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Description of Fishing Break

Time for a Fishing Break!

Get on your boat and go on a fishing trip all around the world. Catch big rare fish, upgrade your gear, and build your collection!

Try it and get hooked :)


Simple to play yet offers a nice challenge

Leaderboards for each fish to compete against your friends and the world

Achievements based on dubious puns

22 fishing spots in 8 gorgeous worlds

Hundreds of different fish (including sharks, wait until you see it!)

Over 200 special elemental fish (light, dark, grass, electric, fire and ice!)

Hours of relaxing fishing fun

Please share the game with your friends and rate it in the store!

Please get in touch with us if you experience any issue through the “Support” feature in the options menu or at the following email: support@roofdog.ca

You can also send us bad fish puns and we'll probably add achievements based on them :p

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:5.8.0 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:Roofdog Games

User Reviews


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Michael Brooks 2019-06-12

Edit: To address the balance between money and affording both upgrades and bait, there is a first map that requires no bait to farm money free. I think it\'s built very well and gets more fun the further you get. I bought the infinite energy and ran into a temporary glitch but the customer service took my small concern seriously and was very nice and helpful. Even though it resolved itself before they got back to me, I couldn\'t have appreciated that more and this deserves a 5 star review!
Jesse Koch 2020-06-13

Thank God there are very few ads and when there are it\'s controlled by you, high praise for this game for that. Love this game except for a few things, the first being that you cannot control your boat and line control can be limited at times especially when upgraded. Money can be difficult to make unless you lay $5.00 for the doubler but overall its very good!!! I hope it doesnt change for the worse.
Berta L. Rahmey 2020-08-27

It has great graphics and gameplay for a two dimensional type gsme...I\'ve been playing for over two years, off and on and I finally got highest All the rods. My issue is that I still can\'t get the special fish on the maps at higher levels. They just RIP off the bait like when I had a lesser name fishing rod. Please fix this. I guess it would be better because I can\'t complete the game as is. Or make another better fishing rod. I can\'t get big ones in last maps.
Dez Hankin 2019-01-15

ok game to play but as been stated you need the upgrades to continue to fish to catch fish but then you have spent all your money on upgrades so have no money for bait. it need alot of work and nothing been done about it they dont care.
RainbowPanda420 2020-08-30

I like it. Youre not drowning in ads when you play. I\'d give it 5 stars if it didnt waste the bait when you cast out and dont catch a fish. Snapping the line, i understand. Casting and reeling back in, no ._. Just no ._. I spend more on basic bait than leveling up my rod. 500 for only 10 worms, too? What a rip ._.
Evan S. 2020-05-28

Great game! Really relaxing and fun. The only thing I wish it for new worlds. I am on Patagonia and waiting for something new. But really great game! Good job!
Kc Rains 2020-09-23

It\'s ok. It\'s a pay to play, you will never get to higher level fish if you dont pay real money. If you do play, dont waste your coins on big bait, the smaller faster fish will get it before the big fish have a chance. It was fun for about two days and then had to uninstall. Would rather spend real money on real fishing. Dont waste your time on this game.
Ben Bolte 2020-03-26

It\'s great I like the game play I like the graphics and I like fishing the fish colors are really realistic I just don\'t like when I\'m trying to get a spisific fish and a small one gets it first
Viktoria Thaelin 2019-08-22

It\'s cute and kind of fun, you can\'t move the boat at all, good bait costs real money and just casting uses up your bait whether you hook a fish or not, and you\'re still have trash fish biting you\'re good bait so it just gets wasted. Once you get actual bait you cannot go back to the unlimited bait you started with. Some fish will break your line as soon as they bite even if they\'re lower rating than your rod
Player Mario Scoobie 2020-10-28

I recently brought a new device and decided to retry old games like I played back in \'15 this but OMG, I regret. This game is now hijacked by bots, betting, fixing, inappropriate ads and extreme data usage one that can take your day\'s data plan within few minutes. After level 11 & rain forest,u wont proceed as you will never get a S fish but all grade fishes no matter how long you play. Equipments will still be same irrespective of stars. And I witnessed same by playing on 2 different devices.💩