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Description of Fitness for Amputees

Your mobile fitness trainer for at home.

The Fitness for Amputees App includes a series of easy-to-understand exercises for leg and arm amputees developed by experienced Ottobock physiotherapists. Up to 6 months after a prosthetic fitting, the app can be your regular companion and provide you with the training you need in this special situation. All you need for the exercises is a mat, a towel and a ball. Once you have installed the app on your device, you can also use it offline.

The app consists of 3 modules for leg prosthesis wearers and 2 modules for arm prosthesis wearers.

The modules for the lower extremity:

- Strength & Endurance: For strengthening the upper body muscles and stabilizing the spine. This is the basis for a natural gait pattern.

- Coordination & Balance: To improve coordination and to support secure standing on the prosthesis. To achieve more comfort and more natural movement sequences.

- Stretch & Relaxation: To relax the muscles and for faster regeneration. With these exercises the flexibility of the muscles can be increased.

The modules of the upper extremity:

- Shoulder: To strengthen the arm and shoulder girdle muscles. With the help of these exercises, poor posture and the resulting back and headaches can be avoided.

- Torso: To strengthen the abdominal and back muscles. To improve the balance, resulting in better stability and more safety with handling the prosthesis.

To achieve the best results, we recommend you to train 2-3 times a week for 5-11 minutes and changing regularly between the respective modules. The 3 levels of difficulty (easy / normal / difficult) allow you to adapt the exercises individually to your physical condition. By changing to a higher difficulty level you can make long-term progress.

More functions and advantages:

- Exercise selection: Either complete a pre-set training program or create your own individual training program

- Music selection: Train to the music available in the app or to your own

- Statistics function: Keep track of your progress and get an overview of the number of exercises you have already completed

- Reminder function: Let the app remind you of your next training session

Download the Fitness for Amputees App now and add it to your daily fitness and rehabilitation program!


- Training for arm amputees through the two modules shoulder and torso

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:1.4.10 Publish Date:2021-07-19 Developer:Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA

User Reviews


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A Google user 2018-12-28

What about arm amputees? I was so excited to find this app as it\'s challenging to develop a good upper body workout as an arm amputee. Sadly, Otto bok only has leg amps in mind with this. As an arm amp (and wearer of Otto bok prosthetics!) I\'m disappointed.
Debra Cummings 2016-08-08

Great app I just started using this app about 3 weeks ago. And in that short time, my balance has improved by 20 to 30%. I am a 62 year old female and I lost my right leg above the knee 3 years ago from a severe MRSA infection I got during knee surgery. But I didn\'t have a choice and I finally had it amputated. Unfortunately, I was very sick. Now, I\'m well and thanks to this app, I am getting stronger every day.
Alexander Kering\' 2020-05-20

Help develop a Fitness App for Bilateral Amputees.
swati chunarkar 2019-01-07

pls wht abt hand amputee
jay raj singh 2016-08-09

This app is very useful for many people\'s according to there level of amputation... Smart and easy way to practice day to day exercise.
Jelena Rajic 2018-03-01

What about arm prosthetic users????
Jugojyoti tolstoy 2018-10-04

Excellent outcome app for amputee
Darshanaa Sarma 2018-05-26

A fitness guide to amputees.very helpful for the betterment and pre fitting management of amputee patients
Battu Sreenu 2018-01-20

Very good
Joy Bigidea 2015-10-20

Great Lt BKA Great for coordination. Helps strenghthen that wobbly knee I have. I feel stronger to take that step forward. I have been an amputee all my life. This is definitely a good, quick, not so easy at first, exercise to do daily.