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Description of Fast Scanner - PDF Scan App

Fast Scanner turns your Android devices into a multiple pages scanner for documents, receipts, notes, invoices, business cards, whiteboards and other paper text. With Fast Scanner, you can quickly scan your document, then print or email them as multiple pages PDF or JPEG files. Moreover you can save the PDF files in your device or open them in other apps.


+ Scan documents

Fast Scanner scans any type of documents, ranging from a receipt to multiple pages book.

+ Export to PDF file

All scanned documents are exported as industry-standard PDF file. You can add new pages or delete existed pages within the PDF file.

+ Email scanned documents

Just scan any documents and tap "Send" button.

+ Extremely Fast

Fast Scanner is optimized to run very fast.

+ Multiple editing support scanned document

Fast Scanner support a lot of image editing options so you can make the scanned images as easy to read as possible.

+ Scans are saved to your device as images or PDFs.

+ Open PDFs or JPEGs in other apps like the free Dropbox app (or Evernote, SkyDrive, GoogleDrive app, etc) to send to clouds or fax apps.

+ Printing via Cloud Print or other print apps.

+ Universal - a single app that works on phone and tablet too.

This is Fast Scanner Free app but you have:



Fast Scanner: a little app that scans everything!

We are committed to provide frequently updated versions to all of our users. You only buy Fast Scanner once and get all FREE updated version later.

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:4.6.2 Publish Date:2021-11-17 Developer:CoolMobileSolution

User Reviews


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Julia G. Cole 2020-08-07

I needed something to scan documents for school and this works great. Very few ads, actually free, super easy to use. You can scan multiple documents into one file and it comes out as a single PDF, or you can scan one, leave the file, and scan a new one in a different file but still email them together. Also, you can label your files, which is great.
Samwise Gamgee 2020-08-28

This is easily THE BEST scanner app!! All the features are actually free, you can easily adjust the color of your documents and images, and saving them to your device or sending them to someone else\'s email is a breeze. I tried a few other scanner apps before this one, and this one turned out to be the best one hands down! Thanks for making this awesome app! 💖
Sharon Lee 2019-06-29

Glad to switch to this. I was looking for one to save PDF directly into the phone & scanning of multiple photos that allow for individual frame adjustment. I was previously using another popular scanner app, which didn\'t have these options. I also like this app because if I want to upgrade, it\'s a one-time purchase. I do buy apps and support developers (for example, Rusty Lake game series is one of them). I believe this is one of them. I\'d think I\'ll be a customer of this app very soon.
keith radak 2020-07-12

The app said it was free and then they charged my credit card(which I found out later was declined by my credit card company). There was also small print that said I had a 5 day trial period to cancel my subscription. I thought I was getting Fast Scanner -- free scanning and sending software. This experience leads me to think there is something wrong here. On my first try the app was very easy to use.
29.Kasturi Goswami 2020-09-05

When I installed this app it was working so fast that I find out no tension . I need to scan some documents for my school exam so when I started scanning my documents it was so fast that I had submitted my documents in time and I was not late at all . This app is really excellent 👌, Good job 👍.
D. L. Dix-Wynn 2020-04-23

Fast and free! This app has been a great benefit to us as we use it to submit assignments to the teachers during this virtual learning experience. It\'s quick and efficient. The teachers have been so appreciative and they have shared that all the work comes through very clear which makes it much easier to grade....especially when text is written in pencil. I\'m able to easily darken it up once it\'s scanned so that it is much more visible. At present, the Ad popups don\'t really bother me. Thanks!
P Echo 2020-06-10

Works well. Scan quality looks good, does automatic flattening, etc pretty darn well. Allows saving to all the usual suspects for online files. In other words does exactly what it is supposed to do. Yes, there are adds. Fine with me. The devs need to get paid. If it keeps being useful to me , I\'ll check out Pro. For now, good enough to ditch CamScanner which was intentionally turned into a POS.
ryman8 2019-10-31

Used it for years after initially trying lots. Easy to use, easy to \'scan\' multiple pages into one document(.pdf), and easy to share or email (i usually just share in whatsapp) also easy and quick white balance adjustment after each scan. Adverts in free version aren\'t too intrusive unless using the app alot, but free version is perfect for occasional scanning.
Cindy Franklin 2020-08-02

I absolutely love this scanner app. I especially love how I can scan multiple pages and it saves it under one .pdf. I can instantly send the document multiple places. And I love how it takes the picture that is clouded with yellow lighting and instantly turns it black and white - so much easier to read. I highly suggest using this app!
Shreshth Tiwari 2020-11-08

It\'s all good now + it\'s inbuilt camera app is scanning clearly but a big problem arrived now. 😟 If you import images from device, they are randomly placed insted of in the order they were imported. I have to make a big hand written assignment, then have to scan it and make it\'s pdf. It will take a long time to arrange each of the scanned images. So please fix this issue as soon as possible.