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Description of Fishing Hook

- If you pull the button, it gives the fish damage and brings fish to you.

- If you push striking pin with tension gauge, you can reduce the great distance between fish.

- If you release the challenge fish, you can catch stronger and more expensive challenge fish next time.

- You can enjoy playing the game without using data since it uses low capacity and it doesn't require network connection.

- Fishing Hook is a fishing game for you to enjoy the feelings of real fishing as it is.

Game Features

1. 16 multi languages support

2. Supports achievement and ranking

3. Supports tablet devices


Recently, Device Galaxy Note 5 Grace UX software was updated.

Also, we find out Data Save/Load system doesn't work properly from Fishing Hook.

If your Device is Galaxy Note 5, We know it is really inconvenient,but make sure you must deactivation the "AUTOMATIC RESTORE".

Please follow the options below, and then click OK to save your changes

1. Touch the "Setting"

2. Touch the "Cloud and Accounts"

3. Touch the "Backup"

4. Off the "Automatic Restore"





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More Information Of Fishing Hook

lable: Sports - Games Current Version:2.4.2 Publish Date:2021-08-12 Developer:mobirix

User Reviews


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the Kyote 2019-05-03

If it wasn\'t for all the ads and pay options clogging up the screen or the horrid grammar, this would be a decent game.
Tamara Hellensdotter 2019-05-05

So far, so good. Game is very addictive! Playing it for few days now, already completed first map and got the wild fish. I like online matches because it\'s more of a teamwork to get boss fish than just pure competition. If you think game is expensive in matter of upgrading gear up (which is not), make your tank always full with at least 3star fishes, also use ad for \"unlimited hook\" when you\'re about to go fishing on secret map. Important thing, it\'s up to player to manually save his/her progress
Michael Jaikaran 2019-04-15

Honestly a great a time consumer. Really fun game and has good built in mechanics. This game is ridiculously consistent and would love to see more fishes like fishes and sharks that have gone extinct. Pretty Amazing and Keep up the good work.
Himal Singh 2020-05-19

Those who rated this 5 star clearly haven\'t played Fishing Clash. Graphics second to none. To give credit to this game though, I think the actual catching of the fish is fun with the vibrations, music, and how to reel! Great job! This would make a great arcade fun game. Fishing Clash keeps you addicted for Days and weeks and it never gets boring with all the competitions. If you enjoy this, great, kid! Wanna join us on Fishing Clash for a world class fishing experience with the big Boys..Come on
Yuri Ruskalov 2020-05-11

The game was good before the last update, now when I try to get the double reward by watching an Advertisement I can\'t because I receive a message (please try again), please fix the connectivity problem between the game and the Ads server - try to make buying a fish tank by using game coins like the old version of the game, I hope the new update (11 may 2020) will solve the graphics lagging & sound stuttering
kyle g 2020-07-12

Interesting,but seems that you have to keep your eye on the tension meter so much to insure the fish doesn\'t break the line that you really don\'t get to see yourself actually catching the fish until it\'s onboard the boat. I only started by catching the 1st 4 fish then stopped. Better have great perrephrial vision to enjoy.
House Ceo 2021-01-15

It\'s now becoming ad ridden. I loved this game because there were few ads. Claim a reward ad. Check your tank, ad. Claim a quest, ad. They are everywhere! At least they are not long ads. It\'s the only reason why I\'m still playing.
Anthony Travis 2021-01-14

This use to the the best fishing game, but since the latest update where you have to watch videos on most things you do now, the game has been completely ruined from a playing point of view, if you have not updated the game yet, all I can say is, don\'t.
Captain Wookiee 2020-07-09

Played this game a few years ago. Was cery buggy and many features were broken. Recently started playing again and the game runs great. All old issues are no more. Only issue now is no multiplayer. Is this coming back? If so when? Miss catching those big big guys.
siti aisah 2020-08-20

Quite good for me. I\'m already on level 45. I didn\'t face any difficulty to get reward from watching ad. If it shows \'please try again\' it\'s probably bcs you just watch an ad so they need to reload a new one for you to watch. Just try to tab it for the second time, and it always work for me 😁 I think there\'s a lot of improvement that can be done for this game especially when we talking about the gamers POV during fishing but still, it\'s still a good game for me ♥️