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Description of Faster Than Morse code

Do you want to learn Morse code, improve your skills? Reading, writing, reception of a message? This app can help you to train Morse code anywhere you are - in the bus, in the train, waiting for a tramway. Wherever you go, there you can learn. Gaming mode, tracking of hi-scores, and all this is free of charge, and without ads :-).

Faster Than Morse helps you to

- train Morse code wherever you go: fast and intensive training suitable when you e.g., wait for a bus. Wherever I go, there I learn!

- improve in Morse code and track your progress via high score

- test your Morse listening ability to receive a complex message

- quickly and easily convert text to morse code and back

And more:

- fits nicely even on the smallest phone displays.

- tracking of mistakes; symbols you do not know well are repeated more often

- sharing is supported. You can select a text in email client, send it via “share” button to the FTM, convert to the morse code and via “share” in the FTM send to Facebook, SMS message,...

- you can edit the Morse code table

- configurable speed of sound output in words per minute. Farnsworth timing of morse code transmission is supported, CODEX/PARIS standard word supported

- under continuous development and being improved since March 2013 :-)


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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:6.7.1 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:PaPaČut

User Reviews


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Grupo Skandalo 2020-08-26

Morse characters are way too small to be useful.
Avinash Dubey 2020-10-28

V. Good but needs to more option. Who make this amazying. If we convert audio into the morse code. And Scan morse code then recieve output in audio. that\'s great sir. And one more that.. If we able to change morse sign of every letter(alfanumeric). Then no anyone can scan this... And It is a best security plateform of Important data, like as \"user id, password, audio password\'\', etc.. Its a next level security... And sorry for my grammar bcoz my English is poor..thanks
A Google user 2019-02-09

good. thanks. f there is an option of repeating the sound under \"sound to text\" would be better.
Douglas Bradley 2015-02-24

newsong Excellent! If possible please make the morse code darker and bigger.
Letticia Morgan 2021-02-05

My only problem is with me I am too slow and my memory and dyslexia get in the way...but I have learned H is .... E is . SOS I have always known since childhood. I wish you had a slower speed to test at, and maybe hearing more the sound would be part of some of the test. Having to having to repeat it would be also interesting and then breaking it down because sometimes one doesn\'t hear what one thinks one here\'s. Good little app.
Rajnish Anand 2020-11-10

Satisfactory. But in quiz when answer is wrong add option to show right answer.
Izzy Kidding 2021-01-15

Not sure how I got here but it\'s really cool trying to learn morse code for some reason. Great app it\'s really helping to figure it out. It\'s weird how many apps there are for more code but not for ASL
Drishti Jain 2018-03-25

I think there is a bug. There sometimes is no sound in sound to Morse translation.
R Grant 2021-03-19

This is by far the easiest way to learn morse that I have found, and it is a good way to actually learn morse, rather than other apps that I have found that don\'t teach it well. There are some things that it lacks, however. It is very hard to see if you got a letter right. It goes straight from the one problem to the next, and that makes it hard to see if you got it right, especially on the last one, where it goes straight to the high scores. It\'d be nice if the correct letter were obvious.
Kuai Mio 2021-01-20

Brilliant work! I was able to learn morse code quickly and easily. ...-/./.-./-.--//./.-/.../-.--//-/---//..-/..././