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Description of FieldMove Clino

FieldMove Clino is a digital compass-clinometer for data capture on your Android phone, designed for simplicity in the field, and optimized to use the device’s GPS location and orientation sensors. This geology app will allow you to use your phone as a traditional hand-held bearing compass as well as a digital compass-clinometer for measuring and capturing the orientation of planar and linear features in the field. FieldMove Clino allows you to quickly take large amounts of measurements, making your data set much more statistically valid. You can also capture and store georeferenced digital photographs and text notes.

As well as supporting online Google Maps, FieldMove Clino also supports offline maps, so that you can import your own georeferenced basemaps and collect data while disconnected. Data can be exported as MOVE, CSV or KMZ files and then imported directly into FieldMove™, Move™ or other applications like Google Earth.

FieldMove Clino Additional Features:

-- Display geological data on an equal area or equal angle stereonet, allowing you to perform some basic statistical analysis in the field

-- A new expanded library of symbols for customisation of planar and linear features

-- Export KMZ data into Google Earth

A more in-depth guide is available here: http://www.petex.com/products/move-suite/digital-field-mapping/

NOTE: FieldMove Clino is only available for smart phones as we found this was the best form-factor for data collection. It will currently NOT run on tablet devices. Cost (as shown in the screenshots) will depend on the location of the user.

FieldMove Clino is a Petroleum Experts geological field mapping app designed for forward thinking geologists utilising digital data collection.


The use of GPS devices and smartphones as navigation aids.

Global Positioning System (GPS) devices are commonly used to aid navigation, having grown in popularity over the past decade. Over the last few years, this has extended to smartphones and digital compasses, which are often equipped with GPS functionality.

GPS is a valuable aid to navigation during fieldwork, although it is important to keep safety at the forefront, and we draw your attention to the advice given by a number of mountaineering councils:

“Everyone heading into the hills needs to learn how to read a map, and be able to navigate effectively with a paper map and traditional magnetic compass, especially in poor visibility”.

Petroleum Experts will accept no liability or loss, resulting from the use or misuse of this product.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:2.5.19 Publish Date:2022-06-14 Developer:Petroleum Experts Limited

User Reviews


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Akash Jani 2018-11-03

Best mapping app currently available. Just one request to Midland Valley. Can you please remove the GPS on /off button from the top right or atleast have a warning that GPS is off.
A Google user 2018-11-24

I just downloaded the app. Looks nice, but the app freezes constantly during a couple of seconds which makes it frustrating to do measurements. I tried to reach support via email, but the email address is not valid.
George Sutton 2017-03-01

Paid for the Pro version. Sometimes takes several to many seconds to allow for a reading to be made on my Nexus 5X. Sometimes locks up on saving a reading, causing app to be restarted. Watched all of the excellent online videos and read the manual. Highly recommend this app as I am using it on my highway engineering projects. Really like being able to export my site locations into Google Earth, which works great.
A Google user 2016-09-17

Excellent app. This is very usefull app. I would suggest to every geologist as well as anybody who collect orientation data. The only shortcoming is that it supports limited amount of formats to import your own maps. It does not support kmz nor geotiff. But its other functions already makes it very valuable.
S O\'D 2020-11-15

Bought this for use in my Geology degree in 2017, unfortunately never got around to make use of it. Now for my GIS Masters I\'ve used it in a semi-related project. Setting localities, adding geotagged images, and notes has made my fieldwork a lot more efficient, all in an exportable package! 4 stars as when adding a new locality via location, the app would sometimes crash. Resetting localities also meant some notes went to the wrong plot, and wasn\'t editable in-app (only moving the location was)
Jonathan Hainsworth 2020-07-13

I have been using this app for a couple months now. And all of a sudden when I try and edit the name of a locality that I have created, the app sends me to the main screen and does not allow me to edit the name of the locality. A fix for this will be greatly appreciated
John Tejada 2016-07-28

Pro isn\'t transferable Love this app so i bought the pro on my s3. I had to upgrade my phone and found out I don\'t have pro anymore even on the same google account. Is there anyway I can get my pro back? 5 dollars is 5 dollars
James Ball 2015-11-27

Great, but lacks what ios has This app is amazing for mapping. But i found its shortfalls when i couldnt draw on maps, something my partner with an Iphone was able to do. You also have to be careful GPS dosent shut off!
Joseph Browning-Hanson 2020-12-01

Decent app for on the fly fieldwork. Call me old school, but I still prefer a Brunton and a notebook for my research projects. I do appreciate the ease of access this provides for a new class of geologist (students, hobbiest, etc.) that need/want to engage in fieldwork. I also love that I can grab a measurement and jot a note while our for a casual hike. One suggestion: automatically add images of measurement screen to the export file. It would be handy for presentation materials.
Tim Ireland 2018-10-12

Lovely simple app for field geology data collection