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Description of Firmament Ode

Firmament Ode is based on Classic Turn-Based Strategy game which brings lots of joy and memory of the old times.

Firmament Ode improves the shortcomings of the slow-paced and inconvenient operation of the strategy round and adds more diverse skills and joys.

The original storyline and stunning music brings you more joyful while playing the game.

The game is paid once after the demo, and there is no extra charge for future game updates.

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More Information Of Firmament Ode

lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:1.2.4 Publish Date:2021-03-08 Developer:艾薩遊戲

User Reviews


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Sir Jury 2019-01-27

The free trial was a bit short and I\'m unsure if I want to pay for the full game.
Charles 2019-08-16

Many people are leaving Facebook due to numerous data breaches as well as censorship of political views they don\'t approve of. Free speech is a thing of the past on Facebook. I don\'t use Facebook, therefore I can\'t save my game, so I uninstalled. Looked like it could have been fun and I would have bought it if it wasn\'t for forcing to save your game with Facebook. Trying to save via \"game ID\" is a royal PITA.
M Hampton 2019-02-01

where do you get the game id? apparently cannot play without it? rating does not reflect game. cannot get in to play
tYu .K 2018-11-27

This was really good game. Hope there will be update for episode 2 , good luck Aden
Steiner Tan 2019-02-17

It\'s simple to play out the battles. No fancy gaphics, old school strategy fights. I do hope for some upgrade on the battle special effects in the final version of the game. Also the artwork could use more shadows to add depth and feel of distance.
TimeIsNow Boltz 2020-01-13

This game would be truly amazing if they didn\'t get good ol\' cousin Xin, who took a year of English in high school, to do the translation for them... It could be so great, seriously.
Eory Chou 2018-07-20

試玩之後毫不猶豫地買下來,玩到差點天亮! 法師火焰魔法那種有方向性的操作有時候會失誤~ 不過重開關卡的速度真的超快的! 推薦喜歡SRPG的試玩看看!
J G 2020-04-08

Like it could use a little more diversity or option for quests characters and equipment ,but decent game
Phillip 2019-10-16

You can\'t play it. As soon as you install and launch the game it says it\'s downloading files but it stays at 0% and gives some sort of java socket error.
Dream Cross 2019-01-31

you should make this game free because it might attract more players