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Description of Feed Baby Pro - Baby Tracker

Feed Baby Pro unlocks all features of Feed Baby Lite. When you install Feed Baby Pro you can continue to use Feed Baby Lite as normal so that none of your data is lost. Also, Sync will be available to be used in Lite so that you can start Syncing between devices running Feed Baby!

Number 1 Paid Medical mobile app in over 20 countries worldwide, including US, UK, Canada, Australia and India

Featured on the Google Play home page under "Apps for New Parents" and "Welbeing Apps"

Feed Baby is also available for the iPhone on the Apple app store. Just search for "Feed Baby Tracker" in iTunes.

Each device that syncs will need to have Feed Baby Pro purchased and installed. Feed Baby Pro only needs to be purchased once per google account. Once you purchase Feed Baby Pro then you can install/re-install it on all of your devices as long as those devices all use the same Google Play account (this is the same way that all paid apps work in the Google Play store).

Track and Monitor ALL aspects of your babys breastfeeding, growth and development. Record Bottle and Breast feedings, Daipers, Sleep, Pumpings, Growth Charts and Journals.

- Easily record breast/bottle/SOLID feeds with a single touch.

- Easily record daiper changes (pees/poos) with a single touch.

- Device-to-Device Synchronization between any number of devices

- Easily record and chart your babys Growths (weight, height and head circumference)

- Easily record your Babys Sleeping Sessions with a single touch

- Easily record your Pumping Sessions

- Easily "Continue" the last recorded feed (not available in "Lite")

- Easily "Pause" the current feed (not available in "Lite")

- Easily add Medicines and create Medication Records to record all of your babys medicine intake

- Easily record Baths, Diary entries, Activities, etc....

- Record 2 Babies (only available when Feed Baby Pro is installed)

- Supports Twins!

- Daily Summary screen that shows ALL activities for each day

- Timelines shows you all of your activities across multiple days so that you can have a better understanding of your babys activity patterns

- WIDGETS to help you access key features from the home screen

- You can now use your Android Wear smartwatch to perform various actions in Feed Baby with just a touch of your wrist. You will also be able to use your Android Wear smartwatch see quick updates of your babys latest Feeds, Diaper changes, Sleeps and Pumpings.

- Feed Baby automatically saves and restores your data in case the database gets corrupted

- Easily add notes for Feeds, Diapers and Sleeps

- Charts and graphs give you a clear visualization of feeding patterns (not available in "Lite")

- Customizable Theme/Skins! Choose your preferred color scheme for Feed Baby from one of "Dark Knight", "Baby Blue" or "Vintage Pink". And more Themes are coming! (not available in "Lite")

- Export your entire Feeding History as a CSV file and automatically send it to any email address. You can then print it out for further analysis by yourself or your doctor (not available in "Lite").

- Full screen clock is displayed during feeds so you can check at a glance the amount of time that has elapsed during a feed

- All history is kept and fully browsable

- Individual feeds are grouped automatically into "Feeding Sessions" for better visualization

- Fully customizable notifications means that you never miss a feed or have a feed go for too long (not available in "Lite")

- Each feed is fully editable so that you can retrospectively alter the start/end times and bottle quantities

- Supports both oz and ml for bottle quantities. Simply specify your preference in the Settings

- Fully supported with regular updates. 'Feed Baby' is a fully supported product. And we provide email support for any questions you have or issues you may encounter.

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lable: Parenting - Apps Current Version:2.2.0 Publish Date:2021-07-25 Developer:Penguin Apps

User Reviews


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Thea Fio 2016-07-26

The best baby tracking app 7/2016 five stars! It records everything I can think of and remembers everything I can\'t. With Mommy brain, you need all the help you can get! I\'ve used this for both my kids. Support is fast and helpful. LOVE this!
Tyrone Blackburn 2017-11-06

Software appears to no longer be supported. Lost sync capabilities almost a month ago. Regular emails to developer from myself and wife have all remained unanswered and needed functionality remains broken.
Amanda Jones 2016-12-24

Baby brain be gone! Always forgetting which side I fed her on last and when she last ate. For how long? Her number of wet diapers? Ugh. This app makes it so I can focus on her care, not all the details! Really easy to use! Love the sticky notifications!
On the Road a Van 2016-05-18

Great customer service I lost all my data and the team promptly replied to my email and got everything sorted. Great app for forgetful minds and ideal te record those milestones along the way.
A Google user 2016-09-18

Once again 5 stars UPDATE: I had some issues with the looks of the new UI, but I got used to it surprisingly quickly. The devs updated the UI with bolder colors, now I actually like it! Kudos for listening to the users and for lightning-fast updates. You guys rock! :) OLD REVIEW: Excellent app, enables you to keep track of everything your newborn does. Super functional interface and extremely useful statistics, especially for ped. visits (you\'ll know exactly how many times your baby peed, pooped and ate).
Carlos Solorzano 2016-03-24

Landscape finally! Landscape mode finally works and syncing seems to be working better as well.
Diane Sanzone 2020-01-16

Tracks everything, and allows sharing between devices (in the pay version). Highly recommend. My only wish is a corresponding Alexa skill so I can just yell, \"Alexa, log a wet diaper\", or whatever and not have to grab my phone every 10 seconds. That would make this PERFECT!
Erica Brown 2020-07-09

It would be nice if you could switch sides during a feeding without having to stop the feeding and start a new one for the other side. Other than that, this app had been extremely helpful. I love the summaries and charts. I have recommended this app to friends. You can\'t delete medications that you no longer is from the list. Sometimes with you sync between devices it will delete information.
Tricia N 2016-07-20

Huge problems recently!! I originally LOVED the lite version of this app, so much that I bought the paid version...& that was great too, for a while. But recently (over the past few days), the system has started DELETING our painstakingly-inputted data...so it\'s totally been for nothing, & it seems I\'ve lost that info forever!! I need this info to be able to report to our pediatrician and lactation specialist, so it\'s rather heartbreaking that we went to such lengths to input the info, but now have nothing to show for it.
Megh K 2017-03-11

Tried another app and hated it. This one is so user friendly and has everything I need to track. We used this for our daughter and now we\'re using it again for our newborn son. We really only use it for feeding and diapers, but I could see the other options being helpful too. Highly recommended, we find it incredibly helpful!