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First Interstate Bank Personal Mobile Banking



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Description of First Interstate Bank Personal Mobile Banking


• View account balances

• View and search 18 months of transaction history

• View copies of cleared checks

• Transfer funds between your First Interstate accounts

• Pay bills**

• Easily pay other people with Popmoney

• Deposit checks

• Configure Push Notifications including:

- Low Balance

- High Balance

- Balance Update

- Large Withdrawal

- Large Deposit

- Payment Due

- Payment Overdue

• Quick Balance

• Check your account balances without opening the app with the Balance Widget

• Locate ATM and Branches


First Interstate Bank uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to communicate securely through all mobile devices.

Tips for successful mobile check deposit:

Close all other apps that may be open and make sure you have a good signal. Place the check on a plain dark background with good lighting. Make sure the check is fully in the frame, with all four corners captured, and that the picture is not blurry. Drawing a small dot on each corner of the check makes it easier for your camera to read and doesn’t damage the check in anyway.

*Must be enrolled in online banking. There is no charge from First Interstate Bank, but messaging and data rates may apply.

**Must have Bill Pay setup previously in online banking.

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User Reviews


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Timothy Urbanik 2020-12-31

Don\'t bother banking with first interstate if you plan on using online banking. The app is a mess, if you can manage to login, so is the website. Constantly unable to access my finances unless I can go into the lobby which has been closed for months now due to covid. Infuriating.
A Google user 2019-05-26

When I pay a bill I want my account debited at the time I pay the bill, not when they are going to receive it. This makes tracking of your funds very unreliable and completely inaccurate. Please fix. Other banking apps debit your account as soon as you pay the bill or at least within regular banking hours.
Joshua S. Stamey 2020-03-27

The app notification for low balance needs to quit, the application reminds me every 10 minutes that I have a low balance wether or not I change the app setting. It\'s stressing me out, because I know my balance is low and it just keeps popping up, over, and over. Gets pretty depressing after reading it the 3rd time after swiping the notification closed.
Bill Stonebraker 2020-07-16

Bill pay does not allow you to enter a decimal point. Unfriendly trying to change an amount already there. I generally find app bill pay to be harder to use than the desktop bill pay, which also doesn\'t allow decimal point. Edit: after 2 months, growing on me. Add a star. Edit after 5 months, less functionality than desktop. Subtract 1 star. Bill pay is much harder than desktop.
Peter Van Horn 2019-04-27

This app is unbelievably clunky. It technically \"works\" but it is very frustrating. I\'ve used several banking apps, some from smaller banks, and this one is the most awkward and hard to use by far.
Dennis Walker 2020-07-13

What good is the app? When you have to go to the website to get your online statement anyway, when I try to get my statement on the app it just keeps saying that there having trouble at this time, unfortunately this time has been going on for almost 2 months. How about trying to get this fixed?
Donna DiPace 2019-06-01

app-has consumer in mind and their overall business with the customer comes first. It is quick, it has first rate technology navigating app for their consumers best interest, and it also provides multiple options for the customer/consumer to make changes/additions that gives me a peace of mind.
Brian Feller 2019-09-07

Love it. Never had one single issue. The app is quick, responsive, and easy. It makes transfers to my savings simple. Seeing all of my transactions as soon as I make them is nice.
James Thompson 2020-08-15

We wanted to stay with First Interstate after moving to OK and this made our banking easy and we were able to stay with Kristen Anderson and Lisa Lineen. They are great to work 👍👍 with. We have used the on line banking numerous times and we really like the convenience of this, good work. Kirsten is a dredream to work with, we can\'t say enough good about her!!!
Jeffry Olsen 2020-08-12

Mostly easy to use and informative . However, worst check deposit function of any I have used. 7 of 10 checks are questioned for recipient name, date or other criteria before being accepted for review. In each case I am forced through the useless additional step of reviewing a photo of a check I already hold in my hand. Dumb.