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Description of Finfluence

Important information: the update 2.1.0 caused on some devices a problem with the cache which could lead to missing data on the start screen. The data itself is safe, just the cache is not fully loaded. On most devices, it is enough to go to Settings and execute "Recreate statistics". If this does not help, please wait for update 2.1.2 which will be published on 03/12/2020. Please excuse any inconveniences - Norbert D. Frank -

Finfluence is a modern expense tracking app with focus on simplicity, privacy and comprehensive documentation. Unique to Finfluence is the fact that the app is deliberately not structured like an accounting system, allowing you choose your own level of detail - from greatly simplified to very detailed. The free version contains all essential functions, has no ads, and you can enter unlimited categories and transactions. Tracking one’s own finances is more important than ever. Finfluence combines powerful features with simple concepts.

Finfluence is the successor to the successful „Better than Budgeting" app. The main features and concepts are the same but have been modernized and improved. Existing data can be transferred from „Better than Budgeting“ to Finfluence.

Main features:

* The central category list shows all essential information at a glance.

* To add a transaction, just tap on a category.

* The category type „Saving & Investing“ seperates savings and investment payments from expenses.

* Choose from over 200 icons.

* Set a custom budget for your categories.

* Open from each page the corresponding documentation in case you need it.

* Assign payment methods to your transactions and analyze their usage.

* Finfluence can be used completely offline - no data is transferred to central servers.

* Automate repeating transactions. Repetitions can be cancelled after a certain number of transactions of at a specific end date.

* Daily backups can be automated. Send your backups via e-mail.

* Protect the app via PIN code or fingerprint.

* Use the build-in reports and charts to analyze your data.

* Various statistics and average values give you valuable information.

* Customize the financial month to start at a specific day.

* Free of charge and free of advertising.

A premium version contains additional advanced features. During the introductory period of Finfluence in the first quarter of 2019, all premium functions will be available free of charge. From April 1st, 2019 on, Finfluence Premium can be activated via an In-App Purchase.

Premium functions:

* Add up to four subcategories to each category.

* Synchronize multiple devices via Dropbox (will be released in January 2019).

* Use keywords to create comprehensive analyses and reports. For example, several categories, but also individual transactions, can be linked and analyzed using a specific keyword.

* The additional evaluation type "Matrix" offers a detailed overview in tabular form.

* Create custom reports and define all input parameter upfront to execute it immediately.

* Give categories optionally a start and end date.

* Use the extended statistics to further understand your finances.

Personal message from developer and founder Norbert D. Frank:

"In today's complex, fast-moving financial world, it is more important than ever to understand one's own finances in detail. Those who actively manage and monitor their money can always make conscious decisions and adapt easily to changing living conditions. Finfluence's goal is to provide independent tools and practical information to help you achieve greater freedom and quality of life. The previous app „Better than Budgeting" was downloaded over 500,000 times and many improvements and user feedback have been incorporated into the development of Finfluence. I hope you like the result! By the way, there is no corporation or external investor behind the app. You can reach me personally and I would love to hear from you!"

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More Information Of Finfluence

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:2.1.8 Publish Date:2022-01-26 Developer:Norbert D. Frank

User Reviews


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Mi Ha 2020-03-20

I have tried many other similar apps. They are not as good as this one and require so many permissions from you. This app respects privacy and better than others. It is functionally, as well as optically, well designed. I appreciate the good work of this/these developer/s. My budget tracking became so much easier with this app. Thums up! Update: I am using it for about a year. Still working well. What a nice app! Thanks.
nikprue 2020-04-17

Simple, easy to understand and to use but with very thoughtful and smart features! This App is not for managing your money, but for monitoring it.
Luke mc govern 2020-06-27

After a little setup it\'s easy to add entries. The app also doesn\'t ask for any unnecessary permissions
HudAsmr 2020-08-25

Thank you Norbert. D. Frank for giving us a lot of value in this app. Im sure that with what you\'re doing here, youll be able to benefit a lot of people making them financially independent. The app itself is great and very neatly designed. Though i just downloaded it yesterday, i think im going to have a blast with this app
MiraKrishna 1 2020-08-10

super haushaltsbuch app!! das einzige was noch fehlt ist, dass ich mir in den einzelnen kategorien, zb. Lebensmittel ein wöchentliches Budget setzen kann!! Leider ist hier nur das setzen eines monatlichen Budgets möglich. Deshalb nur 4 Sterne von mir.
Nat Offei 2019-01-03

Excellent App
René Gerstenberger 2020-08-26

App is very good. I like the approach overall and the presentation. Feedback: A widget for a quick entry, maybe even from lock screen if possible, would be great. Additionally, if the app would not always immediately reload when opening it after quickly changing to another app, that would help with easy and fast access to capture expenses on the fly.
Waqar Malik 2019-01-04

Better than budgeting could save the backup file in whatever cloud you chose but this app is limited to just dropbox. Also the data migration from better than budgeting took huge huge time to complete whereas restoring data from backup file in better than budgeting took just seconds
Iskander Taneev 2020-12-11

Great app with no ads and local storage. Thank you! The one thing I would like to see improved is a calculator. For me personally, it doesn\'t feel great to use it. Sometimes it doesn\'t respond to my clicks. Holding the delete button doesn\'t clear the input. The size and spacing of the buttons doesn\'t feel great. I would also like to see more visual feedback when the buttons are pressed.
Premkumar Rajamanickam 2020-11-24

Absolutely Happy I found this app. Does exactly what I have been doing with my Excel, but with much nicer and easier to use Interface. Also the list of reports that you can generate is just amazing! Thanks for providing the pro features for free. Recommending this App is a no-brainer. Danke für den Tollen App!