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Do you have what it takes to rule the wasteland?

Humanity has been brought to the edge of extinction by a deadly zombie virus. The desperate actions of survivors are futile in the face of treacherous bandits, fierce zombies, and sinister corporations that roam this wasteland, all contending for supremacy. It’s your job to take command of a group of survivors and build an underground fortress. It’s time to battle the zombie invasion and fight against players from all over the world. The fate of humanity rests on your shoulders.


-Build your own unique Underground Fortress! You have the freedom to develop and enhance your base however you wish!

-The first chapter of the apocalypse starts here! Command your troops to conquer the wasteland and save humanity.

-Take survivors under your wing! Assign jobs to the right people or just banish them into the wasteland. Their lives are in your hands.

-Enlist Legendary Heroes! Choose from a diverse array of heroes who will help you conquer the wasteland.

-Strength in numbers! Team up with other players and fight alongside each other. Taking out enemies is easier when you have back up!

-Survival of the fittest! Form alliances with other players and battle the zombie hordes or just conquer the entire wasteland. It's up to you!

-Multiplayer battles! Even the toughest captains need others to watch their back - enemies will forever be after your head!

-Take Command! The Underground Fortress is under your control. Expand and develop it. Make it the envy of the Wasteland!

-Join countless players worldwide! Players of all languages and cultures competing to rule the wasteland. You can write the final chapter of history.

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First Refuge: Z is a free-to-play mobile strategy game. This app offers in-app purchases. As required by 37Games Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, players must be over 12 years play .


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We provide first-rate support to help solve any in-game problems you have! You can reach our support team at any time, either by clicking on our in-game support button or via: global.support@37games.com





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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:1.38.0 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:37GAMES

User Reviews


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Vidul Goenka 2021-03-02

The game is good. It has a few server issues which can be fixed. It needs to be optimised to run smoother as well. The game can improve in terms of information given about items, tasks, troops and enemies. Instead of adding new features right away, it would be great if the bugs are first squashed. The Devs should try levelling out f2p and p2w gap. Servers no longer have as many active players as it used to.
Aaron Freeman 2021-02-16

The advertisements for these games are very misleading. This game and many others on the App store advertise something that they\'re not, and make you feel that the gameplay will be different than it actually is. If you are going to take the time to make an advertisement, try advertising the actual gameplay so people know exactly what they\'re going to be playing after they download the game. No control over character, mindless tapping on your phone.
William Elrod 2021-03-01

I am going to say it is fair. I have seen the other complaints about glitches and haven\'t had any issues with that but what they don\'t tell you is that there is a social justice theme to game. Such as the only good babies are interracial babies. Also they have switched races on characters in the game on my base. It is just weird. Feels a little pushed on me but of course it didn\'t happen until further in and some money invested. Smh.
Double Cheeseburger 2021-02-25

Game experiences huge lag spikes randomly causing players to OFTEN be double-charged for purchases. Developers have been receiving issues and bug reports for months with no updates or even the courtesy of a timely response. Players are already quitting and iOS hasn\'t been released. I won\'t invest anymore money into a game that\'s dying in childhood.
Joni Kumma 2021-02-05

First Refuge feels like a reskin of pretty much any other village building survival. The only difference is the fallout style rooms as buildings, but everything is exactly the same as in the other games. If you\'ve played state of survival or king of avalon there\'s really nothing new here. Heroes, VIP, buildings, gear, troops, marching, map, radar, quests, alliances and so on. To be honest all these games feel like there\'s one dev team just reskinning the same game under other developer names.
Jeffrey Clement 2021-02-05

On a positive side. I enjoyed actual people talking for once. Made it feel a bit more real. Was looking forward to a proper attack and defence game. This is just a clone of those old online games. While it seems like a very well polished clone. It still trys to take your money any chance it gets. The game needs more real fighting.
Sonny O Connor 2021-02-04

Excellent,gripping music. Not long at all to load very quick. Cool characters. Great dialogue The art in this is absolutely beautiful Better than fallout by far. The voice acting is superb My snapchat is sonnyoc for any other info Thanks for gifting me with such an excellent game! You need this game:)
Kris Oberdick 2021-02-12

So far it\'s alright. Characters and animations are a bit stiff. Need to be able to zoom all the way out on your underground shelter to show entire shelter. Higher graphic settings, frame rate would be nice. Font on menus and menu pop-ups is a bit bland, like the default font on a computer. Smoother font that\'s center justified would look better on menus and menu pop-ups.
Travis Dion 2021-03-07

Customer service is horrible, I purchased a pack and not all of the items in the pack appeared. I shared picture\'s and receipts and everything I could on my part. After going back and forth a few times they just closed my ticket and said solved. I still don\'t have my items or money.
Amy Marshall 2021-03-11

I\'m still having issues with lag and freezing of the game, sometimes it even kicks me out of the game. This is the first game that I\'ve ever had an issue with like this, and I\'ve played easily a hundred games on this tablet, strictly from Google Play. This tablet has always and only had games on it. I even went as far as deleting all but two games off the tablet just thinking first Refuge needed more space to run and that didn\'t change anything. I do love the graphics and gameplay when it works.