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Description of Find Objects Hidden Object

Find Object is a search and find hidden objects type of puzzle game, a style also known as find doodle.

Your goal is simple: given the object name, you have to find the hidden object on the screen.

• Addictive: play a cool and relaxed match, with no time countdown.

• Boards: search objects on 1800 boards, all free & unlocked. 200 objects to find.

• Difficulties: The harder the difficulty, more hidden objects will clutter on the screen. You will need to zoom & pan on harder matches.

• Practice Languages: Currently you can learn the objects in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

After playing a few matches you will find the hidden objects in no time, and improve your concentration a lot.

Have fun!!

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lable: Board - Games Current Version:2.2.3G Publish Date:2022-06-06 Developer:Rottz Games

User Reviews


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Marsha Aronson 2019-01-04

Good game! Clear pictures + words; plenty of options as to difficulty. Easy level should be great for young children, yet the first \"hard\" level took me a lonnnnng time to complete (but was still very enjoyable.) There is a clock to show how long it\'s taking, but there is NO TIME LIMIT (yay!) If you get stuck, they show you the picture, and if you get REALLY stuck, the target picture eventually wiggles till you find it. Very nice game!
Plant Life 2020-08-31

I LOVE the game! 3 ideas= It needs a \"skip\" button for when you cannot find an item especially for the \"Insane\" level because sometimes there is no way you\'ll see the shake hint. I\'ve had to leave the game & come back later so that the game will clear itself & have a different item for me to find. The other thing=once you\'ve bought all the items, there is nothing left to do with all your reward stars. Maybe use them to change the color of some items/background. Need a new item suggestion box.
Amanda Klieforth 2020-07-04

The easier levels are fine, but as the difficulty goes up so do the problems. It prompts you to find 1 or 2 items at a time instead of saying, \'you need to find 5 toasters, 6 eggs, 10 bicycles, etc. And it keeps prompting you to find 1 of the same items over and over again. I tried an insane level and it became impossible to find another fridge among the mass of eggs, dice, and everything else the game seemed to think I didn\'t need to find yet.
A Google user 2018-12-02

I really like the game and it\'s a good way to kill some time ( if you\'re not careful you can look up at the time and go \'omg, what the heck.....). I am hoping you will consider a couple of suggestions: a hint button (especially on harder levels when you spend forever looking for something); or perhaps a skip button so you can go back a little later; or finally when there\'s a multiple of an item ask for five of them or three of them etc so we\'re not looking for 20 golf clubs individually 20 times. It could shave a lot of time on one game so we can get on to the next one. Thanks
Gwyneth MacArthur 2020-06-25

Frustrating and not fun because the word prompts and pictures don\'t always match. For example, the picture answer for word prompt \"a grape\", is a bunch of grapes. This happens a lot, the contradiction between singular and plural. Another common problem is color. \"Glass of lemon juice\" is a glass of green juice. Some objects look nothing like their typical appearance. \"Motorcycle\" looks like, I don\'t even know, maybe a cross between a dune buggy and a ladybug. Don\'t waste your time.
Carolyn Hardy 2019-11-04

Pretty Darn Good!!!! Finally found a hidden object game that just has a mess of items and you have to hunt and peck through them. Been looking for one like this for months. I would give 5 stars if there was a background other than blue sky, something with a little more detail to make it a wee bit more challenging. Medium is a bit easy and hard is too hard some days!
Becky Parker 2020-05-02

I really appreciate a game that lets me replay levels to improve my time! I love that there are multiple versions of an item that vary in color or type (t-rex/ triceratops, gray and red motorcycles, wizard/cowboy/Sherlock Holmes hats)! I am enjoying the challenge of multiple sizes of items, and as I go up in levels, I like the layering of items so only a piece sticks out. Best of all for me, you earn stars each level, and have the choice to watch an ad to double your stars! Totally Love this! ❤
Jennifer Seg 2018-11-10

Would be a great search and find game if ever time you exited the insane gameplay it did not go back several moves. Makes it annoying to never beat the level unless you want to play for 6 hours straight to do so.
Sara B 2020-07-18

Fun but need hints occasionally and different background would be nice on insane! (Maybe striped or grid so you can enlarge and scroll straight lines) Would also be nice to use an option to search several things at once such as: cat, dog, rabbit....because I have played insane almost 4 hours and barely dented it....something to pick up the pace a little. Searching 100,000 things one at a time could take a VERY VERY long time. I like the language options!!
Chanda 2020-09-03

Game was going good. Until i paid $8 to unlock all objects. After, it cause my phone to constantly reset itself to the point where i had to do a factory reset. After the reset, phone was working perfectly until i redownloaded game. Then itd reset itself every few minutes. But after deleting the game again it stopped.