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Description of FitnessSyncer

Unify your health and fitness clouds for a comprehensive view of your health and wellness.


Whether you're just beginning your health and fitness journey or are a professional athlete, FitnessSyncer has the features you need to gain valuable insight into your data and stay motivated. Choose the best apps and activity-tracking wearables for each activity, and FitnessSyncer unifies the data into a consolidated view. No more juggling multiple apps and websites to see your data. Visualizing the total picture is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making positive choices for optimal wellness.



* Automatically synchronize your health and fitness activity from more than 50 apps and activity-tracking wearables, including Fitbit, Garmin Connect, Google Fit, MapMyFitness, Samsung Health, Smashrun, Strava, Suunto, TrainingPeaks, Withings, and more.

* Unify your steps, distance, duration, calories burned, weight, blood pressure, glucose levels, nutrition, oxygen, sleep, temperature, and more in one Dashboard.



* Use the Dashboard built into the app to analyze your health and fitness. Track your progress by reviewing past workouts.

* Use the Stream built into the app to review individual activities and data and, for rich data items, analyze them in-depth, including the map, charts, and splits.



* Synchronize: Seamlessly move your health and fitness data between apps, trackers, and devices.

* FitnessSyncer ShoeRenew: Monitor the miles ran in your shoes, so you know when to replace them, or set equipment maintenance schedules, such as bike tune-ups, etc.

* Alerts: Get alerts for the data that matters most to you, such as reaching milestones or regressing goals.

* Email or Social Progress Reports: Share your progress with family and friends via email and Twitter.



* Read your Samsung Health data or supplement your Samsung Health from other data sources that FitnessSyncer supports.

* Standard Syncing is enabled by default. To disable Standard-Sync, go to Samsung Health in our Settings.

FitnessSyncer is free to use for up to 5 sources or destinations tasks. Get unlimited sources and destinations, more data on your Dashboard, and more with FitnessSyncer Pro.

FitnessSyncer is designed for general fitness and wellness purposes and is not intended for medical use. Our full terms and conditions are available at https://www.fitnesssyncer.com/about/terms.html and our privacy policy at https://www.fitnesssyncer.com/about/privacy-policy.html .

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User Reviews


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John Hopkins 2018-11-09

I\'m not sure why this app is getting so many bad reviews but I enjoy it\'s use. It\'s simple and straightforward. Add your services source(s) and then tell it the destination services. It then syncs and you\'re good to go. At least, it was that simple for me syncing runkeeper to Strava.
Herna Beviss-Challinor 2020-04-16

Shocking to say the least. It hardly ever opens and once running (if you are lucky enough) it takes ages to sync. It also does not help with Samsung Health and Discovery Health points. The app\'s data is not accepted by Discovery. So no point in downloading the app - don\'t waste your time and energy on this rubbish app.
Anthony Maio 2018-01-03

Solved a bunch of my issues with unifying my data over the ridiculous amount of apps that I use to track various metrics. Now I can use the best app for each metric and get them all in one place. The historical sync feature is HUGE when trying to get old data into a new application, and the ability to back up data offline is a must have unless you want to risk losing years of data. Support is very responsive if you run into issues. I\'m using about 10 different tasks and all of them work great. The fitness tracker / app \"ecosystem\" is so horrible right now, you need something like this since so many manufacturers refuse to cooperate with each other.
leroy craighead 2020-11-17

Latest upgrade hangs on start then weird page transitions and if you can finally get it back syncing. Strava been running well over 3 minutes and no sync. Please fall back a build thia was working fantastic last build S10 Note+ Android 10 / 2.1 OneUi
Ahmed Amir Khurram 2020-12-19

I was about to give a 5 star but couldn\'t. It does a good job for syncing data from ride with gps (source) to endomondo and strava (both as destinations). Only problem is it is showing \"an unknown error occurred\" (not in app but in web) while trying to sync activity data to mapmyfitness (destination). Not syncing for mapmyfitness. Please solve it and get a 5 star rating! (Solved after time zone setting accordingly. Thanks to support team😊)
Abhay Jogekar 2018-04-13

- Since i got my jawbone move, i was looking for an app that could sync my data to google fit, this app finally ended my search. It solved all my issues in one go. - But the spotlight has to be the customer support, its one of the best i have experienced. Responses are quick and they work really hard to resolve the issues asap. I would suggest everybody to mail your issues to support instead of flooding the comment section, they are more than happy to solve them all. - Finally, shoutout to Eric Theriault for solving issues like wrong date on stream, sync issues with fit and a crash in just 3 working days. The app is not perfect yet but it has gr8 potential and a dedicated team to refine it. That makes it a 5star app for me.
Eric Wright 2017-02-08

Anyone who\'s giving a bad rating is completely ignorant of how to use this software. The app simply syncs, but you have to actually setup the synchronization on the website, that\'s an absolute MUST. Once that\'s done, you can use this app properly.
RJ 2020-02-19

Doesn\'t import data to Samsung health!! Tried to import activity data from iOS health to Samsung. While both the export and imports completes, it only partially brings last month\'s data, but nothing else after running off hours importing the data.
Ryan Hildebrandt 2020-03-28

Can\'t get it to send any data to Google Fit (Pixel 3, Android 10.0), even though data from TrainingPeaks IS sourced properly (and is shown in the app)
joseph carasso 2019-08-13

Sadly it doesn\'t work with Garmin Connect as destination of data, from Samsung Health as source. Went through the process of setting up acct and syncing, for nothing.