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Description of Field Nation

Find on-site IT work that matches your skills. Tackle jobs with an Android app designed for technicians. Get paid without the hassle of invoices. Leave the administrative work to us.

Find work that fits your experience with the all-in-one solution for connecting businesses with skilled IT technicians like you. With 20,000+ work orders each week across the US and Canada, Field Nation gives you the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere.

The Field Nation mobile app was designed with technicians in mind. You can share updates in real-time, upload photos, message clients, scan packages, collect signatures, track payments, and much more.

To get started, highlight your skills on our marketplace by creating a profile that shows off your qualifications, skillsets, work history, and equipment. Then, quickly search for the types of jobs that best fit your experience, pay rate requirements, and location. Finally, request the work assignments you want.

Why do thousands of technicians love Field Nation?

>> Get paid without the hassle of invoices: Technicians receive payment for the final work order after approval, less a 10% fee. Get paid weekly via direct deposit or PayPal, or get paid right away for an additional fee. You choose what works best for you, and we make it happen.

>> Leave the administrative work to us: No more invoicing, project management, or tax paperwork headaches. Receive one 1099 tax document directly from Field Nation each year.

>> Get support from our team of experts 24/7/365: We know problems don’t always happen between 9 am and 5 pm. That’s why our support team is available around-the-clock. Submit a ticket online or speak to a live person over-the-phone. 97% of customer service tickets are resolved within 2 hours.

Most common types of work available on Field Nation: Networking, point of sale, telecom/VOIP, desktop/laptop, low-voltage cabling, audio visual (AV), alarm & security, kiosk, printer, server, ATM, and electrical.

Who should download this app: Anyone living in the US or Canada with IT skills who’s interested in completing on-site work.

Field Nation asks to collect some location data in the background to enable critical features and will only store some data to support direct improvements to the app experience. For more information please see our Privacy Policy at https://fieldnation.com/privacy.

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:22.9.0 Publish Date:2022-05-26 Developer:Field Nation

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Kyle McFarland 2021-01-16

lots of things have changed and I really like some of the new features. Don\'t think I stuff to pay for them which is why you\'re only getting three stars but whatever. anyway... The most recent update the app will no longer open. It just shows the field nation logo and then it won\'t do anything else. Yes I will uninstall it and reinstall it blah blah blah I know what to do. But shouldn\'t have to that\'s the only reason I\'m adding this
Anton Jones 2021-03-16

App is very slow after last update regardless of strong 5G of strong WiFi connections. Many pages do not refresh the rendering after an action had been saved. I must pull down to refresh manually majority of the time before the displayed contents appear. The fees are going up but the quality of this app and your services are going down. I\'ll probably jump ship soon.
Michael Trosen 2020-11-18

Great platform. Sure, it has it\'s problems, somebody is always trying to do one thing or another to the app, we\'re the guinea pigs that have to suffer from it. They don\'t communicate well, but neither do most of the buyers on here and other platforms so it\'s tough to complain about that....it seems it\'s an industry standard for platform developers. Overall, it is perhaps the best developed app from the comparable others considering. They at least returned the Withdraw button. Thank you for that
Richard Mohn 2020-04-12

The original view and look of the work order list was fine. The colors were fine. The look of the app didn\'t need to be changed, only the features and the little bug where a buyer sends a user a message then they assign that WO to someone else, the message that they sent stays in a \"unread\" status because you can no longer click on it and read because it was assigned to someone else. New update sucks.
Ivan Becker 2020-01-16

Update as of Jan 2020 - the team at Field Nation has made progress on improving what was mentioned previously. I\'m really impressed. Buyers are favored over technicians when it comes to Field Nation support. My experience tells me that as a tech if you request help from FN support due to poor business practices from from a buyer you may never get a response . BUT IF A BUYER SUBMITS A TICKET THEY GET SAME DAY SUPPORT WHICH ASSUMES THAT THE TECH IS WRONG BEFORE ANY REAL RESEARCH IS PERFORMED.
Nadine S. 2021-01-10

Last 2 updates messed everything up. Update before this one, caused me to have to log into the website to view and send my payments. As of the last update, my app now stays on the white screen. Updates are to make things better, not worse
steven cahill 2020-04-30

Selective routing receiving notifications sometimes hours or days after published or posted. The only time I receive instant notifications, text or emails is for direct routing. As I continue to still express negatively towards the platform, its directions, meddling, oversight, etc. A continued common theme; delayed routing. I\'ve called them out on it over many years and they have done nothing, but lie. Logs don\'t lie only a nation does
Michelle R 2020-07-18

New payment terms: have not been paid since June for over 50 hours of work. Could not come at a worse time, as covid has seriously diminished the amount of work available. FN is literally keeping food off the table.
Clem Clark 2021-03-11

I\'m not enabling location services with this app. Never again. Zero (0) trust. If a buyer chooses to require GPS to be enabled for check in and out, I\'ll choose to enable it for that transaction only but the rest of the time it stays off. Disable the nag that pooops up telling me to enable location services every time or give me the option to \"not ask again\". For now I\'m going back to the web. Long dramatic sigh: It was 10% now it\'s almost 15% but you still don\'t get that you work for ME.
Phillip Mansfield 2020-10-09

As much as I hate to, I have to. Field Nation has become a joke. They treat their providers like trash and let buyers do the same. They suspend you for things you even have proof you didn\'t do if a buyer lies about you but if you have proof against a buyer they still let them not pay you. Avoid Field Nation like the plague! I am a Provider of the Year for 2019-2020 and if I\'m telling you how horrible it is, then I can\'t imagine how other providers and techs are treated! Horrible!!! Stay away!!!