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Description of Fit Companion

Fit Companion is an Android and WearOS app based on the Google Fit platform. It is designed to help you stay active during the day, create Google Fit goals and easily analyse your Google Fit data.

Fit Companion is not meant to be a complete fitness tracking app. Instead it is meant to extend the existing Google Fit platform with additional features.


ߦ Avoid too much sitting during the day with Active Hours and Move Reminders

ߦ Create your own fitness goals and use live data from Google Fit* to follow up on them.

ߦ Detailed sleep analysis with support for sleep stages as well as sleeping heart rate.

ߦ Detailed heart rate analysis with support for resting heart rate and resting heart rate trends.

ߦ See progress on all your custom fitness goals directly on your home screen with multiple widget support.

ߦ Weight management with support for body fat and lean body mass. Add weight goals to lose/gain/maintain weight.

ߦ Advanced standalone WearOS app with nearly equal functionality as the Android app.

ߦ See progress at a glance on your WearOS watch with complications for activity goals and move reminders. The complications are updated with live data directly from Google Fit.

ߦ Wear OS Tiles support: get an instant overview of your fitness goals. The goals are updated with live data from Google Fit.

ߦ Create sleep goals with support for sleep stages (use a sleep tracking device or app to store the sleep data).

ߦ A monthly workout calendar showing a monthly overview of all your logged workout sessions.

ߦ A detailed analysis of your workout session data. See heart rate, speed, distance, heart rate zones, pace per km/mile, strength training analysis and many other types of data.

ߦ Analyse your Google Fit fitness data in a multitude of ways:

- Overlay data from 2 fitness sources on the same chart so you can see correlations between them

- Aggregate your data from everything to 1 minute intervals up to a month interval.

- Analyze the details of your heart rate

- See up to one year of data at a time.

- Change the anchor date from which to display your fitness data so you can view data from any time.

ߦ Easily export data to a comma separated file to analyse further in for example a spreadsheet like Excel (premium feature)

*) A Google account is needed to use Fit Companion. It uses fitness data from Google Fit.

Fit Companion is free for standard use but you can upgrade to a premium version from within the app with some extra features:

- Ability to export the fitness data to a comma separated file to analyse further in for example a spreadsheet like Excel (phone version)

- Ability to select a time span greater than a month in the History tab

- Unlimited amount of custom fitness goals

- Unlimited amount of goal complications on the WearOS watch

- Unlimited amount of goal widgets on the phone home screen

- Ability to view past days/weeks of the day and week view in the Active Hours tab

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:4.2.17 Publish Date:2022-05-23 Developer:Stefano Watches

User Reviews


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Jaka Robnik 2020-05-26

The app needs some polish (design and UX) but has good potential. If you want more insight into your google fit data this is app will help. Upgraded to support the dev. Keep it up!
James Randall 2020-05-24

A window on Google Fit data that has been frustratingly difficult to obtain up to now, really pleased the dev has spent their time to develop this - highly recommended
devansh chaudhary 2020-12-31

Using this app to track sleep and heartrate as it does it better than what Google Fit offers but for some reasons the app doesn\'t tracks REM during sleep and the awake time as advertised. I\'m using Fossil Gen5.
Nikolay Pavlov 2021-03-04

This is what we need to see more in WearOS and Fit in particular. Great job, keep it up! PS To would-be reviewers: Don\'t knock down this app for the shortcomings of Google Fit. The app only visualizes the data that is fed by Fit.
Deheima Abumarzoq 2020-07-15

Nice app I like it but it\'s can\'t track my sleep, need tried app to show my sleeping data
Jacob Dwyer 2020-07-22

Great extension of Google Fit! I\'m loving the app. One request though...can you change the move reminder to trigger from something other than a complication? I would find it restrictive to need a complication to use the move reminder. If it could trigger directly from the app, that would be much better for my use case. Thanks!
shaun .M 2020-07-22

Great App, love being able to compare data and time frames. I\'ve been able to get a lot lot of it it just a few days.
Tom Gardner 2020-10-14

Useful information displayed, but I wonder where it gets it\'s data from as, for example, the sleep data differs from another app I have
Gary Hackman 2020-07-25

It\'s probably not this apps fault, but the information is completely rubbish. Calories do not make sense and hours active just makes stuff up!! So confused by what it has shown me in a week of use.
Laddy Regedanz 2020-07-22

This is perfect. It has everything that was missing in Google Fit including some stuff I didn\'t even know was missing.