughout the day

★ Suitable for users in all countries worldwide

★ Secure and trusted HTTPs currency feed

★ Ad free paid option removes all adverts from the app

Please contact us if you need any help with the app or wish to suggest features or improvements, we read all emails and are happy to help: https://www.FastCurrencyConverter.com

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lable: Travel & Local - Apps Current Version:3.41 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:FastCurrencyConverter.com

User Reviews


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Mike Lim 2019-02-07

Easy to use and straight to the point. Strongly recommend to travelers. It has saved me tons of trouble to check everywhere, yet without knowing whether am I getting the best price. The best part is that with the chart now, I will be able to know when to buy or sell.
Valerii Galakhov 2017-11-01

App does what I need: displays converted currencies and that\'s all. It\'s simple and clear. No charts, weather, whatever. Thank you! A bit of criticism:: 1. Why name of program in header? I know the name already, I installed it 2. Blinking cursor in amount field while no keyboard displayed 3. Able to enter very big amount (no limit), but converted amounts are displayed with limits (only several digits). What for? 4. Name of currency (Euro) under the ticker (EUR) - why? One line lost. And there is limitation for the name displaying anyway
Roberts Miglans 2018-12-31

If you put cursor by first number to change it, it\'s automatically put to the end of number. Super annoying. Uninstalled
Darren Law 2018-12-15

Great simple app. Set up for one currency and off you go. Also in Hungary and the conversion is not straight forward. This app makes it simple. Adds are present on the free but pretty unobtrusive. If I use for this trip and have no issues will buy it as it seems to be exactly what I need and want to support the developers.
Dan Pikus 2018-03-14

The worst user friendly currency conversion app ever created, you have to look for everything every time you are trying to convert, why don\'t just give the option to put the currenies the user chooses at the top, so he won\'t have to go looking for it every time? Hard on you are mind? Don\'t download, there are a lot more user friendly currency converters out there!
Cynthia Mgijima 2020-08-25

I like this app so much and I\'m over one year using it. I encourage enyone who ineed of currency converter to download it. Up until now I\'m keeping it and dont think I\'ll be able without this app. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work. I dont know what to say but I\'m still satisfied. This app never dissapointed me. I don\'t think i would ever use another currency convertor orher than this one. Thank you again. When phone problem occured then it get deleted its easy to get it back again
Adebambo Adefala 2017-06-11

Good but you need to add CFA FRANCE (XOF) For Quick respond to user\'s request you have Five Stars
Trev Mac 2018-12-27

Fast Currency Converter has been a life saver in many ways while in India. it allowed me to make quick instant conversions between rupees and New Zealand dollars helping me avoid being ripped off by street merchants. so simple and easy to use.
Bennie P. 2017-05-04

I like interface of this app and ways to manage many currency at time. But I give 2 stars cause of calculation always errors and got wrong results. I have tried on THB to IDR. Normal 20,000 THB is about 7.7M IDR. But when tried switching from 7.7M IDR to THB this app show wrong results at 1,995 million THB!!!! Even i tried close and restart many time. If currency converter never get right on calculations, should I keep using this app? No!!
Carla Rosser 2017-11-03

Couldn\'t get it to work consistently. No good if it\'s not reliable