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Description of Financial Calculators

This free finance calculator is best financing calculator app out of all the available free financial calculators for Android. This can be used for various types of financial, business and general calculators. These easy financial, business and other calculators are great way for doing financial or business planning.


Finance Calculators

- Retirement/401k Calculators

- IRR NPV Calculator

- Stock Calculators

- TVM Calculator

- Credit Card Minimum Calculator

- Credit Card Pay off Calculator

- Compound Interest Calculator

- Effective Rate Calculators

- Investment Calculators

- APR Calculator

- Mutual Fund Fee Calculator

- Rule of 72 Calculator

- Tax Equivalent Yield Calculator

- Inflation Calculator

- Salary Increase Calculator

- Paycheck Tax Calculator

- Net/Gross Distribution Calculator

- Cap Rate Calculator

- Annuity Calculators

- Loan Calculator

- Rule of 78 Calculator

Retirement/401k Calculators

- 401k Contribution Calculator

- Retirement Calculator

- Retirement Savings Analysis

- Retirement Income Analysis

- Retirement Saving Calculator

- Retirement Income Calculator

- Traditional IRA vs Roth IRA

- Required Minimum Distribution

- Social Security Estimator

- Asset Allocation Calculator

- 401k Save the Max Calculator

- College Savings Calculator

- Retirement Planner

Stock Calculators

- Stock Break Even and Profit Calculator

- Stock Constant Growth Calculator

- Stock Non-constant Growth Calculator

- CAPM Calculator

- Expected Return Calculator

- Holding Period Return Calculator

- Weighted Average Cost of Capital Calculator

- Pivot Point Calculator

- Fibonacci Calculator

- Black-Scholes Option Calculator

- Stock Return and Capital Gain Tax Calculator

Effective Rate Calculators

- Effective Annual Rate

- Effective Interest Rate

- Effective Nominal Rate

Investment Calculators

- Bond Calculator

- ROI Calculator

- Savings Calculator

- Simple Interest Calculator

- Debt to Income (DTI Calculator)

- Loan to Value (LTV Calculator)

Annuity Calculators

- Annuity Calculator

- Future Value of Annuity Calculator

- Present Value of Annuity Calculator

Business Calculators

- Break Even Point Calculator

- Depreciation Calculator

- Financial Ratios

- Balance Sheet and Income Statement Analysis Calculator

- Margin and Markup Calculator

- Percentage Calculator

- Simple Percentage Calculator

- Percentage Discount Calculator

- Percentage Of Calculator

- Percentage Change Calculator

- Fraction to Percentage Calculator

- VAT Calculator

- Percentage Increase Decrease Calculator

- CD Calculator

- Cumulative Growth Calculator

- Interest Earned Calculator

- Doubling Calculator

- Sales Tax Calculator

- Price/Quantity Calculator

- Future Value Calculator

- Present Value Calculator

General Calculators

- Currency Converter

- Unit Converter

- Discount Calculator

- Fuel Calculator

- Unit Price Compare Calculator

- Tip Calculator

- BMI Unit Price Compare Calculator

Other Features

- Reminder for reviewing weight loss tracker

- 100% Ad Free version can be bought through Subscriptions (Remove ads)




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Get financial calculators app now and let’s start using this as financial adviser and begin your financial or business planning now.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:1.95 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Rishi Kapoor

User Reviews


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Dipta Das 2020-11-02

I\'ve used several financial calculator apps, but this app is by far the greatest of them all. It has the soft comfortable theme, easy to use, the term and language it uses is easy to understand. Even the ads are carefully.
Sunshine Cruz 2020-11-02

Stunned by a calculator app. Great work with the subcategories and calculators. I\'ve contributed to a set of requirements that the developer implemented which was really awesome, that was a few years ago now still love the app. Moreover, good developer support anytime I have questions.
pati groot 2020-11-02

Stunned by a calculator app. Great work with the subcategories and calculators. I\'ve contributed to a set of requirements that the developer implemented which was really awesome, that was a few years ago now still love the app. Moreover, good developer support anytime I have questions.
Bill Smith 2020-03-26

Great accurate and convenient app. Very impressive and far more than I expected. Amazing collection of calculators in one app. I particularly like retirement and annuity calculators. Even ads are carefully designed and does not interfere with basic navigation.
John Chambers 2020-02-04

Very impressive, far more than I expected. Amazing collection of apps in one app. As a financial advisor I use this app all the time for quick financial related calculations. Tvm calculator is one of the best calculator here.
fiverr User 2020-01-01

Good collection of financial and business related calculators. Lot of retirement and stock calculators. I like support for currency and unit converter as well.
John Locke 2020-01-02

Good options for different calculators. I like lot of options for stock and retirement calculators.
Marc Anthony 2020-01-06

TVM calculator is really good. It enables me to figure out what $100 invested today at 10% would be worth 20 years from now. It is also great for using other financial and business planning tools. Everything in this app is well designed and has everything you need to calculate.
sachin kc 2016-05-30

No provision to add yearly contribution
Imtiyaz Uddin Mohammed 2020-11-09

I rarely comment on apps...but I can\'t stop appreciating your good work Well done