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Description of Financisto - Personal Finance Tracker

Open-source personal finance tracker.

- Multiple accounts, multiple currencies

- Home currency and exchange rates

- Transfers with downloadable rates

- Scheduled & recurring transactions

- Split transactions

- Hierarchical categories with custom attributes

- Recurring budgets

- Projects and payees

- Filtering and reporting

- Cloud backup (Dropbox, Google Docs)

- Automatic daily backups

- QIF/CSV import/export


Please DO BACKUP before upgrade!

Please DO NOT move Financisto to SD card if you're using the widget and/or scheduled transactions.


GET_ACCOUNTS/USE_CREDENTIALS - For backup on Google Drive

INTERNET - for downloading currency rates in multi-currency transfer; to do online backup to Dropbox and Google Docs;

CAMERA - to attach pictures to transactions.


Q: Why currency XYZ is missing?

A: You can add any currency manually. Go to Menu -> Entities -> Currencies -> [+]

Q: How to delete account/transaction/balance etc?

A: Long tap on an item in the list to bring up popup menu

Q: Shortcuts do not work on Home screen

A: Try to restart your phone, it helps with most of the launchers out there

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More Information Of Financisto - Personal Finance Tracker

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:1.8.2 Publish Date:2021-03-07 Developer:Denis Solonenko

User Reviews


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A Google user 2012-10-08

Great Product but I need multi-device support I have been using this product pretty much since day 1. Over time, this has become an awesome tool, with new features available, seemingly all of the time. The one feature I would love to have though is multiple device sync. For myself, I have data from the phones, tablets and same for the spouses that I have to manually add to my main tablet, where data is aggregated. I want this to become my only finance software. I have made the suggestion on the sight, but so far no reply after 2 weeks. This is likely not an easy addition to make, but it\'s one I would love to see :)
Marcin R. 2016-04-24

Developer is back;) Was worried that app had been forgotten. The best app that I ever used and full functionality is back now. Can donate (well when I get my pay). Thank You for not giving up and updating app to make it available to newer devices now. About the design, that is on second place as long as the app staying on the same high level. Thank You again and all the best.
Anton Rr 2018-04-03

ПАРСИНГ СМС НУЖЕН!!!! Куплю, если будет парсинг. Плюсов вагон, всех не перечислить. Было бы здорово, если бы была возможность делать свои отчеты по фильтрам и выводить обороты и\\или остатки. Например, задать счета для отчета и категории и вывести только остатки(сальдо) по категориям. А при тапе на категорию в отчете показать все операции по данной категории. В общем см в 1с оборотно-сальдовую и карточку счета, только вывод нужно сделать проще и дружелюбнее
Junta Janardhan 2020-10-28

For the past few months, the Google Drive backup feature has stopped working. However, Dropbox is still active, so this isn\'t a big deal. Even though it\'s not been updated for a while, it continues to be the best expense tracker I\'ve used across any platform. Despite its learning curve, once you adjust to its minor flaws, you\'ll never want to switch to another expense app. Best of all, the free version is not crippled in any way. So support the dev & pay for the full version: it\'s 100% worth it!
Bruno Sousa 2019-08-07

What happened with the payee field in this last version? The content is not saved! Too complicated. When will be released a new version to fix this interface issue?
Adrian Yee 2020-10-25

Great app that I have been using for years. Unfortunately, the Google drive backup has been failing for some time now. No response from developer.
Gábor Pintér 2019-02-09

I\'ve been using it for years. It made my revenue and expenses transparent. Simple look and great features. I like it except the new payee selector that debuted in version 1.8.2. I use this app among all day for all my expenses, for example: after shopping. The new selector is hard to use for me, too slowly. Now I have to touch the funnel icon to type everytime when I add a new transaction. Please let us to set default payee input method in the settings. I prefer old style input with autofocus.
Cláudio Android 2019-02-09

The new payee selector needs to go. Very good app but unfortunately the new update ruined it. Now when adding a new payment I have to scroll through a gigantic drop-down list of payees to find the correct one with no filtering option on the name. Please either revert this behavior or at least give the option of selecting the old behavior. With that change this app would be 5 stars.
Amanda Johnson 2019-02-09

I love this app in general, at least until the update last night. I HATE having to scroll through all of my payees! It was much easier to start typing and have the list pop up than it is to scroll through every payee, please change that part back! or add a place to start typing at the top of the payee list to get to the right one quicker!
Andrius R. 2017-06-29

No doubt there are eye candies which are way better looking (all the comments about outdated UI are true) but not one of them reaches depths of this app. This is so far best expense manager on all playstore. Would also suggest - improve categories loading speed it\'s a bit sluggish, add option if program should as if you want to quit on exit, and a bit more work with calculator, because this one is not very user friendly.