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Description of FGTeeV Goozy


Explore a house full of weird technology and slimy surprises as you attempt to save the FGTeeV family. Take control of the powerful Multitool to help on your adventure around the mysterious house of Dr. Jax. The Multitool is your ultimate weapon when it comes to solving the many puzzles that exist in house.

Keep your eyes open because something is always lurking around! What is that slimy creature? Where did it come from? Where is Dr. Jax?

Step into the world of Goozy and prepare for an out of this world adventure!


∙ Goozy features the FGTeeV Family as they come to Smart Phones and Tablets like never before!

∙ Jump out of your seat while playing this scary game of hide and seek.

∙ Hide to survive! The longer you can stay alive, the better chance you have at discovering all the secrets the house has to offer!

∙ Use the Multitool and your memory to solve puzzles.

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More Information Of FGTeeV Goozy

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.1.4 Publish Date:2021-08-15 Developer:BDT Digital LLC

User Reviews


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Everything you can possibly imagine 2020-10-31

So..I\'m your biggest fan and it\'s awesome! But it\'s just super glitchy but it\'s okie...but I kinda want to add in something...You can actually make yourself look like a alien so if it comes near you ,you can dress up as a alien and fool it ,Thank you for listening to this and well..I hope you do add it but bye! I\'m gonna go play it >:D
Ryza Mariel Reginio 2020-11-01

I was exited to play the game but when I try to play it, it sends me back to PlayStore and it just goes black after the OP and it doesn\'t work properly. I\'m not mad at the game the music is really calming to me though. But try to fix it I see a bit of reviews like this but I\'ll keep trying to play it. Thanks, Fgteev! Edit: Ape Chase work though!
Dylan Hall 2020-11-28

Now I do love the game, it\'s fun, very little glitches, and very interesting, but I think you should add a explaination of the tools like the slime light, ex-hammer, and etc. I was so confused on what the slime light did and then I didn\'t know you were supposed to suck up the family, I\'m just following them thinking they were taking me somewhere. Thanks :)
creative minds 2020-11-17

it is a really great game, although I am terrified to do easy mode it is still a great game, goozy the slime is horrific, when I started the game it was of course on medium which I didn\'t know, and my LITTLE BROTHER had to tell me that, anyways, when I went up the stairs, goozy was their, and I swear to god it was terrifying because I didn\'t know where he came from, I suggest that if you don\'t do well with anything scary or at least spooky, then I don\'t suggest this game.
Mickey Playz 2020-12-12

OH MY GOODNESS. FGTeeV, you made THE MOST ADDICTING HELLO NEIGHBOR BASED GAME EVER. I have one problem, when you get hurt by the goo monster and you have 2 hearts remaining, the game stays on that screen but all animations still play. It is kind of like a gamemode where you only have 1 heart. To do anything more, I need to close the tab and restart the game. But, FGTeeV fam, if you are reading this, I want you to know me and my 6 year old brother LOVE this game. Keep up the goozy work!
Creepers Cavern 2021-01-08

This is a fun adventure game even if you don\'t like horror games. There is a practice mode that completely removes the monster and makes it fun for all. The ads were annoying but just put it on airplane mode to remedy this. A fun game. Would recommend. I have had a problem though when I get caught by goozy, It gets stuck on the 2 lives left screen and doesn\'t seem to work after. This might just be because of my phone but still a fun game
Johnson Girls 2020-11-22

Fgteev this is amazing!!! But I don\'t really like how it works well I\'m not trying to judge the amazing game it\'s just you have to like buy the cupcakes with money how about you can put like free coins coins maybe so you don\'t have to find them but that\'s fine I\'m not trying to judge it it\'s really amazing and by the way I\'m a big huge fan of y\'all\'s channel it\'s just so funny I am going to subscribe soon or maybe today!!! Bye.
Gabe Arend 2020-12-15

I am in love with this game. I love this game so much it makes me wanna watch FGTEEV. There\'s one problem though. I\'m using a android 5.0 and I have 2 problems with the game. 1. The sounds and music takes a while to load. The game loads pretty quick though but the audio takes so long to load. 2. Every time I die and after I watch an add. The game crashes. I know you said that you fix the crashes on the older devices but you forgot one. Other then that I love this game
Nicole Hathcoat 2020-12-22

I flip and love this game it\'s the best game I\'ve ever played and this is why I\'m giving it a five-star rating but there is one problem it is very hard and confusing because goofy is very fast cuz I always play on nightmare mode but that doesn\'t make the game any less funand yes the life problem is very hard it\'s like you have one heart but that as I said that doesn\'t make the game any less fun!!!!!!
Lynn Gaber 2020-11-03

My son and I are huge fans. We have been playing the game and there hasn\'t been any blue goo on the walls for the blue gun tool at all in any room. There was an update for the game and we updated it and checked the game out again but still no blue goo on the walls. Plz fix this so we can play the game because without that we don\'t get all flies we need or rooms. Thanks so much.