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Description of Five Minute Marvel Timer

This timer is a companion app for 5-Minute Marvel, the chaotic, fast-paced, co-operative card game. With this app, you'll be able to keep track of the time left in your mission and receive helpful reminders and encouragement from J.A.R.V.I.S., Iron Man's AI companion.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.02 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Wiggles 3D

User Reviews


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William and Rose George 2018-09-21

Does exactly what it\'s supposed to do. It would be nice if additional voices were available like in the 5-minute dungeon app, maybe that can be something they add in a future release.
Brian Baker 2019-05-05

This app really adds to the excitement of the game and works well. suggestions for possible upgrades; allow selection for the boss you are battling. then let Jarvis comment on or congratulate for that particular boss. that would be cool
Keith Neufeld 2018-10-30

Does work well but would really like more voice options like 5 minute dungeon. Hopefully added soon.
Anthony R 2020-04-01

Just got this game for the family stuck in the house because of covid19. Game is fun and app add some great music for it. Do wish it had different voice option or themes like the original
Jet 2019-02-10

Works great, but would be better with different voice options like the five minute dungeon timer app has.
Dashy Awesome 2020-04-14

This game is so much fun!! The only thing that would make the app better is if you could say \"JARVIS, start/pause/resume the timer.\" Obviously that would be hard to code and it\'s not an essential thing, it would just be really cool
John Samson 2019-08-03

great app which enhances the game. one tip to add depth to game. allow an adjustable timer to change the game time lower than 5 minutes.
abby walker 2019-04-05

I like this timer but I agree more voice options would be nice. Maybe some hero\'s and bad guys like Hulk and Goblin.
Nathan Daniel 2019-04-17

works great suggestions for future potential voices Cosmo the psychic space dog, The Watcher, Galactus, J. Jhona Jamison, Deadpool, Qwenpool, The collector, Mojo the king of entertainment
seanmbarnes331 2019-07-29

We love having this app to go along with our game! We bluetooth it to a speaker to get the full sound out of it. The music really helps too!