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Description of Fishing PRO (full)

After numerous clones - this app should surprise you!

The best qualities of this game:

★ 44 reservoirs, 220 fishing points, 1231 species of fish. The best indicator among mobile applications!

★ Ability to off-line games

★ Ability to catch on the float and spinning

★ The system of character development, by analogy with role-playing games (RPG), allows you to abandon the banal gear shop. This feature is only in this game !!!

★ Game chat

★ Game tasks (quests) - a unique quest system allows you to efficiently use time.

★ Everything is arranged as simple as possible.

★ High-quality and sophisticated interface

★ Realistic, adjustable dynamics of changing the time of day - extremely realistic.

★ Original water surface animation

★ Availability of a directory allowing to determine the reservoir and fishing method for each type of fish

★ Elaborate system of achievements (more than 5000 possible achievements)

★ Convenient system for obtaining statistical data, you can get a list of both caught and lost production

★ Well-developed game mechanics - every body of water, bait and fish have a huge number of thought-out chips, allowing you to feel like a specialist in fishing

★ The system of pumping experience allows you to catch more and more high-quality prey

★ You immediately without any manipulations available depth detector and echo sounder

★ The game has hidden mining of absolutely incredible quality, you will never be bored when!

PS: Everyone, no tail or scales !!!

PS2: Support for the project is completed, but you can continue to play for a limited time, as you can join the new game of the company:

Fishing RPG - fishing simulator with chat

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lable: Sports - Games Current Version:1.3.1 Publish Date:2021-06-23 Developer:Synthesis

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