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Description of FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper


A New Chapter Begins!


RELIVE your favorite FINAL FANTASY moments in FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper!

Fight with your favorite FINAL FANTASY heroes, battle through classic FINAL FANTASY moments, restore the lost memories and save the world once again.




Classic Scenes Reborn in Pixel Form

- Midgar, Zanarkand, Cocoon...the Record Dungeons contain full pixel art remakes of some of the most iconic settings in FINAL FANTASY history, enabling you to lose yourself among the Story Records of adventures past.

- Experience a whole new story with original characters designed by Tetsuya Nomura, including Tyro, Elarra, and the Shadowsmith.

Heroes from Throughout FINAL FANTASY

- Cloud, Tidus, Lightning, Noctis...the heroes who saved countless worlds. And standing against them, Sephiroth, Seifer, Kefka, and the unforgettable villains of FINAL FANTASY.

- More than 200 detailed characters await! Create your own dream party of heroes hand-picked from throughout the history of the series.

Relive the Original Stories in Battle

- Do battle in the classic FINAL FANTASY Active Time Battle system. Cross Slash, Thunderfall, Explosive Fist, Meteor, Bahamut...

- Use Soul Breaks, abilities, and summons to reclaim the Battle Records.

All Your Favorite Music in One Place

- The famed music of FINAL FANTASY stirs memories of battles in distant lands. Many of these tunes are reborn in new FFRK original arrangements.

- Visit the Music Hall to listen to your Music Records whenever you like. Then select your favorites to accompany you on your journey through the realms of FINAL FANTASY.




Episode 1

- In a glorious kingdom that thrives on the harmony between magic and art, epic tales of valor and hope have been passed from one generation to the next.

- The records of these great chronicles uphold the peace and prosperity of all civilization. The kingdom sealed these records inside paintings, to safeguard the balance of the world.

- That is until, without warning, the records within the paintings began to fade away... Darkness fell upon the world, bringing catastrophe and ruin.

The time has come for you to save the kingdom’s future.

Episode 2

- Tyro has restored the Battle Records held in the paintings, protecting the world from a terrible threat from beyond. Now as their investigation continues, they discover an ominous magic emanating from mysterious Corrupted Paintings. But these paintings do not hold Battle Records like the others.

- These new paintings hold Story Records chronicling the adventures of great heroes from across the realms.


- A bunch of memorable moments are called out from FINAL FANTASY!

- FINAL FANTASY VII: Lead AVALANCHE against Shinra, and unravel Sephiroth’s plans…

- FINAL FANTASY VIII: Take your place in the elite group SeeD, and recruit the powerful Guardian Forces…

- FINAL FANTASY X: Battle Sin, and uncover the mysteries of the lost city of Zanarkand…

- FINAL FANTASY XIII: Rise up against the fal’Cie, and discover the true history of the world of Pulse…

- And many, many more...


© DeNA Co., Ltd.

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lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:7.7.0 Publish Date:2021-08-04 Developer:DeNA Corp.

User Reviews


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Noonie Bug 2019-04-16

Would be great if it didn\'t take all day to load. Uninstalled...... (edit) I gave it another go and it\'s not loading as slow. I\'m glad I did because it\'s rather fun. Another edit..... after the update today it crashes all the time now. Back to one star........
Elizabeth S 2019-09-25

I\'ve always liked this game but a recent update has made it unplayable. Everything is shifted down and I can\'t access the lower bar of buttons. Uninstalling and reinstalling did nothing but lock me out of my account because I can\'t confirm or deny account info on login. Which means I\'m now missing out on login bonuses and that\'s just fantastic.
xena91388 2019-06-25

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!! It\'s not only an AMAZING quality for a free game, it hasn\'t bombarded me with advertisements or in-game purchases like other \"free\" games. It is mostly just battle after battle but there is a dungeon set that does let you relive the stories of the of the other games in not only a condensed format but including your main character (Tyro) as part of the narrative! The best part is ofcourse the fact it uses ALL of the original game soundtracks on top of it\'s own new OST remixes
zerozanmato 2019-02-22

Reliving many of the greatest moments in Final Fantasy history, particularly the boss fights, is very fun! Unlocking/using whomever the player wants from throughout the series\' roster is so rewarding. The limited use per fight skills is different and limits options but on the other hand puts the player in the position to make an effective strategy to take on a tougher foe, making defeating them much greater an accomplishment.
Joshua Alessi 2019-09-18

As of 9/12/19 update game is unplayable. After resolution changes, the screen has now moved downward, and all the buttons on the bottom are totally unclickable. I can\'t access the Upgrade screen, nor any other bottom button screen. Been a near Day 1 player, but if i can\'t actually PLAY the game, I may just have to uninstall.
Cherish Berdahl 2019-11-10

This game is clearly made with love. Every Final Fantasy fan should play this because only those of us that have followed the franchise can understand just how much hard work & dedication has been poured into this game. It\'s insanely addictive. You can play the game at your own pace, you don\'t need to put money into it but you\'ll want to because it\'s THAT good. One of my favorite aspects is how carefully crafted each dungeon is right down to the music. Kudos to everyone who works on this.
Damion Rhodes 2020-10-15

This app is AMAZING. I discovered Final Fantasy for the first time a year ago, and have enjoyed every bit of it. The story is amazing, the bosses and dungeons are spot on, and trying to get good relics for soul breaks and upgrades is addicting. The sheer number of unlockable characters and their unique abilities and animations is awesome. Would recommend this app to any Final Fantasy or RPG fan. This game is still getting updates to this day, which is amazing. Good work. Amazing game.
Cory Yee 2020-07-30

Been playing since 5 years ago and haven\'t stopped since. I\'ve tried all the FF mobile only games and this is the only one I still play - it\'s the only one that\'s completely beatable F2P. It\'s also the most generous mobile game I\'ve ever played! Check out the subreddit, the community is extremely helpful and there\'s no toxicity to be found! Can\'t say that for other games. Despite this game being F2P, I bought a pack to support it because the dev\'s listen and this game has always been improving.
Lycan Fenris 2019-12-22

I decided to download this game because I enjoyed it on my last phone. I download it and discover that part of the game\'s screen is cutoff, preventing me from accessing any menus. I look in reviews to see if I\'m the only one suffering from this and I see that this issue has been going on for about a month with fellow Samsung users. If you want people to play your game, fix the issue within days of seeing people complain, don\'t push it off to the side.
James Krik 2020-09-13

Too tedious. This game takes so long to get anywhere it\'s so overwhelmingly repetitive with a garbage stamina system that makes it feel like progression is non existent and pointless, I have been playing for year\'s and I still can\'t complete anything no event\'s or story mode too pay wall never even one it\'s disappointing Mobius was a better mobile the original Final Fantasy on NES is still better no gambling money for possible progression there.