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Description of Field Navigator

Being the most popular parallel driving application for Precision Agriculture, it can save money by just installing - no need for additional expensive equipment. Measure the size of your farm, field or grassland easily and hassle-free, even in poor conditions or low visibility.

Save field data, borders and guidance lines, mark obstacles and create a database of your requirement. With Field Navigator Steering Assistance driving to parallel tracks is much easier, reducing the workload, size of untreated areas and avoiding overlaps.

Field Navigator includes the use of Straight AB parallel lines while navigating in the field.

This app is perfect for large and small farm owners, practitioners, learners and professionals of Precision Agriculture.


If built-in GPS receiver is not accurate enough, the connection of external Bluetooth GPS receiver is advised, specifically GARMIN GLO, which gives the accuracy of 0.3 m – tried and tested by ourselves.

* The app perfectly works with a GARMIN GLO and GARMIN GLO 2 external GPS antennas.


➜ Navigate in parallel lines while driving in the field

➜ Navigate and create tracks on Google Maps in satellite view

➜ Create fields database by using GPS or manually

➜ Measure field area and perimeter by using GPS or manually by selecting points on the map

➜ Import field data in *.shp / *.kml formats

➜ Export field data in *.kml format

➜ Share field data


➜ AB Curve

➜ Headland

➜ Obstacle positions

➜ Farming activities database

➜ Driving assistance in 3D mode without maps

➜ Night mode for farming at night time


1. To start parallel driving you have to create a field (irregular hexagon icon at top right corner)

2. Choose implement width and parallel navigation lines creating mode

3. Click "Start" and further steps will be displayed on the top navigation panel

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.8.1 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Farmis

User Reviews


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A Google user 2019-01-17

first time using GPS guidance glad I went with a free app instead of shelling out for a budget light bar setup, I assume it does the same thing, and at first wasn\'t impressed cos trying to follow the arrows is hard,,,, but after going back to a visual aid primary and then the GPS as an aid on top of that, it\'s fantastic,
Shivam Rathore 2018-11-08

Frequently it shows \"your location is unknown\" which is irritating . Even after sarting the gps in high accuracy . This app dont detect gps very well.
Jay Martin 2019-07-03

This app has proved very useful for spray and fertilizer applications for me. My work is involved with GPS mapping in the utility industry and I\'ve worked with numerous GIS softwares. This app is good and I would love to see an option to add problem points to save in the field maps and/or the saved tracks to note rocks or sink holes for hay cutting. This would make it a 5 star rating! I\'ve loaded the app for two of my hay buddies so far. Thank you!
A Google user 2017-12-15

Expects external GPS device for tablets even though my tablet has internal GPS capabilitys--Other Apps work fine on the internal GPS. Worthless on a phone unless you mount the phone in front of your face. How is it expected you view the fields on a small phone screen while on the tractor. Had to uninstall this worthless App and load a Compass App.
Ken Brown 2017-10-19

With phone GPS only, is accurate enough to be useful. Good to keep track of sprayed zones in complex / interrupted paddocks. Expect some false overlaps, but it\'s still a great guide. Lots of useful features - exporting kml files for reports is excellent.
Mark Postma 2018-04-26

my review is mixed. it seems to work all right, but is inconsistent. for me, going one direction seems fairly accurate, but turning the other direction places me about 15 feet off center, even when I\'m following the guides. using an external (Garmin glo) gps. it states 1.5m accuracy, but isn\'t. also, it frequently reports my speed at about double what it actually is, so I\'m not sure about coverage accuracy. works ok for general field boundary markings.
Gerhard Ferreira 2020-07-23

I like it . It does most of the stuff I want . Only bug or issue is that when i want to make my lines for gps my dot to show where i am is not actually where I am so that is one of the main reasons i use this but it doesnt work that well. If you can fix it than i would be verry glad.l
Brian Unrau 2019-05-20

like it. has some nice features that I don\'t even have on my purchased navigation system that costs several thousand dollars, like being able to see the field on satellite image and being able to mark in field boundaries manually without driving around the field. thanks for building this product!
Drew Tetz 2020-05-27

When i first dowloaded this app i woukd have given it a 10 out of 5. It was awesome. The reason i have rated it this low is now when i go to open it does not load and crashes. I have uninstalled, then re-booted phone, and re-installled. Works once and crashes. I will gladly give another chance and use if bugs can be sorted out - fingers crossed. Just to add, i have not removed yet. Hoping to see a fix before i have to take that action🤷‍♂️🤔
Steve Rawlings 2019-12-08

Good little app. Still using the free version as it does most of what I require. Allow curves and I will be paying for the Premium version... Clear and easy to read in use on a tractor and quite intuitive... which is rare. 😉 I use a Garmin Glo for a better level of accuracy, as the phone or tablet GPS only is not really accurate enough for fertiliser spreading. The app is not suitable without Egnos or RTK for spraying purposes. Would love to see a basic GIS mapping option and Records.