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Description of Fire! Mr.Gun - Bullet Shooting Games

Are you ready to compose your super-spy story? Use your brains to solve puzzles, aim at the enemy to show off your marksmanship, improve your ability to receive the wanted order, challenge the BOSS to win the bounty.

Game Features:

1. Receive a wanted order and destroy the enemy!

Keep improving yourself and become a bounty hunter who saves the world.

2. Use your brain to solve various tasks!

Get ready for the challenge, face all the problems. Try to use different weapons to pass the level, use your bullets to shoot down objects, and detonate them. Create a chain reaction and do everything possible to hit the target!

3. Seductive physics puzzle game

Only the smartest and fastest players can solve all the puzzles! To pass customs, you need more than accuracy, speed, time, and patience are all important for master shooters to reach the highest level. Can you get three stars on every level?

4. Find the hidden treasure chest

The time for the real test is coming. Can you collect all the chests and keys to get the treasure? A true hero has not only technology but also wisdom. It's time to show your true strength!

5. Weekly new features

"Fire! Mr.Gun" is constantly updated with various levels, weapons, and other skins, not to be missed.

If there is anything that needs feedback, or when you need help upgrading or have any great ideas about the game, contact us :



Terms of Service : https://www.10ng.com/firemr-gun/gun-termsofservice

Privacy Policy : https://www.10ng.com/firemr-gun/gun-privacypolicy

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.0.19 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Phoenix Mountain Technology

User Reviews


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Shonna Cunningham 2021-01-25

The game is off the hook his dance moves take me though it makes me laugh.But the overall concept of the game I like.
C Ibetoh 2021-01-16

This is the best game of my life even the music best game in the world
Zaire Ballard 2021-01-20

It\'s a fun game
Ello guvna :D 2021-02-01

This game is stupid and bad and the devs are more greedy than EA. To get the gattling gun I watched and ad. Tried to equip it, another ad. Then the app restarted. SO 5 MINS LATER OF ONLY AD WATCHING i nevery got my gattling gun. Also, 70$ fpr a flare. A FRICKIN FLARE GUN. We dont need devs like u that waste our time 😡😠
marc and baby sister bella 2020-12-19

Cool game
Arnel Quiambao 2020-12-21

Relaxing stress buster
Russell Riechmann 2021-02-07

This is a fun, simple, enjoyable game
Christopher James 2021-01-07

Alan Cogan 2021-02-24

This game is very easy indeed. All you have to do is gun down everything in sight. The gun upgrades are good too. You can also download a patch that let\'s you up the killfest with very detailed blood and gore effects. Very messy indeed!
Miracle Adetayo 2021-02-06

I love this game but why is the blood green not red i really love it but they were spinning like crazy i gave is five stars i like it