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File Manager by Augustro (67% OFF)



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Description of File Manager by Augustro (67% OFF)

File Manager by Augustro is an open source secure file explorer and manager that can help you find files faster, manage files easily and share files securely.

★ Key Features:

★ Categories: Files are organized into categories by their formats.

★ Recent: View the files you worked on recently without searching for them.

★ Operations: Multiple Select, Cut, Copy, Paste, Move, Create, Delete, Rename, Search, Share, Hide, and Bookmark.

★ Application Manager: Categorize, Open app, Open play store page, Uninstall, Backup, and Share your apps.

★ Multiple resolutions: Landscape and Portrait modes.

★ Views: List and grid views.

★ Sorting: Various sorting support.

★ Thumbnails: for Photo, Video and APK files.

★ Themes: Beautiful material themes.

★ Root explorer: Play with it if you are an advanced user.

★ Material Design UI: Simple and beautiful.

★ Open Source: Source code available on Github.

★ FTP Server: Broadcast files and folders on your phone for downloading.

Our app is open source and here is the link to the source code for reference:

Github Repository https://github.com/augRony/AugFilemanager

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More Information Of File Manager by Augustro (67% OFF)

lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:2.2.pro Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Augustro

User Reviews


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Astro Retro 2019-06-09

This paid app is a copy of the free, open-source, Amaze file manager. No credit or attribution is given to the Amaze project authors, which is a breach of their open source licence.
Joe Thames 2019-03-30

i never write reviews. EVER. this might be my 2nd one ever. I tried this app because I tried your cleaning apk and it was flawless. so now I\'m here thanking you for the outstanding file manager. You have talent. Thank you for sharing. The show hidden files option has allowed me to see things NO OTHER app has. A++++
Gilsang Shira 2020-08-09

Why is that when I backup or search an application, it crashes all the time? It\'s so annoying, and the fresh rate doesn\'t work while uninstalling an app. If this is a paid app, then it should be better than free apps out there. The UI is okay, but there should be more features, not only having an ad free isn\'t enough.
A Google user 2018-10-15

This app has a ton of potential. However, it has several issues. 1. Crashes a lot under root operations 2. Has trouble completing root operations 3. Annoying scrolling of file and folder names has to go! 4. The action (copy, paste, delete etc.) toolbar always disappears at the top and you have to scroll up to get it back 5. Themes do not completely cover the GUI; parts remain unthemed 6. Needs more display options for fonts text size etc.. Continued development and this wiil be top notch. I will be watching.
Mr. Beans Rubber Ducky 2019-02-06

Nice try but a long way to go this app can\'t even open an SD card it looks a lot like some open sourced fm\'s but lacks the feature\'s
nascent nascentt 2020-07-26

I absolutely love the design of this app. Pretty and clean. But the app is buggy. It shows all my folders but claims they\'re all empty. The app also has no smb or Google drive capabilities.
A Google user 2019-02-13

decent, but where is tabs? mixplorer has them and has ui quite similar to yours. also there is no full black amoled theme, mixplorer has 3rd party theme support. still, this have just the right size of elements for my screen dpi and ui elements spacing is also very good which makes it easy to read and comprehend elements.. wish topbar autohide on scroll
Vikram Bharadwaj 2019-07-25

it\'s a good app and gets the job done but it needs some polishing. the small window that shows the path is always white which looks kinda weird. you should make an option to stop the animation showing the full name of the file. EDIT - app crashes when trying to transfer files in and out of SD card. Uninstalled.
Ryan Smith 2020-01-08

Great app. All The basics needed and then just enough extras to keep the app filling all my needs but no heavy extra garbage to add flashy but unneeded size and memory consumption. Great job I love what you have provided here. Much Love!
Nitish Barman 2020-08-08

Its still lacking a lot...open with option is not working.... zip files are not opening.. pls add view option to open zip file like it is in for apks ... and if possible in build pdf and other media viewer like in xploree file manager :) looking forward for new updates